The eCommerce Guide To Writing SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

Woman doing shopping online at her favorite eCommerce store.

eCommerce is the way to go because everyone prefers the convenience of buying online and getting their products delivered right at their doorsteps. For this reason, online stores are springing out from all corners of the internet every other day. It can be a nightmare getting noticed and ultimately converting your products to sales. To… Read More

What Do Google’s Two New Link Attributes Mean For SEO?

Two new link attributes

Towards the end of last year (2019, if you’re reading this in a year other than 2020), Google announced on its Webmaster Central Blog that it was adding two new link attributes to help website owners communicate the nature of their external links to its search crawlers. Slotting alongside the existing rel=”nofollow” attribute, these are… Read More Names Matchbox Design Group Among Best St. Louis SEO Agencies In 2020

Best St. Louis SEO Agencies In 2020

Matchbox Design Group is a leading SEO agency in St. Louis with a penchant for capturing the passion and unique creative spirit of each of our clients. We strive to help your business put forward the best first impression to your potential customers through expert web design and SEO strategies that help make those initial… Read More

How To Design A Lead Generation-Focused Website

Make a good user experience with easy forms to get leads

Many businesses set up a website with the intent of finding new leads. However, there is so much useful information you can include — such as why you started the company, what you do, special causes you believe in and employee info — that the purpose of the site sometimes gets lost in the mix…. Read More

5 Resources To Help Manage Marketing Content

How marketers manage marketing content

Traditional forms of marketing are less effective in business today. Many companies now focus on their content to generate sales. When you provide your target audience with relevant, informational, and insightful content, your company’s conversion will rise, and your reputation and brand awareness is developed. You will likely receive more customers for your products and… Read More

Tips To Win Customers Over With Better Omni-Channel Sales

Better omni-channel sales include signs

The modern customer wants and needs the entire process of making a purchase online to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Fail to offer complete and unhindered convenience when it comes to selling products and services, and you risk losing potential customers and driving existing ones to your competitors’ websites. If your goal is… Read More

Web Design Guide To Create Highly Engaging And Converting Websites

Web Design Guide To Create Highly Engaging And Converting Websites

In the era of technology, anyone can get a website. To run the site is effortless these days. But the question is how can you boost conversions on your website and make them highly engaging websites? To reach out to millions of users online, the website is a crucial tool for business owners. But the… Read More

9 Key Tips For How To Get To The Top Of Google

A computer showing rankings and 9 key tips for how to get to the top of Google.

Are you trying to get to the top of Google, but you aren’t sure how to? Read this article to learn how to get to the top of Google. Using an expert SEO agency is one of the first steps you can take. Are you after the coveted number one spot in Google? Get in… Read More

Graphic Design And Marketing: How Do Graphics Impact Your Campaigns?

Graphic Design And Marketing

Graphic design and marketing go hand-in-hand when it comes to creating successful campaigns. Here’s why you need an expert graphic designer on your team. Have you heard of the picture superiority effect? The phenomenon refers to the idea that humans are capable of remembering pictures and images far better than they can remember words. Marketing campaigns… Read More

Online Marketing Strategies To Skyrocket Your ROI

Marketing Strategies To Help Skyrocket Your ROI

The emerging digital era has transformed the way businesses do marketing. That’s why these strategies are needed to skyrocket your ROI. We all know that social media channels, online advertisements, and blogs are all fruitful ways for marketers to employ new media into increasing business revenue. Moreover, even small businesses are taking an interest in… Read More