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Right now, we are in an unprecedented time in the world. Half of the planet is under some sort of quarantine. That means people are in their homes and all non-essential businesses have ceased most of their operations. However, this moment is not an opportunity that you need to waste. This is the time you should take to update your business, including your website.

While the world is at a standstill, you can take this time to update your business, update your website, start new marketing campaigns, update your branding, and get a head start when the world opens up again. Here are five ways you can improve your business, both online and offline, while everyone is quarantined.

Hiring a trusted website design company is one of the first steps in the process.

1. Do Market Research/Competitor Research

Now would be a good time to do some serious market research otherwise known as competitor research, about your business and your industry. Chances are, you have had to focus on serving your current customers and acquiring new business. That didn’t leave you with enough time to find new market opportunities. Now that you have some extra time, you can see what new opportunities you can find in the marketplace.

You can perform market research by surveying your existing customers, sending our questionnaires to cold traffic, or simply read up on the latest trends in your business. You can also look at what your competitors are doing and simply start to do it better. When you do find an opportunity, you should compose a business plan for execution. This will allow you to launch right when the quarantine is lifted.

If you feel like you are ready to up your marketing strategy now is the time. Waiting to do marketing or canceling the marketing you are already doing is a sure way to lose business.

2. Redesign Your Space – Including Your Website

Redesign your website while in quarantine.

Redesigning your business is not an easy task when your operations are in full gear. Now that your business is closed or is running at limited capacity, you can take the time to update any or all of your space. This is the opportune time to build that new conference room, update the lobby, or simply reorganize your warehouse. Don’t neglect your website during this time as it’s a perfect time to revamp or completely redesign your website.

One of the best ways to plan and visualize your redesign is to use 3d architectural rendering. This will allow you to check out how the design looks before you break any new ground.

3. Update Your Website And Internal Systems

Another big upgrade that you can do right now involves your computer hardware and software systems. First, you should check for any patch updates on your existing software. This will allow your systems to be more secure and stable. Next, you should look at the overall capabilities of your current systems. Find the weakest piece of software or hardware and update it.

By updating your systems now, you can save your team the headache of having to transfer data from one system to another. Also, updating your systems now will make it easier to troubleshoot any system integration or usability issues. When everyone comes back to work there won’t be as many technical issues to deal with, and employees will be able to be more productive.

4. Update Existing Products Or Services Online And Offline

Update existing website services and offline services

Right now, you probably have some products or services that you can refresh, improve, or update. Since you don’t have to worry about other business operations, now is the time to focus on making your product or service better than ever. Consider creating a newer model or vamping up an existing product that has been selling well.

During this time, you can make your improvements and beta test the update with a select group of your existing customers. You can get some valuable feedback and make further refinements. By the time the quarantine is lifted, you will have an updated product or service that is ready to make some serious sales.

With an updated product ready to go you will be able to take back any lost revenue from the interruptions of COVID-19, and you will have a new product to market to consumers. If you can sell your product online you may even be able to release it before the quarantine is over and still make some great sales.

This is a perfect time to update your website with all of the new and old products that you either haven’t had time to update yet or by adding the new additions. This is a great way to update your business while in quarantine.

5. Redesign Your Branding

Now is the time to make any updates on your corporate identity, logo, or other parts of your branding. Since branding is important, this kind of project should have your full focus. You can take the time to look at several different branding designs and make the right decision on your update.

Once you have made a decision on the new branding, you can go ahead and update all your stationery, social media, websites, and corporate signs. That will allow you to have your new branding design and message in place by the time all business operations start up again.

Rebranding is a great way to stay up to date and still read as fresh and new to consumers. It is always a good idea to think about rebranding if you are noticing that consumers aren’t as engaged as they used to be. And rebranding can help set you up for major success.

Getting One Step Ahead

Most people will not be focused on their business during the quarantine. This will give you a big advantage to gain some serious ground. You can update your business by doing market research, redesigning your space, updating your computer systems, updating your products & services, and redesigning your corporate branding. Take the time to perform as many of these steps as possible. With careful planning and decisive execution, you will be able to get a serious jump on your competition.

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