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Great website design is important for converting web page visitors into long-term customers. The design of your website should facilitate the experience of shopping as easy and stress-free as possible. However good your web content is, you could possibly be losing a lot of business to competitors if your website is not optimized for sales. Try these website design tips to boost online sales.

The website on any eCommerce site is ideally its storefront. It shows how you value your site visitors, as this will attract and convert into sales, which is the primary objective of any eCommerce site. Never underestimate the power of the first impression. A good site will also enjoy the advantages of SEO services with respect to ranking and visibility.

To convert sales at the first click from your web visitors, find and make use of these eCommerce website design tips and experience turning customers into loyal and long-term ones.

Website Design Tips To Boost Online Sales

1. Capture Your Users’ Desires

You should always keep your users in mind when developing the website design. Capturing their desires in terms of images on display, web content, and their demographics will contribute to influencing their purchase. Their experience on your website will always be something they will remember and possibly recommend for a long time.

Capture Your Users' Desires.

By having your consumers in mind, you are more likely to know how to design an eCommerce website that they would love. If you want to know whether your website offers the best experience for your users, you can hire professionals to rate it based on usability, ease of navigation, appearance, and overall satisfaction.

2. Consider Using A Simple Website Design

Simple and easy to navigate websites are mostly preferred by many customers. A minimalist website is more visible and is more appealing than complex websites. You should consider eliminating any unnecessary information, distracting links, images, or advertisements.

A good website design should have a touch of simple but professional minimalistic feel. Removing clutters helps your page visitors know where to begin (simple call to action) therefore increasing chances of getting new customers.

3. Provide A Clear Navigation Menu

When a site has a wide variety of products to choose from, web visitors always find it frustrating and a daunting task to search what they need. This confusion can easily be solved by having a simple and clear navigating menu and by use of jargon that consumers can identify with.

The web pages must also be organized to avoid consumers getting lost within. Utilizing a drop-down menu that can pop up when a consumer hovers above each category to reveal more options is a great way to declutter and avoid confusion too.

4. Quality Photos

The biggest predicament for online consumers is that they cannot see the goods like in the normal brick and mortar stores. To counter this, most websites have incorporated high-quality product images in their sites and sometimes even videos to suit the consumers’ needs.

Use quality photos that preferably aren't stock. Website Design Tips To Boost Sales.

The high-resolution photos are a must and should not be compromised. Because people tend to be more receptive to images, websites that use great photos get 94% more views than those without. Any unclear images can turn away potential customers mistaking your products for cheap and counterfeit goods. This is the closest the consumers get to view the products and examine them before deciding on the purchase, and should, therefore, be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

The use of lifestyle images of models actually using the product is a big score. For example, clothes are more enticing when worn than being laid flat. This will improve the credibility of your website and create an aesthetically pleasing site that will engage your visitors.

5. Customers Reviews And Testimonials

Great web design helps consumers determine the credibility and trustworthiness of the page. A study done in 2017 reveals that 97% of consumers read online reviews before deciding on making a purchase. Out of this, 74% go further in contacting the business that displays the reviews and testimonials and normally is confident to conduct business with them than those without testimonials.

The customers’ reviews, unknown to most businesses, have the ripple effect of even attracting more customers. From past reviews of the website and its products, you increase your likelihood of more new visitors to trust and make a purchase from your website.

The reviews are generally the easiest way of converting traffic into sales. The best way of including the reviews is by having product-specific reviews directly under each particular product description.

6. Make The Checkout Process Easy

Goods shopped online but left in carts without completing the checkout stage is the greatest grievances among online businesses. A simple and easy checking out process will tackle this challenge and thereby optimizing sales.

When designing an eCommerce website, a lot of focus should be placed on eliminating the long and complicated check out process. Taking care of it usually improves the conversion rate by an average of 35%. Also, requesting only the necessary information required when making a purchase like the shipping address, name, and payment information are key.

7. The Website Should Be Responsive

The website speed and compatibility with both desktops and mobile phones are important to maximize sales because there are more potential eCommerce consumers who use mobile platforms than ever before.

The design of your website should be responsive to ensure that it adjusts based on the consumers’ screen size across all platforms including mobiles, tablets, and desktops alike. You can also create promotions to attract customers and this will create a social buzz thereby increasing traffic on your site.

Including social icons in the eCommerce websites to invite customers to keep in touch encourages positive engagements and helps build a long-term customer-brand relationship. Ensure that the links open the social media accounts in a fresh tab to avoid customers leaving your website.

Social media links can help any eCommerce website. Website Design Tips To Boost Sales.

Boosting your website rankings using SEO is also aided by the social media links that you include. With many consumers using various social media platforms, it’s worth taking advantage of including them in the web design.

By using the various customers’ social media accounts to log into your site or including social share buttons as well as the user-generated content to feature on your products can be a good marketing tool.

So, with these 8 effective website design tips to boost online sales, you are assured of building an interactive eCommerce website that will help the market and improve sales for your business.

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