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We cannot deny the fact that Google Chrome has become the world’s most popular browser due to its simplicity and speed. But what makes Chrome exclusively powerful is a lot of accessible extensions that you can add to it and improve its functionality, making it much more than only a browser. There are extensions for nearly everything, from playing the game of tic-tac-toe, showing a weather estimate in your browser, watching Netflix remotely with your friend, and much more.

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Text Blaze

Google’s library also contains a lot of add-ons that can knowingly simplify the work of WordPress admins by accomplishing a variety of actions that some simple plugins might not cover. Or else, if they do the same, it might be better to complement an extension to the browser with the aim that you don’t mess up your WordPress website through so many plugins.

We have researched many add-ons that you could utilize with your WordPress account, and we have shortened the list down to these 15 WordPress Chrome extensions that will allow you to easily carry out some pretty cool as well as practical actions:

1. ColorZilla

ColorZilla Chrome extension

The remarkable ColorZilla used to be accessible only on Mozilla, but fortunately, we can now employ it in Chrome too. It’s extensively popular, and more than 2 million users are using and recommending it. The reason behind this getting used by so many people is that this add-on can quickly identify all the colors featured on a website. Moreover, it includes a wide variety of other, similarly impressive features, for example, the color-picking pipette, the color history, a CSS Gradient Generator, a palette browser, and a lot more.

2. WordPress Site Manager

WordPress Site Manager extension for Chrome

People who manage many WordPress websites know how irritating it is to continually log out from one site to go to the next one. With a chrome browser extension like WordPress Site Manager, it becomes easy to switch between sites.

It assists in the storage of the URL for each of the web pages, helping users to go to every website with only a single click. Moreover, WordPress Site Manager allows you to save usernames and passwords over all of the pages, ultimately saving you time when you log in.

3. WordPress Style Editor

WordPress Style Editor Chrome extension

WordPress Style Editor is one of the few WordPress chrome extensions that allow you to edit your theme’s CSS file. Any changes are made in the CSS file, which can be quickly saved under the stylesheet. You do not have to use an FTP program or edit any other file. However, it is important to note that an extension will only work with the style.css file located in your theme’s root directory.

4. Plugins SVN Link

Plugins SVN Link extension for Chrome

The WordPress SVN Repository is a great place for finding plugins, themes, and other WordPress-related resources. If you’re a developer, it’s a good place to find code snippets and examples. If you’re a user, it’s a good place to find themes and plugins.

This WordPress Chrome extension does one simple thing: it adds a button that points to the plugin’s SVN repository under the .zip file download button on This makes it super easy to explore a plugin’s code before you decide to install it.

5. Window Resizer

Window Resizer extension

A very beneficial extension that allows users to resize their browser window to match different screen resolutions incredibly hassle-free. It assists the designer and developers, with testing their layout at various screen browser resolutions. When you include it in your Chrome browser, you can navigate its menu bar, which looks like a drop-down menu with customizable window sizes.

Moreover, a great thing about this extension is that it provides its choice of window resizing in a pop-up enabling the users to switch on various resolutions faster to witness whether breakpoints of media are working according to the expectations. Most of all, you can customize the presets and rotate your screen whenever you want. Also, you can have a customizable global shortcut key that highlights its choice of exporting and importing settings on additional workstations and more.

6. OneCleaner

OneCleaner extension

Are you observing that your browser always runs very slowly? If yes, then you may need a robust browser cleanup tool. Incidentally, OneCleaner can be the best solution for cleaning up your cookie and browsing history, protecting your privacy and cache, tracking & making the browser run quicker.

It quickly helps to clean up your browser as well as helps delete the popular traces of your browsing-related activities to protect your privacy. Moreover, this tool is an easy-to-use and fast Chrome add-on that removes history, cache, and more. It also helps in quickly cleaning up users’ local profile browsing data.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly grammar checking extension

Grammarly is a handy tool for grammar mistakes, fixing typos, and making your writing more accurate and precise.

If you have a WordPress site, you will be making so much content, and Grammarly can assist you in ensuring that content is as decent as it can be.

