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It’s quite challenging not to feel bored or anxious while staying at home in a time like this. To lighten up your mood and lift your spirit during the pandemic, we have a list of worth watching YouTube animation channels that will give you the giggles you need.

YouTube animation channels to watch during the pandemic.

The news about the coronavirus pandemic has taken over the headlines over the past few months. Governments and companies all around the world are getting strict about encouraging people to stay at home for physical distancing and to do remote work.

Staying at home is crucial to flatten the curve of daily cases and keep people safe, especially since we are starting to see a second wave of the virus. But, for some people, it can be a challenging concept to grasp, especially when you’re a social person.

However, looking at the bright side of staying at home, you can finally do what you’ve wanted to do indoors but had no time for it. One of them is probably watching the animated videos, reliving those childhood days when you were still so obsessed with cartoons.

Sounds good?

For some inspirations, here are some fun, worth-watching YouTube animation channels to binge-watch while stuck in quarantine.

#1. Pencilmation

Pencilmation YouTube Animation Channel

Pencilmation is one of the most well-known animated channels on the YouTube platform. The channel creates compelling animated videos using pencil-drawn modern stick figures and doodles.

With dry humor and sarcasm, each video is made for not-too-serious viewers, especially for young adults. Each video in a season tells a different story, making it easier for the new viewer to take a grasp on the storytelling without having to watch the first few episodes.

#2. TheOdd1sOut

TheOdd1stOut YouTube Channel

Familiar with the popular Sooubway series? This is where they come from. TheOdd1sOut tells the creator’s story, Robert Rallison, about his school, college, or jobs– which makes this channel relatable for most young viewers. If you’re looking for amusing videos that are talking about relatable silly life with silly jokes, each video on this channel is definitely worth watching.

#3. ExplosmEntertainment

ExplosmEntertainment YouTube animation channel

ExplosmEntertainment produces short comics and animation videos (around 1-3 minutes) that is notoriously known for the Cyanide & Happiness series. Each video is created in a hysterical, often very random, and sometimes a little dark – but all done for humor. This channel also offers you compilations of their best short videos, so it’s easy for you to catch up with the series you’ve missed.

#4. How It Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended YouTube animated channel.

If you’re a movie addict, you’re going to love this channel. How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) is a channel that creates an alternative ending for popular, major movies. It also points out various flaws of the movies. Are you still feeling so empty after Avengers Endgame? Well, this channel tells you another ending for the movie– using dry humor for fun.

#5. Domics

Domics YouTube Channel.

Domics provides you with simple animated videos that tell an exciting story about the creator’s life (Dominic Panganiban), an aspect of it, or his thoughts. It’s a sort of “draw my life” channel. What makes this channel enjoyable is that it packs all of the angsty, anxiety, and unlucky moments in the videos with a decent amount of jokes to make it less serious.

#6. TED-Ed

Ted-Ed is an animated YouTube channel brought to you by Ted Talks.

Keeping your mind active and sharp can be a challenge when you’re stuck in quarantine. That’s why you need fun and educational videos for your daily dose of learning. Besides its extremely well-known inspiring talks, TED also creates an animated YouTube education channel, Ted-Ed, that you can spend time on. The videos cover out-of-the-box explanations from different subjects, including science, history, geography, and more – even trivia and riddles.

#7. CGMeetup

cGMeetup YouTube Channel.

A big fan of Pixar movies? Looking for 3D animated short movies to keep you company in quarantine? CGMeetup is definitely worth checking out. This channel uploads Pixar-like videos with compelling stories from different genres: horror, family, adventure, comedy, etc. All videos are submitted by various professional and independent CGI, VFX, 3D, and digital artists.

#8. Frame Order

Animated studio on YouTube.

Frame Order is an animation studio that produces the popular comedy cartoon show named Cartoon Box. Most of the videos on the series have unexpected, hilarious twists and use a dark sense of cartoony humor. A new video is mostly uploaded in under a minute, without any words. So, it depends heavily on visual storytelling to deliver its message and jokes.

Wrapping Up: Take An Extra Care of Yourself

It’s crucial to keep your mind and body healthy during the outbreak. A bit-size of entertainment can help you to kill boredom and avoid stir-craziness while staying at home. Some people prefer gardening, while some others prefer baking to make quarantine less difficult. But, cartoons and animations can never go wrong since everybody loves it. There are also music reaction channels on YouTube that can entertain you.

Thanks to YouTube that provides us with any kind of online video we want to watch, including animated videos. You can binge-watch all the series on those channels above if you have some time to kill while stuck in quarantine.

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