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Nowadays, most of the brands, agencies, and also merchants prefer to start their business online and save a great deal of time and money. However, due to the increment of competition, succeeding in your online business, especially just with a website is really hard. So, in this article, we want to teach you 10 tips to leverage your website for online businesses and win the marketplace.

Attract More Customers To Your Website – Leverage Your Website For Online Businesses

Here you will read 10 efficient and least costly pro tips on how to leverage your website for your online business. So, if you are about to start a small online business, stay tuned.

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1. Take Your Customer Feedback Serious

Respecting your customers is the first step of your success and you are doomed to failure without them. If you want to leverage your website, you can find ways to count on them.

Customer Interests

Their interests, their likes, and dislikes determine at which direction your strategies should be directed. No matter which Content Management System (CMS) you use to build up your website, you should always keep in mind to add a customer feedback form.

Take Your Customer Feedback Serious

Customer Suggestions

Suggestions can play an important role in businesses as they can create your list of priorities for your products and services. Your customers will have an active role in your organization of plans by making suggestions on a specified box on your website. You can use these suggestions in your upcoming ideas for your business.

2. Create Content

Contrary to the common belief of non-professionals, website design is less important than its content. Any online business relies heavily on the content it produces based on its field of work. Each field has its own audience, so it is wrong to create content and use it for several fields. Moreover, the content marketing strategies that you adopt for your website can hardly be used in the same format for your social media. Consequently, it can be said that content production is a vast area of your work that can and should be modified for your platforms. The first thing to do about content is to start blogging. Set your Blog page and write as many blog posts as you can. To gain high value for your content, you need to expose your content to more visitors.

How would that be possible? Piece of cake!

Create Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is based on the knowledge of how the audience acts towards search engines; e.g. what exact keywords they search to find their desired content. So, you will provide your website content based on SEO analytics achieved by SEO tools. Producing content based on SEO not only encompasses the preferences of your own customers but also considers all the people who prefer to read about their needs on the Internet. It has two advantages: firstly, your audience will find what they want; secondly, you will benefit from the great volume of organic traffic to your website. If you are not an SEO expert, you can read about tips to improve your SEO.

  • You can use Google Analytics to look at your customer data and create content from that information.
  • You can look at your competitors using a tool such as SEMRush. If you do not know how to use SEMRush, then you will need to familiarize yourself with the tool.
  • You can use Google Search Console to see what your top pages are and what your top queries are. From that information you can create good content based on your user’s search intent.

3. Collect An Email Subscriber List

Email marketing is an integral part of website growth. People may visit your website once and never come back again. In that case, if you do not have their email address, you can never contact them. So, you will lose the chance of converting them into customers. If you have this list – well, you should build this list from the first day of your website launch – you can send them your newsletters, promotions, etc.

Collect An Email Subscriber List

4. Check Google Analytics

With the assistance of Google Analytics, you can understand your users’ behavior to enhance your website performance. You can track the visitors to your website and get some information like their quantity, location, and their activity on your website.

How Can Google Analytics Improve Your Website Performance?

It can help you in many ways. For instance, you can review the efficiency of your content by studying the report on a specific page. If it is not satisfactory, it implies that the content of the page needs better optimization. Another way is to review your bounce rate which tells the percentage of the visitors who have left your website after viewing the first page. The lower the bounce rate, the better your website engagement. If the percentage is high, it is an alarm for you to modify and optimize your content.

Check Google Analytics

5. Add Share Buttons

Creating conditions through which your customers like to introduce you to their friends is a good way to leverage your website on online business platforms. Using share buttons can make your customers share you with their friends. It is advantageous in the sense that while it brings more traffic to your website, it has no costs.

6. Enjoy Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to the visitors to your website who have not searched you on a search engine. They have referred to your websites from other websites or a social network. But how? By the use of backlinks. As an online business, you need to find channels in other websites to leave some of your links in their blog posts for example. The visitors of those websites can see your links and they are likely or unlikely to click on the link depending on how attractive your anchor texts are.

7. Improve Your Credibility Through Reviews

Ask for customer reviews to build credibility for your business and website. It is good for your customers because they would feel self-important. It is also useful for your visitors because they will discover your customers’ satisfaction and realize how high your credibility is.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) management tool enables you to recognize the best of your customers and encourage them to leave a review on your website.

8. Link To Your Website On Your Social Media

Your social media are good platforms to introduce your website. As social media are highly engaged, they can bring wonderful business opportunities if you are following the right social media marketing strategies. For instance, you can grow our Instagram engagement if you know how to access real free Instagram followers. One way of linking to your website on social media is to share your blog posts in addition to your website URL.

Link To Your Website On Your Social Media

If you want your website visitors to share your blog posts, you can create plugins and share buttons on your website. When your visitors share your website content on their own social media, you get free advertising channels from them. Each sharing may bring at least some traffic to your website which helps to leverage it.

9. Join Question-Answer Websites

Question-answer websites are websites where people mainly go to ask a question, socialize, and simply explore among others’ experiences or reviews. Some examples can be Quora, Reddit, TripAdvisor, etc. Joining these websites help you build credibility, gain trust, and consequently achieve referral traffic. Pay attention to join the one that is relevant to your industry. For instance, if you are a travel business, you can join TripAdvisor and enjoy a lot of social proof through reviews which remarkably grow your website referral traffic as people get curious to know more about you. Here is an example of a review summary about Radisson Blu Hotel in Rome on TripAdvisor:

Join Question-Answer Websites

10. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising Networks

You do not need high budgets to run an advertising campaign. Advertising tools such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords give you the option of choosing your preferred pricing.

Facebook Ads

Among online paid ads, Facebook ads are the most powerful ones. The design of the ad considers the details of your desired target audience and this is the reason why it stands out among the online paid ads platforms. Moreover, it allows you to add a list of email addresses as your target audience. Then, Facebook starts to search for all related accounts which are associated with the provided list of email addresses. It also searches for similar accounts to them that have the same interests and demographics. So, your ad will be shown to a large group of people with the same characteristics. Perhaps now it is clear why Facebook ads are powerful tools.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is more budget-friendly. New advertisers can enjoy free advertising credits. Based on cookies and keywords chosen by you, Google shares your ads on pages where it thinks it is appropriate and relevant. These pages can be every Google search results page, Youtube, or a partner website. Enough to imagine the reach for a second!


Thanks to the growth of technology and the aftermath of the Covid-19, businesses tend to go more towards online platforms. In fact, businesses that remain traditional will soon be out of the market if they do not update themselves with the recent changes. Following the 10 pro tips above gives you the opportunity to leverage your website for your online business.


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