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A guy figuring out how to design an SEO friendly website 

In response to the ongoing changes in the world, almost all businesses are trying to create a strong digital presence. For this reason, the demand for website development remains high. But to promote any site, it is not enough to simply create a template using WordPress, Opencart, or Tilda. The site should be well prepared for promotion and this is about SEO-friendly optimization. Below you will find out how to design an SEO-friendly website.

SEO Friendly Website: How To Design It?

The essence of search engine optimization is that interested users can find the site that will satisfy all their requests as much as possible. For this reason, search algorithms carefully check each site to provide users with the best experience.

SEO Friendly Website: How To Design It? SEO words on paper.

Accordingly, for the site to get into the top search results, it is worth preparing it so that search algorithms determine your site as useful. For this reason, making your site SEO-friendly is what every site owner should strive for. Below you will find tips that you can handle even without experience.

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Reboot The Site Structure

There is no doubt that you have repeatedly encountered sites that did not have a logical structure and as a result, you could not find what you were looking for or order a product/service. Therefore, in the absence of a simple and logical structure, there is a great risk that the same thing can happen to your site. That is, the user will not complete the target action. And vice versa, a carefully thought-out structure is the key to effective website promotion.

Create Meta tags 

What about meta tags? Why do you need them? This is the data that we see in the search results. Accordingly, the more informative and useful they are for the user, the more consumers pay attention to them. Meta tags include:

  • TitleThis is the title of the article that the user sees in search results. That is, the one that the user sees as a result of search results for the corresponding query. When creating a title, it is worth making it concise but attractive to the user. Here it is important not to forget that SEO is not only about search algorithms but also about users too. Therefore, the more accurately your title matches the user’s possible request, the faster they will give preference to your site.
  • Description – This is a description of your product or service. Here you need to briefly describe what your company offers and at the same time, it should fit in 160 characters. Why is there such a limitation? Because if you exceed the number of characters, your text will not completely fit into this line for display in the search results.
  • H1 – This is the most significant title of the page because it is available not only for users but also for robots too.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that today there is no need to create all the tags manually. It is possible to automate this entire process so as not to waste your time on it with the help of specialized tools.

Optimize All Images

Optimize All Images. Office with computer set up in it.

Images need special attention when working with website optimization. But only those who understand at least something in SEO pay attention to image optimization. Many beginners and those who are trying to improve their site on their own may not be aware that images matter. To make an SEO-friendly site, the images must meet the following characteristics:

  • The Presence Of Alt And TitleThis is necessary so that search engine robots can understand what this image is about. Accordingly, this will allow robots to correctly index all images.
  • Small Image Size – The smaller the image size without losing quality, the entire site will load faster. Therefore, every time you add an image to the site, you should pay special attention to size optimization. Today many online tools allow you to do this in a few clicks and without losing quality.

If you use photo editing services, you will receive unique and high-quality photos, which at the same time take up little space. Edit photos first before posting photos on the site.

Create Adaptive Design

One of the most important SEO aspects today is adaptive design and website optimization for mobile devices. Today, Google’s algorithms favor sites that are well-optimized for use by smartphones and other gadgets. Google has been crawling websites for a long time and selects those that are ready to provide their visitors with the best user experience on mobile.

By the way, you should pay attention to the fact that when optimizing your design, it is well displayed on various devices. That is, it is worth testing how the site will look on a tablet, or smartphone. And it is worth seeing how the user will see it on Apple and Android smartphones as the design of the site may look different on some devices.

Optimize Loading Time

For your site to meet the best SEO practices, you should pay attention to ensuring that all pages of your site load quickly. This factor is always taken into account when ranking. Search algorithms will not push sites to the top that will load slowly. 

With a loading speed of more than 2 seconds, there is already a risk that your site will not take the top results in the ranking. Today many users do not want to waste their time and wait for the site to load, so there will be a high bounce rate. The latter is a strong behavior factor so you should always pay attention to the loading speed and respond to possible issues on time. 

This is especially true for the photos you post.  Often they are oversized for a website.  Therefore, it is important to pre-edit them, reduce the resolution, dpi, and perform compression. You can do this simple work yourself or in case of a large number, order this from photo editing services.

Also, keep in mind that many factors affect download speed. One of them can be images of large sizes, as mentioned earlier, as well as design elements that can slow down the site.

Create Internal Links

It is also worth considering the content of your site, creating an interlinking, and only then thinking about backlinks for ranking. Internal links are a great way to drive users to other content on your site, provide relevant information, and improve your overall site rankings. 

An internal link allows search engines to understand your content well. As an added benefit, internal links allow search engine crawlers to discover individual pages on your site. By the way, this is especially true if you do not have a sitemap.

Create SEO Optimized Content

The use of text content is always an important part of the functioning of the site and its SEO promotion. Search algorithms are already smart enough to perfectly understand both content and context, match it with the users’ queries, plus take behavior factors into account.

Smart content written on cards. Create SEO Optimized Content.

That’s why the content should be informative, valuable and of course unique. It is worth using exclusively relevant keywords, but do not oversaturate the text with them. Keep in mind that too many key phrases can affect the content and make the text look like spam. Balance is what you need when creating quality content. 

To find and follow such a balance, remember that you are generating text content not only for search engines that will form a rating but also for users. By the way, user behavior and reactions to your content will also affect your ranking. So, all the elements and actions for SEO promotion are directly interconnected.

Wrapping Up

Creating an SEO-friendly site is an undoubted must-do for every site owner. With the help of these tips, you can prepare your site for the implementation of SEO strategies that will quickly bring results. Please note that this is the base, without which many actions in the context of SEO promotion will not be effective.

Also, keep in mind that depending on your niche you might want to get an advisory on specific aspects. For example, if you have a dental practice, you might want to hire an agency that offers digital marketing services for dentists. This way you’ll get professional guidance and better results.

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