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One universal goal for every business is to attain growth. Before you start any business, you must consider how fast your business will grow. 

According to, the top-five fastest-growing industries to start a business in the US include media, travel & hospitality, real estate, energy, and security.  Starting a business in any industry can be a daunting task, not to mention the need for substantial initial capital investment.

Many entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of raising initial capital. However, today, you can take advantage of the different sources of capital, including angel investors, business incubators, and venture capital funds like the LTV SaaS investment fund which targets Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses.

For your business to flourish, you must position it in front of the target customers and share with them unique solutions that can solve their problems. To sell yourself as a reliable and trusted brand, you need to use creative marketing ideas. That includes creating a feasible marketing plan that is unique and effective. When you develop innovative marketing ideas, it not only increases brand awareness and exposure but also you gain a competitive edge over other similar businesses in your industry.

Here are some of the creative and smart marketing ideas to boost your business that you should consider:

1. Content Writing

Content writing is an important piece of digital marketing.

Good Content Writing Can Be A Huge Boost To Your Marketing Strategy[/caption]

In this day and age, you cannot go wrong with content marketing. That is because, before making any purchasing decisions, customers first search for information online. Today, having an online presence is very vital for your business.

If you want to generate organic leads, then you must publish high-quality content.  Content not only attracts the attention of prospects but also increases brand awareness and credibility. It would help if you created articles addressing the questions and concerns of your target customers.

Besides writing articles, you can also incorporate the use of instructional videos and infographics. Such resources help hook your audience’s attention and let them know more about your brand.

Moreover, these resources help you engage the online community of users and expand your customer base. If you don’t have time or cannot manage to create the website and content, you can always hire a marketing agency to provide you with internet marketing services.

2. SEO Marketing

Doing SEO marketing makes sure your website is optimized to be found on Google.

Besides publishing high-quality content, you also need to ensure that the content you produce is search engine optimized. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a marketing concept that involves the use of appropriate keywords to optimize and rank your website on the first page of the search engines like Google.

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When people are searching for information, they mostly open the first few pages that pop up on the first page of Google. Therefore, your content should not only be high-quality but also optimized to increase online traffic to your website. To maximize your site traffic, you can do local SEO, on-page, and off-page SEO.

If your business is local, then you can use local SEO to increase its visibility on SERP when users use the local search for products and services.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media strategy is another powerful tool to boost your sales as it’s one of our smart marketing ideas. If you create a business page and post relevant content, photos, and videos on social sites, people will learn more about your business.

On Instagram, you can make use of relevant hashtags to attract more people to follow your page. When using a Pinterest account, create infographics that are not only informational but also eye candy.

It would work better for you if you created something anyone would find attractive. Infographics are easy to digest, and people can quickly like and share them, which is an excellent way to find quick referrals.

When writing blog posts, tag your social media handles. If you get a chance to go to a TV show interview, share your social handles. If speaking at a conference, let people know your handles. It not only helps build awareness but also increases your followers.

4. Email Campaigns

Email campaigns will help keep you in touch with your customers

Starting an email marketing campaign can also help you grow your business. If you have a blog, then you need to create an interesting opt-in. The opt-in enables you to create an email database. Later, you can make use of the emails to send informational content and email marketing campaigns.

“Know your customer is a prevalent marketing buzzword that is used to mean that you need to understand the needs of your customers to serve them better. You can send forms to your email subscribers to collect all the relevant information and use it to create and offer appropriate solutions.

Email marketing is an excellent way to engage new visitors and introduce them to your business. Also, it helps you maintain relationships with your already existing customers.

5. Phone Marketing

Phone Marketing is part of an overall marketing strategy

Marketing is dynamic, and as much as many people are looking up information online, there are still those that don’t. So, how can you reach this group? This is where phone marketing comes in. You can use bulk SMS or VoIP solutions to reach this target audience.

So, how will you know the best VoIP phone service, providers? One of the best ways to know the best VoIP phone service providers is to read user reviews. Some of the best VoIP phone solutions include Nextiva, Vonage, and Jive. Nextiva holds the first position among the three. This is because, Nextiva reviews show that it has a rating of  99.5, while Vonage has 98.6 and Jive has 97.8.  Phone marketing is an excellent tool to create brand awareness campaigns and reach more prospects.

6. Affiliate/Referral Marketing

Affiliate/Referral Marketing can make you a lot of money by selling many products.

Referral marketing is gaining traction with each passing day. Businesses have realized that if you give an incentive to somebody who refers another to your business, more people will want to get involved. In turn, this increases business exposure, and more people get to know more about your business.

7. Online Contests Ideas

Online contests ideas help brands grow their brand exposure.

Contests also help businesses grow their brand exposure. Companies create different types of competitions, including photo contests, video contests, and caption contests, and the winners receive companies’ goodies and gift hampers.

When doing contests, it is easier for you to ask for the participants’ emails, which you can later use in email marketing campaigns. Also, the competition increases brand exposure to its target audience. This is one of our smart marketing ideas that will grow your brand.

8. Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a smart marketing idea that includes things such as public stunts or treasure hunts

With guerilla marketing, you can work more on creativity to promote your business. The strategies in this kind of marketing are affordable and easy to implement, particularly when you go local.

Ideas used in this kind of advertising include the use of public stunts, creating treasure hunts, plastering custom stickers on some urban décor, graffiti or drawing up something on an abandoned storefront, and more.

The idea is to create a buzz among the locals and increase customer engagement. What you use should create a memorable experience for the participants to talk about it to friends and thus create potential referrals and leads.

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