This Is Why You Should Use WordPress For Your eCommerce Site

This is why you should use WordPress for your eCommerce site show by a cartoon eCommerce transaction.

Over 75 percent of American consumers prefer shopping online to visiting a brick and mortar store. Billions of dollars are spent online each year, which is why the eCommerce world is now in a bit of a gold rush mentality. Business owners are looking for ways to get their online stores functional and profitable. If… Read More

Tips To Make Your WordPress Travel Blog A Success

Tips To Make Your WordPress Travel Blog A Success. This girl is taking pics for her blog.

Now is the perfect time to become a travel blogger, as this is all the rage these days and we have several tips to make your WordPress travel blog a success. There’s nothing better than turning what you love into a hobby you can profit from. You might have a few doubts because running your… Read More

What is Gutenberg and how does it affect your site?

Wordpress is adding a new feature called Gutenberg, so What is Gutenberg?

If you’ve logged into your WordPress admin dashboard recently, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a banner at the top of the site letting you know that “A new, modern publishing experience is coming soon.” But, what does this mean? What is Gutenberg going to do? In short, in an upcoming version of WordPress, the “Classic… Read More