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How To Create Quality Backlinks For Your Website

Backlinks can go a long way in making your website seen and loved. The key to such a result is having a proper strategy. If you’re consistent with it, thousands of people will visit the source. And even if 50% of that traffic finds it interesting and becomes regular readers, you’ll have a base of leads already. Today let’s learn how to create quality backlinks for your website.

Add a launch funnel and great quality of products and services, and voila.

While this sounds clear and easy, you still need a lot of knowledge and some allies to achieve results fairly easily. This is why we’re here. Let’s consider “How to get quality backlinks?” as our project or mission. And let’s dive into the topic!

Goal: creating a well-balanced, solid backlink profile.

Tools: tips from this article, professional link-building services.

Difficulty: medium, depending on your skills and motivation; light after you finish this article.

1: Prepare Your Website For Promotion

High-quality backlinks won’t do much for business if you don’t prepare the website. It needs to be well-designed and have some content already. Otherwise, there’s no sense in promoting it yet because nobody is looking for an empty website to read or buy products from.

Prepare Your Website For Promotion

Here’s a website SEO audit checklist with 9 essential things to do or check before the official launch. There, you’ll see almost every factor you’ll need to check and create protection for before promoting and building links.

The Overall Aspects Include:

  • SEO – All the right, properly analyzed keywords have to be placed where they should be across the website. Make sure it’s easy for Google to find your site and crawl it successfully.
  • Content – Your content has to be special, different from similar articles. Place the keywords inconspicuously and naturally, and, if possible, send articles for editing and feedback. In case of writing isn’t your best feature (you need critical thinking for that, of course), hire a professional SEO copywriter.
  • Design – The design of your website is almost as important as its content. People will associate your blog and brand with particular colors. Choose a palette that fits the philosophy and message of your brand. A convenient layout and text format are also important for user experience.
  • Customer Support – If you offer something right from the start, the support team (a couple of people if you’re a growing brand) should be ready. If not, encourage readers to leave comments and engage in light conversations with them.

2: Collaborate With Link-Building Services

You can build links yourself by looking for proper blogs, reading tips, communicating with hundreds of people, asking them to post a link for you. However, this will take a lot of time and effort, and the level of our mission will go way up.

How’s the idea to buy quality backlinks from a reliable, top-notch service? Don’t be discouraged just yet. We all know how paid backlinks work. But it’s only if you buy from a company that offers super-cheap, spammy links.

Nowadays, it works differently. For example, visit the homepage of this backlink service, and you’ll see that it helps hundreds of websites to create a good backlink profile.

So, you purchase the time of a specialist in link-building, the person or a whole team in the UK, US, and other countries work for SEO improvement and smooth promotion of your website.

As a result, you get:

  • SEO quality backlinks.
  • Money and time-saving capabilities.
  • No need for a whole link-building team.
  • Improved backlink profile.
  • Readers who are actually interested in your content.

Collaborate With Link-Building Services.

3: Write Interesting Guest Posts To Spike Curiosity

What is link building? Communicating with bloggers and webmasters about placing a link to your website on their sources. But doing it just like that, without context, won’t work out well.

Instead, submit different guest posts with a link to provide people with information before advertising. Those interested in the topic of your products will click on the link, and some percentage will remain there. You will get regular readers and potential buyers!

Who doesn’t love a loyal audience? It doesn’t come without effort. So, spend some on those guest posts. Write them in a way that would be interesting and engaging for you. There are two ways you can get help:

  • Feedback from professional editors and readers (maybe the ones from your newsletter, why not?). Send exclusive new content to a test group of people who chose to sign up for your email newsletter. And be critical about what you write.
  • Hire a professional copywriter to create content plans and write guest posts for you. They know how to engage any audience, what hooks to use, and how to write for readers of different levels.

4: Use Different Techniques To Build Quality Backlinks

Don’t limit yourself to buying links or to one technique of getting them from webmasters. There are many different ways, and here are some of them:

  • Learn How To Persuade – When talking to bloggers and webmasters and asking for a link to your site, you should provide reasons on why you deserve it. Think of a business pitch; a list of things that make you different and/or better than other similar projects.
  • Write Testimonials – Writing testimonials for other sources will automatically leave a link to your website or at least the brand name.
  • Look For Broken Links – If you see a blog post with a link leading to an error and if this link is relevant to your topic, talk about it with the webmaster. Or you can offer to write an article just for that link if it’s close to your industry.
  • Look For Mentions Of Your Brand Or Website Without A Link – If you see such a mention, reach out and ask for a backlink. Usually, webmasters agree to help. It makes their website more useful as well.
  • Leave Comments – If you see an article relevant to what you’re writing about, leave a comment with useful advice that’s not there. This will become a friendly addition, plus you’ll leave a backlink to your website if it’s allowed.

5: Analyze Your Backlink Profile

The last step is to analyze your backlink profile every now and then and do damage control. If you see broken links to your posts, fix them. In case some websites turned out to be of poor quality, try to delete the link by communicating with the owner or using the Google Disavow Tool.

Make sure your source is mentioned on sites with a medium to high rating. Search engines prioritize those and will index your pages more quickly. Plus, the audience will become curious and you may get loyal readers and leads.

There are many tools for analysis. Consider browsing through Moz; you’ll find a treasure chest of recommendations and instruments there.

Analyze Your Backlink Profile

High-Quality Backlinks Bring Amazing Results

Investing time, effort, and money in a decent backlink profile will make your path to popularity and high revenue easier. Make your strategy balanced, don’t go for 1,000 backlinks at once.

And be consistent with your hard work. The progress will be as consistent!

Analyze your profile, look for broken links on the site, and fix them. Follow updates of Google algorithms, adopt some trends that suit your source. Stay afloat, and you’ll always have high ratings!