How To Shift To Remote Work In A Pandemic

Shift to remote work

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down with social distancing (although not on social media), quarantine mandates, and shelter-in-place orders. People everywhere have had to make unprecedented decisions and hasty transitions they didn’t see coming. The huge shift to remote work. This is a difficult situation and it’s caused a huge hit to… Read More

Time Management Tips For Web Designers

Here are some Time Management Tips For Web Designers in 2019

Web designers tend to be creative people. And we all know that the creative mind is often not an overly punctual mind. Thus, there’s no surprise that many website designers struggle with procrastination and tend to leave things until the last minute of the deadline, or look to create an unnecessary perfection when the function… Read More

Holiday Away Message Generator. What Will Yours Say?

What will your away message say? Share on social media with your friends

This is Matchbox Design Group’s Holiday Away Message Generator. We hope you have fun with this and share it with all of your friends and family this holiday season and many to come. Remember Mad Libs? That’s basically what this is, only it has the Matchbox Christmas twist added to it. Let us know what… Read More

How To Ensure You Are Getting The Most Out Of Your Remote Team

Accurate Contractor Screening helps ensure you have a good remote team

With the rise and the convenience of the freelance economy, it’s no wonder companies of all sizes are choosing to delegate their tasks to a remote team more and more each day. Only alluding to college graduates and university merits to hire in-house employees and delegate tasks to them only is beginning to be a… Read More