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Grand View Research stated that the automation industry is valued at $7.63 billion by the year 2025. The research highlights the significance of adopting SEO and digital marketing automation to make better and greater outcomes in the world of marketing.

Automation driven by AI integrated software helps marketers streamline operations efficiently without creating a need for a constant direct involvement of marketers. If you go back in time, marketers used to depend on cold calling, handling customer queries, and managing customer account manually.

But now with technology disrupting digital marketing, online promotion has become much more streamlined and effective. Now professionals have to only keep a watchful eye on the analytics along with brainstorming on strategy-making processes.

Digital Marketers Are Leveraging AI Tools To Automate Marketing

Digital Marketers Are Leveraging AI Tools To Automate Marketing

The almost-revolutionary invention of Chatbots on websites has leveraged digital marketing automation to a great extent making it easier to manage customer support.

As the outcomes through digital marketing automation become widely recognized, several brands have planned to incorporate it in their marketing campaigns through Flipkart and Amazon’s shopping assistance.

These bots are so professionally programmed that they think, respond and interact just like a human. They have the capabilities to function like a human brain. They carry out self-evaluation of the customer query and come up with appropriate responses.

With the use of software and analytic tools, different procedures have become much more streamlined and effective. Now professionals have to only keep a watchful eye on the analytics along with brainstorming on strategy-making processes.

So, if you take a look at a bigger picture you will realize that marketing is all about offering an exceptional customer experience and that is possible with the help of automation. With the help of Artificial intelligence, marketers are providing cutting-edge customer support making their experience more engaging and promising. This boosts conversions and brand engagement; thus building up customer loyalty.

A Step Towards Personalization

Digital marketing automation disruption through automation helps marketers to learn, listen and engage customers in a way that creates a strong bond with them. Marketers can now use AI-based lead scoring that helps in driving deep customer engagements which are leveraging the content strategists as well who can now drive out more targeted content. With the help of automation tools, marketers can create a buyer’s journey and extract insights to help compose personalized strategies to captivate the visitors.

When it comes to branding an eCommerce platform, you can go for creating a personalized pricing strategy making your buyers spend more. You can sneak into the pricing models and get into the market demographics to understand which product is performing better. Using this data, brands can email personalized discount offers to a selected audience. Personalization through algorithms will make conversion easier for businesses.

If you’re a marketer looking to get an edge on your competition, there is no better strategy than utilizing the power of dynamic pricing. With the help of the powerful software platform Dealavo with a dynamic pricing feature, you can make use of this data-driven approach and set prices that fluctuate with demand. In this post, we’ll discuss how dynamic pricing strategies can help provide individuals and businesses alike with more control over their sales and revenue margins so they can maximize profits while keeping customers loyal!

Ensures To Protect Privacy

With personalized content creation comes privacy and security as a hot topic among marketers. If you look at the statistics, around 72% of shoppers prefer to get personalized product discovery however 86% of them are more concerned about their privacy and data protection. The main reason lies in data sharing. Customers prefer not to share their data with platforms.

Therefore, with the use of automation, you can create a firewall to protect your platform; thus, making it impossible for intruders to breach the personal data of your valued customers.

Moreover, you may have to give assurance to your customers that none of their information is being used elsewhere and this is only possible through automation. You need to gain customer trust so make your automation strategy updated with the privacy policy.

Ensures Predictive Analysis Of Customer Behavior

Ensures Predictive Analysis Of Customer Behavior

Data is one of the most in-demand things across the world. The use of big data helps marketers create and execute their strategies to reap profitable outcomes. With the use of automation, you can collect data on your customer activities and create a marketing campaign that is highly targeted. It can help you predict the upcoming trends making you aware as to which direction the market is steering.

The AI algorithms collect data from multiple channels and platforms helping brands predict potential buyers. As the digital market is getting saturated with the competition, it’s important if the AI algorithms leverage your campaigns and give you more targeted insights to interpret data. With technology disrupting digital marketing, businesses can make informed decisions about their promotional efforts.

Driving Greater Outcomes Through Paid Media

If you ponder over the statistics of paid media, you will find that customers can view an average of 400 to 1000 ads per day. That’s how massive the possibility of your ad targeting the prospective customer is. The outcomes become more fruitful if you go for paid strategies and target specific platforms.

This is possible if you have state-of-the-art automation tools that can extract insights by monitoring the activities of your target audience. The tools will help you find the best and high traffic areas on the web to post your ad. Not only this, you can even get to know the right time to make your ad appear. You get real-time analytics that brings you a step closer to success.

Wrap Up

Digital marketing disruption through automation drives up to a 14.5% increase in revenue generation and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. Considering the outcomes of automating your marketing campaign, it’s high time you get on the tracks of using advanced technology to power-struck your campaigns and reap improved results out of your strategies.

So, ponder on the trends of adopting automation and create a result-driven strategy for your brand. You will get to the top more effectively and will be able to thrive in industries that have cut-throat competition.

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