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The success of every digital marketing strategy lies in optimization. Every approach could benefit from optimizing, which is where analytic tools come into play. These apps allow measuring and analyzing data, which will reveal how to optimize your strategy and make it more successful. We are going to show you some analytic online tools to use.

Check out our selection of best online tools for digital marketers that focus on analytics. Find the solutions that fit your needs and get one step closer to meeting your campaign goals!

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free but handy tool for those who want to focus on analytics. Both marketing experts and internet enthusiasts rely on this app to analyze website traffic.

The tool shows different information, such as:

  • Learning the country where the visitors are coming from.
  • Discovering how the visitors were referred to the site.
  • Checking out how long users spent on the website.

Since both Analytics and AdWords are designed by Google, you can connect these tools and get more detailed information on your campaigns. Google Analytics is free, but large companies can also choose a premium version that includes additional data analysis and the company’s support.

2. Google Search Console

Here is another tool made by Google, and this one focuses on analyzing traffic from organic searches. The utility only covers Google searches, but that is the primary search platform these days.

The search console will show you which queries the users searched when they picked your website from the results. The statistics included also show how your website is ranked in search results and the impressions that each query had.

You can benefit from this tool if you are looking to drive more visitors from search engines. The tool focuses on organic searches, but you can use the information for your upcoming paid campaigns.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is an all-around analytics tool that allows you to monitor your online brand, but also the competitors. The primary focus of the utility is to analyze keywords used in campaigns. That way, you can discover which keywords your rivals use. The information gathered this way will show you how to outrank them and improve your website’s optimization.

It is critical to monitor competition in today’s virtual world. SEMRush will ensure that you don’t stay behind when it comes to optimizing search engine traffic.

4. Moz Pro

11 Analytic Online Tools for Digital Marketers

Moz Pro is another tool that focuses on analyzing search engine traffic. The main advantage of the tool is its user-friendly interface, which makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Once you scratch under the surface, you realize Moz Pro is a comprehensive tool that provides plenty of useful data. It can show search engine statistics for you and the competitors, provide keyword suggestions, and show keyword trends.

Users have the choice of picking between multiple pricing plans depending on their needs. While calculating, don’t forget to include all common website maintenance costs to ensure your budget covers everything.

5. Crazyegg

Crazyegg is an intriguing tool because it tries to connect conversions and the design of your website. The utility can be extremely useful because it can reveal more about visitors’ behavior on your site. For example, you can see the percentage of those that scroll down, and how far they go when scrolling down.

The tool shows where the users are clicking most often, which can be helpful if you have multiple links to the same page. If you plan to redesign your website or change its interface often, Crazyegg might be a useful tool. Take a look at some other tools to manage your WordPress site.

6. Optimizely

Optimizely is a marketing analytics tool that focuses on the so-called A/B testing. It allows you to test multiple pages or sections to see which ones perform better. You can experiment with different titles, texts, or photos, and that will enable you to find options that could increase your conversion rate.

The tool is easy to use, and it can help you to optimize the website for various goals, such as downloading apps or registering. You can also check out these tips to simplify your registration process.

7. VWO

Visual Website Optimizer, or VWO, is another tool that serves for testing various alternatives to find the one that fits your website better. The tool offers a dashboard with a user-friendly interface. You can design visual modifications and test them to find a more suitable fit.

For example, do you want to do if you should write “Register for an account” and “Sign up today?” This tool will help you to optimize your website to make it more tempting for the visitors.

8. Klipfolio

Digital marketing tools.

While Klipfolio is not an actual analytics tool, it can be useful for digital marketers. The software allows you to create a personalized dashboard. It allows you to pull information from different marketing channels and monitor it all from a single location.

Klipfolio could allow you to create a dashboard that meets your needs. For example, you can focus on social media, or combine Google Analytics with other tools. The tool gives you a wide range of possibilities, and you can mix and match any way you see fit.

9. Cyfe

Cyfe is a tool that is similar to Klipfolio, which puts it in the category of dashboard utilities. The software supports various marketing channels, such as platforms for sales, social media advertisement monitoring, paid search engine campaigns, etc.

The tool utilizes widgets to connect to various tools and collect the required data. It then shows the information gathered in the main control panel, which allows simple monitoring of multiple platforms.

10. KissMetrics

KissMetrics is an all-around analytics tool suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The tool focuses on analyzing customer behavior. The idea is to discover the way how visitors interact with a particular product or site.

The information provided by KissMetrics makes it possible to boost visitor engagement, which can increase sales and page visits. The tool allows A/B testing and offers different ways to get a better idea of the behavior of potential customers. The information provided includes the average time between visits, the number of visits required to register, and other useful data.

11. MixPanel

You could describe MixPanel as an event tracker. It is capable of monitoring apps, products, or websites, and keeping track of actions the users took during their visit.

The product allows you to monitor each session of every user, check out the current trends, and use A/B testing. The dashboard is customizable, which ensures that you can fit the dashboard to your needs.

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