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If you want to get the most out of this SEO checklist for beginners, utilize it to enhance your SEO. It’s crucial to first comprehend the many elements that make up SEO. Do you also need to know what are the primary factors of an effective SEO strategy as a beginner? Know about the target audience

Do you want to increase page views? Do they want to stay on your site or not visit it often? How to be able to achieve this goal with your current brand name?

There will always be different opinions, depending on the time of day or social network. So, you must find out which audience will use your services.

If you don’t want to keep your business in the limelight, then you must keep them happy. Your competitors are there, no matter where you are located because they understand your market. It is up to you to come up with relevant content that users can read and enjoy.

At the end of the day, your SEO efforts should help your company grow organically. The more people you attract, the higher your rankings on search engines. More importantly, QRG 101 is the best US Business directory that benefits the two organizations and purchasers. Purchasers can add businesses for free

1. Create Original Pages That Are Engaging

Your articles should go beyond just providing information and explaining things. To ensure that every style of literature is interesting and entertaining, ensure it has the originality to it.

Unique content is of worthy importance. It’s useless to copy content from other websites. It will spoil your reputation.

So, keep your articles written under your domain name. In addition, you can easily find keywords on Google related to your industry and keyword research on Google Trends. Write down topics and ideas that show relevance. Don’t stick to one specific topic and think strategically about it!

paper stickers with SEO keywords written on them. A start to an SEO Checklist for beginners.

2. Optimize For Mobile Devices

The best way you can make money is through an internet search. And according to recent studies by Statista, in 2019, 93% of all searches are done using mobiles. Mobile apps are growing fast, especially Instagram to provide instant communication. Keep upgrading your app portfolio to ensure your visitors receive quick answers and help them when needed most.

3. Improve The Speed Of Your Website

Many people do not like the sluggish loading times that they see on their phones. That may seem scary, right? But it’s all covered what you needed to know!

Putting together a guide for beginners who wish to optimize their website activity with convenient tips. Also, tell hacks to get faster results on your web pages.

4. Create Two Separate Sessions For Desktop & Mobile Traffic (Sessions)

To optimize your website for both browsers, create 2 separate sessions for desktop and mobile. This allows the user to visit the site without waiting several seconds for the page to load. On the same note, the app and browser settings in both sessions should be optimized for mobile devices.

5. Add Meta Tag On Head Section

If you have a large number of pages from various sources on your site. You must then need to insert meta tags that show your back-end URL.

The customer will not be able to see the meta tags. It will only appear when your webpage’s HTML code is presented in the search results pages. And will also help them understand the page’s intent.

6. Use CSS Stylesheets

Cascading style sheets will allow you to set stylesheets or HTML codes and apply any changes to them. Creating stylesheets is very simple and easy to do. Just follow these steps whenever creating new stylesheets/CSS files.

When used correctly, it will make your webpage much faster and your client’s experience better. Also, the cost of customizing and editing your styles will be minimal. A good example of a well-maintained website would be or

CSS Stylesheet that a developer has been working on.
Sublime Text Editor

7. Uploading Images

All online data and files needed to operate on your website can be uploaded on different social media platforms. An example includes Flickr, Blogger, Facebook, GSuite Pages, Tumblr, and YouTube. Make sure your URLs, alt tags, source file names, etc. are all included in your sitemap. Be sure to upload pictures and videos in high resolution and quality before you publish them on the website.

8. Using Plugins And Extensions

Using plugins and extensions is another great way to improve the ranking of your website. By adding plugins and extensions to your website or blog.

Yoast – is one of my favorite plugins and an extension of many. It makes your WordPress website perform better and gives you additional abilities such as analytics, form builder, social support buttons, etc.

YouTube Plus Extension (YouTube Premium) is another fantastic tool that integrates YouTube into your WordPress website. It comes with premium features that include multiple video tutorials to teach your viewers about the latest YouTube trends. It is available by searching YouTube Plus and downloading it on your computer or phone (free installation)

9. Backlink Building

You have to build organic links (high PR) to gain the trust of the reader. Otherwise, your website will suffer when readers try to perform a search query on your site. Most users will visit your page after clicking on a single link sent by some social media platform.

A backlink is a key to that. Link Building is an art and very time-consuming. but it pays off with long-term visibility. Try following these tips and figure out more advanced ways to build links on your site.

The more links (high PR) that you have, the more chances of your website getting found by users.

Pro SEO Tip: Don’t forget that you need quality internal links as well and remember you should always be automating SEO as much as possible.

10. Pay Attention To How Many Keywords Have Weight

Knowing your keywords is an extremely crucial factor. Each word should be made a count. Remember that this keyword should exist in the first 5 positions of Google Keyword Rankings. You have to improve to maintain your high position.

11. Adding “Why” To All Those Pages

How do people read? It should be smooth for the reader to proceed to further posts. Every paragraph should answer this question!

Add “Why” to every paragraph of your article. It tells a reader why he should check out a certain page.

12. Build Social Proof

Social Proof includes the number of comments and shares that were generated by users after a particular click or a particular action like signing up for an offer.

Engage with blogs on Medium and WordPress by publishing posts. Also allow your fellow bloggers to share them on their blogs to improve their standing with the algorithm. Get listed on popular pages on social platforms and display the reviews.


Conclusively show the importance and popularity of your website to potential buyers and clients. Help others start on their journey and assist them to accomplish their future goals. Demonstrate your work’s power and motivate people by giving a challenge they could complete.

Showcase your expertise and knowledge. Show what hard work you’ve done and impress them with how quickly you completed the task. And lastly, promote your knowledge using this SEO Checklist For Beginners.

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