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No project is too big or too small for the Matchbox Design Group, St. Louis software & app development services team. We just want to have a successful product.

  • We Make Your Application Ready For The Web.
  • Guarantee You Rule The Web And Turn Clicks Into Leads.
  • Build A Responsive Web Design – For All Devices and Browsers.
  • Provide Unmatched Support From The Start.

Challenge the Matchbox Design Group to build a software system to manage your internationally known t-shirt production team. Paramount Apparel did. Or ask us to come up with a patient-centric app that transforms healthcare. Medaware did. What will your challenge be? We look forward to developing apps since they are one of the most rewarding things that we get to do. They are unique every single time and we love the challenge. Bring on the challenge. 

We Love What We Do And You Can Tell By Looking At Our Work

Matchbox Design Group is a group of like-minded passionate people who love coming into work every single day. That’s why we know you will love the software or app that we develop for your company. If you are into apps that work seamlessly and actually make sense to you, then you will appreciate our apps. If you are into software that works seamlessly and actually makes sense to you, then you will appreciate our software.

At Matchbox our team of developers does not just code and our designers aren’t just making your experience look amazing. You definitely won’t find the rest of our team hiding behind numbers, spreadsheets or analytics all day. Making sure your users have the best experience possible is the core of what we do. That’s why we use psychology to develop a human-centered design to learn all we can about your core users. Our goal is to get to know your users better than we know our own family. OK, that might be taking it a little too far! But, we try to get really close. We are not focused on building the software or app that you believe your company wants. Matchbox Design Group focuses on building a product that we believe your customer needs.

We want to provide your company with an amazing digital solution, whether it’s new software or an App. We are here to drive business results for your company as one of the Top United States Software Developers.

Customized St. Louis Software Development Service

There are tons of software solutions that are ready to be used out of the box, but these out of the box Softwares cannot always alleviate your needs. Our software developers use all of the latest technologies to develop the best performing and custom software that fits your business needs. We want to make sure all cost-saving techniques are considered and we do this by approaching your project first in a consultative role and coming up with a solution based on your objectives. The ultimate goal is for you to have a great user experience and receive the best product possible without breaking the bank.

Native and Responsive Application Developers Service

Matchbox Design Group works with your company to build a unique mobile application that helps to streamline your business processes. We design each app using either native Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile solutions in order to improve your operational efficiency. We focus on responsive design, as the world becomes more and more of a mobile world, it’s a safe bet your customers are engaging from several screen sizes. As well as several different types of devices and platforms. Feel comfortable knowing your responsive design will allow anyone viewing your web app are guaranteed a consistent and pleasant experience, no matter the size of the screen or type of device.

Matchbox Design Group provides a real type of leadership and guarantees that you are not simply hiring a design firm, a dev shop, or a user experience agency. We are a full-service marketing agency and we perfectly blend all of these skills with second to none project management skills. We start with a great management team that shares a great passion and have their own areas of expertise. Matchbox is lead by partners who are hands-on and are an integral part of every single project; including software development and app development.

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