Through the Grammarly browser extension, you can check your content for mistakes while you are working on your WordPress website (or in further text editors like Google Docs).

If we talk about WordPress, you would be able to edit your text in:

  • The classic TinyMCE editor
  • The block editor (AKA Gutenberg)
  • Elementor widgets.

8. Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager extension

A password Manager isn’t a precise Chrome extension but instead a general endorsement for the kind of extension that all WordPress users must have.

If you would like to secure your WordPress website, you need to employ a strong yet unique password for each site. Memorizing all of these passwords yourself is a terrible task. So, to solve this problem, utilize an extension like Norton Password Manager or 1Password.

We are not providing a single suggestion because there are various excellent password manager extensions, and you must feel free to employ the one which best fits your requirements. The only crucial thing is that you utilize one of these tools to make strong passwords for your dedicated WordPress websites.

9. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

It is an accommodating Chrome extension for all WordPress writers. Evernote Web Clipper allows you to clip the articles which you are reading & open them over any of your gadgets through Evernote. You can highlight the crucial content on any website and share it in emails or form a link. This is a bookmarking, note-taking, social sharing, and task management tool united in a single app.

10. Session Buddy

Session Buddy extension

Session Buddy is an extension for Google Chrome that allows users to save, manage, and restore their tabs and windows. It is a simple and effective way to keep track of open tabs and windows, making it easy to reopen them later. Session Buddy is a great extension for anyone who often has a lot of tabs and windows open and wants a way to manage them easily.

11. Dimensions

Dimensions Chrome Extension

It is a Chrome extension for website designers to measure diverse dimensions over a WordPress site. You can just move your mouse among elements like text blocks, images, form fields, buttons, and so on to find precise measurements. Moreover, Dimensions can assist you in converting PSD and JPEG files to web pages effortlessly.

12. Scan WP

Scan WP: WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector extensions

Scan WP is an astonishing Google Chrome extension that allows you to find WordPress themes and plugins effortlessly. The extension provides a new button for the Chrome browser. You can simply click this button when browsing any site to answer three questions:

  • What theme is the website employing?
  • Is the website preferring WordPress in the first place?
  • What plugins is the website utilizing?

Once you install this extension, a WordPress logo with orange color gets added to your browser. Thus, when you go to a site that was created with WordPress and simply press that logo, in seconds you will know all there is to know about the plugins and theme.

One more functionality of Scan WP is that you can directly go to the WordPress theme detector site to get other information about the domain, like estimated traffic, strong keywords it’s ranked for, main competitors for rankings, and much more.

13. Lightshot

Lightshot screenshot tool for Chrome

Lightshot is an amazing browser extension for content makers because it allows you to capture screenshots with supreme flexibility. The screenshots captured from the Lightshot extension are much more appropriate and simple.

It provides room for selecting what and how much of your screen you need to capture with a click or a keyboard shortcut. This is a simple yet convenient tool where you can choose an area & capture it with the greatest precision.

It grants an easy interface, is nothing impractical, and is lightweight. Furthermore, you have the ability to copy screenshots over the clipboard. It comprises a selection choice, meaning you can choose a particular screen part and save it accordingly.

14. JSONView

JSONView for programmers using WordPress

JSONView is a nifty extension for the programmer who wants to view and validate JSON-formatted documents. The primary design was for Firefox, which grew into an enormously popular tool for developers, like a Chrome extension for extracting JSON content through displayed pages.

This extension also helps the developer to configure the JSON parsing technique over the options page. While in some rare cases, the JSON content analysis might fail or alter under the default method. And if you desire to extract the content through the HTTP response with 100% safety, the developer will be required to add a further XML HTTP Request.

15. CloudApp

CloudApp Screen Recorder and Screenshot tool

CloudApp is a striking extension created for capturing screenshots and screen recording. To make use of it, you must first make an account. When you take a screenshot or finish by screen recording, you will instantly get a shareable link straight to your file, which you can include on your WordPress pages.


These are the top 15 Chrome extensions for WordPress users that you may find helpful. This well-researched list will help you find the best option for your requirements in the Chrome Web Store. If you are looking for your own unique browser extension development, you can get better help from Groovy Web.

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