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Search engine optimization is a significant part of digital marketing because of the visibility it brings to your site. The higher the rank of your site, the more audience reach, and finally, the more sales. In other words, SEO is necessary for your brand’s reputation management. Today we are going to talk about 7 important SEO Chrome extensions.

SEO is even important when you’re doing social media marketing. Based on SocialTradia, you need to match your social media marketing strategies with your SEO techniques to get the highest exposure possible.

SEO needs a tremendous amount of work, time, and money before seeing the initial results. Being fast and accurate is key to getting ahead of the competition.

Without checking backlink profiles, organic traffic, engagement rates, domain rating, conversion rates, page rating, domain authority, and many other factors, you can’t optimize your site and rank better than all of your competitors.

Fortunately, there are numerous useful SEO tools by which you can automate tracking these metrics and enhance your SEO performance. More importantly, many of these SEO tools have Chrome extensions which can make your tasks insanely easy.

Google Chrome can help you check websites for SEO metrics, so it’s ‎necessary for you to include it in your digital marketing strategies.‎

Here are the 7 top SEO Chrome extensions you need to use when doing SEO in the year to come:

1. MozBar

MozBar is really an all-in-one SEO toolbar every marketer should use. MozBar gives you instant insight into a page’s SEO metrics without any interruption. It can be very important to use when you want to reach out to a list of sites for off-page SEO.

This SEO Chrome Extension provides you with the ability to:

  • Check the DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), and spam score of any site.
  • Highlight Do-Follow, No-Follow, external, and internal links on each page.
  • Make your searches customized according to location or even search engine.
  • Highlight important keywords on each page.
  • Do page analysis like on-page elements, general attributes, link metrics, markup, and http status.

Additional Information:

Current version: 3.1.240
Last update: October 30, 2019
Size: 1.26 MB
Language: English
Address: 1100 2nd Ave, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98101, USA
Users: 700,000+
Rating: 3.9 (1,990 users rated this item.)

Moz Bar is an important SEO Tool.

2. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs also has some useful metrics to analyze sites and pages with a few differences from MOZ. Ahrefs SEO toolbar provides you with:

  • Instant on-page SEO report,
  • Broken link checker.
  • Redirect tracer.
  • Domain ratio (DR).
  • URL rating (UR).
  • Organic search traffic (ST).
  • Backlinks (BL).
  • Number of keywords (KW).

Additional Information:

Current version: 2.3.9
Last update: April 17, 2020
Size: 857KiB
Language: English
Users: 60,000+
Rating: 3.6 (112 users rated this item.)

Ahref's SEO Toolbar.

3. Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa is one of the best sources for web traffic, sites’ global rankings, and other data on over 30 million websites. The Alexa Traffic rank SEO Chrome extension works within your web browser without interrupting your tasks.

Also, if you want to know similar websites to the one you’ve just visited, this tool can be of great service.

Additional Information:

Current version: 4.0.5
Last update: May 24, 2020
Size: 130KiB
Language: English
Users: 600,000+
Rating: 4.6 (3,558 users rated this item.)

Alexa traffic rank is a great SEO tool for 2021.

4. Tag Assistant (By Google)

As it comes from the name, this Chrome extension can provide you with various tags. It lets you know if you’ve used Google tags correctly on your web page.

You need to open a page and turn on Tag Assistant to give you the information on the tags present on the page as well as errors. It also gives you suggestions to improve your SEO performance.

Additional Information:

Current version: 20.65.0
Last update: March 23, 2020
Size: 816KiB
Language: English
Users: 1,000,000+
Rating: 4.1 (1,146 users rated this item.)

Tag Assistant by Google

5. GrowthBar

If you want to improve your SEO tasks and link building procedure, GrowthBar is a good option. It’s one of the best extensions for keyword research providing you with difficulty scores, keyword suggestions, backlink reports, and many other useful SEO metrics.

Additional Information:

Current version: 1.4.5
Last update: May 26, 2020
Size: 1.15MiB
Language: English (United States)
Address: 1637 Hyde St, San Francisco, California 94109, United States
Users: 2,000+
Rating: 5 (12 users rated this item.)

GrowthBar is an SEO tool that everyone should use.

6. SEOquake

SEOquake is a multi-task SEO tool covering everything you need such as auditing, keyword research, and social metrics.

SEOquake enables you to:

  • See all the important metrics quickly.
  • Get the SERPs analytics report in CSV format.
  • Know keyword difficulty.
  • Track your social stats.
  • Compare different URLs/domains.

Additional Information:

Current version: 3.8.2
Last update: May 10, 2020
Size: 1.39MiB
Languages: 8
Users: 600,000+
Rating: 4.6 (2,550 users rated this item.)

SEOquake is an SEO Chrome extension from SEMRush

7. Check My Links

If you want to check your broken links to improve your site’s ranking, you need to use the Check My Links extension. This SEO Chrome Extension checks all the links on your page instantly highlighting the broken ones in red.

Additional Information:

Current version: 3.8.1
Last update: November 20, 2019
Size: 160KiB
Language: English
Users: 200,000+
Rating: 4.1 (442 users rated this item.)

Check my links is an SEO Chrome extension to help you find dead links.

Final Thoughts

More than 60% of digital marketers are using Google Chrome as the dominant desktop browser in the world. One of the most important reasons for this is Chrome extensions that are of great use in everyday SEO work. Extensions for checking SEO metrics have given Google Chrome an advantage over other browsers. 7 top SEO Google Chrome extensions were mentioned in the article that can greatly help you to improve your SEO scores.

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