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If you have the budget for professional versions of your favorite web design tools, then go ahead and get them. Without a doubt, they will be of immense use to you and will help you come up with attention-grabbing websites.

Keep in mind though that there are also lots of free web design tools available online. And who doesn’t want a freebie? The thing is, these free tools are quite amazing in their own right and should be able to help you design a website the way you want it. On a side note when it comes to web tools we have been featured as Top Custom Software Development Company on

Here are 10 free web design tools you probably never knew about.

1. Pixlr

If you want a tool whose interface is incredibly similar to Photoshop, try Pixlr. It’s a Cloud-based tool that allows you to edit and save images. And it’s totally free.

Photo editing tools are very important when it comes to designing your website.

2. Type Genius

The fonts you choose for your web design matter, so it’s important that you find the right combination of fonts. Type Genius is one free tool that shows actual font combinations being used on other websites so you can see how they would look on the site you’re working on now.

3. Awesome Screenshot

With Awesome Screenshot, a free tool, taking screenshots of just about anything online, making notes and even drawing on that same screenshot, and sharing its unique URL with anyone becomes exceptionally easy.

Awesome Screenshot is a tool that you can use to help design your website

4. Google Web Designer

Not a coder? That shouldn’t be a problem with Google Web Designer. This professional-grade HTML5 authoring tool from Google can help you build great-looking HTML5 creative websites without coding. And just like with just about anything that Google offers, it’s free!


It’s standard procedure to have a client approve your ideas for a website before actually designing and developing it. makes it easier for you to do that with its capability to create free sitemap flowcharts and wireframes and share them with your client for their okay. This totally free Cloud-based tool allows you to drag and drop items easily, and everything you do is also printable.

6. Logo Lab

If you’re designing a logo, then you are going to love Logo Lab. You can easily test any logo you create for balance, scalability, and other key factors. With Logo Lab, you will be able to see if your design works or if it needs improvement in certain aspects.

Logo Lab is a free online tool that can help you design your own website.

7. Maze

Do you have a prototype design that needs testing? Put it through the analytics tool Maze, and you should be able to analyze how your design performs and see how actual users interact with it. And you won’t have to write code for all that.

8. ColorZilla

Whatever your needs related to color, ColorZilla can do it for you. Whether you want an analysis of DOM element colors or getting the HEX code for a specific pixel on a page you’re working on, this free tool, which you can put up as a Firefox Add-on or Google Chrome Extension, will always come in handy.

9. Canva

Using Canva is a piece of cake. With its very simple search and drag function, even a complete beginner can easily create custom-shaped or sized images. Canva, which also offers built-in templates and optimized sizes, is one graphic design software that just about anyone can use.

10. Checkli

You need to manage and organize your web design projects, and Checkli can help you with that. With this free and extremely light checklist tool, you can make checklists of all project tasks which you can then share with clients or team members. Anyone can comment on your checklists, too. It’s also responsive, so working on it from your phone or tablet should be a breeze.

So if you want to design a website but don’t have the budget for high-end software, you can make do with the tools suggested above.

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