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Almost everyone nowadays advertises on free websites. Free websites sound like great deals on paper, but are they worth it? Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Finance creative on a short and limited budget – and you get mediocre service. Pay for a great deal, and as a result, you will receive value. 

Unfortunately, no free website can compensate for the value and importance of having a well-developed website, especially if you are a professional, business owner, or freelancer. Your website communicates your brand and value to those who visit your website. For a great website, you will need professional web designers.

Here are four reasons why you need web designers for your online business.

Business Representation

One reason why your need web designers is because your website is crucial in introducing you, your business, and your company to your target audience. It can communicate your business to other stakeholders as well. 

Your website is the first thing your potential clients can notice about you. Hire a web designer to create your website and compensate them well. You will get a professional-looking website with a reactive design you can view from your personal computer or your personal and business mobile devices. 

Artistic representation of a professionally designed web site

If your website is mediocre with malfunctioning links, it communicates to your customers and stakeholders that your company lacks the expertise to deliver. 

Especially with web design in the Philippines, great business representation is more crucial now than ever due to the shift of businesses to digital platforms and eCommerce. With your website representing your business, it becomes an avenue for you to talk to your customers aside from the usual social media. 

Use Your Time Wisely

Hiring a web designer can save you time and money

In the business world, time is money. And time wasted is money lost. Enlisting the help of a full-time or project-based web designer will not only save you time but also save you money. The nature of maintaining and designing a website is time-consuming and heavy, especially if you plan on doing it yourself. A web designer will save you more time and money than doing your website yourself because your designer will know what to do and how to execute it, thanks to their knowledge. 

Web designers know what to do with design. With proper communication, reasonable compensation, and trust in your designer’s abilities, a web designer can spice up your website. They can find the most effective and efficient ways of building a website.

While your web designer shoulders maintaining and designing your website so it’s up to date, you won’t have to worry about time spent on design and you can now focus on running your business, which really matters. 

Expert Partners

Business meeting with web designer to go over website

For any creative, it is easy to say you work for a brand or a person. When it comes to working with a brand or person, that is the exception. For a web designer, the same case applies. A web designer can be your partner in every project stage so that at the end project your website meets and exceeds your expectations. 

With a web designer and the power of great communication, you can get a fresh perspective on the best solutions for your business, especially with your website now as a venue for customer and brand interaction. 

With a web designer, your site becomes more accessible and understandable thanks to the demystification of the web design process, courtesy of your web designer. 

Better Brand Communication

To attract your brand’s targeted and right customers, you must be intentional about everything you put out. Several factors are involved in web design, making communicating your brand through web design no easy feat. 

Another reason why you need professional web designers is because they will be experienced with communicating brand identity and understanding how your audience thinks. 

By having consistency in your brand communication for your website, your website’s communication helps create a consistent brand identity that can result in a unified experience for existing and potential customers. User experience plays a large part in whether a customer chooses to make a purchase or hires you for services. Therefore, good web design is necessary to help increase sales.

What Should You Look For In A Web Designer? 

Professional mockup of a website on desk with laptop, cellphone, and notebook

Now that you understand why you need web designers, you can move on to looking for one. So what qualities should you look for in a web designer? A web designer should be experienced in web design, knowledgeable in web design principles, and have proven CMS skills. 

Here are the qualities and qualifications of a good and reliable web designer:

  1. Industry experience –  By starting with industry experience, it becomes easier to narrow down the competition for your web designer. When your web designer has industry experience, it becomes easier for them to do the task you want. While every designer has varied experiences, even a single project with a business similar to yours can make a web designer a stronger potential candidate.

    With a web designer who does not have much industry experience, planning and designing your website can take a bit longer. However, it is recommended more than designing your website yourself or resorting to a free website.
  2. Responsive web design skillsResponsive design is king when designing a brand’s website because many consumers access content from their cellphones more than their personal computers, especially depending on the target market you want to focus on. Millennials and GenZ, in particular, are more amenable to content on TikTok and access social media from their phones.
  3. Appropriate pricing – When it comes to pricing, your web designer needs to have a reasonable price for the value of the service that they provide. The cost of a web designer is affected by several factors, which include location, nature, the basis of payment and employment, and availability.

    Before looking for your web designer, you should set a reasonable budget that is not too cheap or too high not to bankrupt your business. After all, there is a fine line between being a cheapskate and excessive spending. Another consideration why you should give a good and reasonable price and budget for your web designer is for the value of work that they will provide – and to ensure that your money can go a long way in ensuring that your designer has enough for a living. Exposure does not pay the bills, as wise creatives have often said.

    Every designer needs to prove that they are worth the pay – which puts a heavier weight on the shoulders of designers who charge double your budget.
  4. A well-rounded portfolio – A startup web designer is a gamble. However, their lack of track record can make you reconsider if they are worth hiring for your website. You can opt for an experienced web designer with a well-rounded and expansive portfolio.

    Regarding designer portfolios for web design, it does not need any frills: just some links on what the designer can do, and you’re all good. The portfolio gives you a scope on the types of designs your designer is capable of – and a great reference point if you want them to execute something similar.
  5. Proven skills in CMS – A content management system (CMS) enables you to create, edit, organize and publish web content on websites. Having CMS skills is an added bonus for your web designer because the CMS can make it easier for you to manage your website without needing to hire another expert in the long term.
  6. Website maintenance – Some designers offer additional services for the maintenance of your website. If you have the additional skill to manage your website, you can maintain your website yourself, especially after your website is created.
  7. Your trust and confidence – Nobody knows the ins and outs of your business the way you do, which makes it important for you to place your trust and confidence in your web designer to translate and incorporate your brand’s personality, services, and products into your website.

If a candidate ticks all the boxes, think it over and consider how much you trust them. If you don’t, then look for more. It’s always better to hire a designer you can trust, rather than someone you don’t, as you will be working closely with them. 

Sweetie Pie Organics: A Custom Web Design Case Study

Sweetie Pie Organics, a company specializing in innovative food solutions for expecting and breastfeeding mothers, significantly benefited from custom web design in their Shopify website case study. The project aimed to revamp their visual identity and messaging, starting with a Shopify template and adding custom design elements.

The result was a vibrant and engaging website that greatly enhanced the overall customer purchasing experience. The custom design introduced a fresh approach to the brand, with a new style guide featuring additional colors, illustrations, and unique visual elements.

Custom-drawn icons were integrated, infusing the website with the brand’s personality and color scheme. The custom design allowed for product pages that effectively conveyed key product information showcased eye-catching visuals, and delivered compelling messaging, ultimately paving the way for brand growth.

This custom web design effort played a pivotal role in revitalizing their online presence and improving user engagement. Check out the full Sweetie Pie Organics Case Study!


Regarding web design, it is no walk in the park. You must look for the right web designer to help you communicate your brand to your target audience. However, hiring the right web designer will pay off in the long run due to their skill, time management, and the perspectives they can offer you as you continue to work closely on improving and growing your business. 

As your brand grows to new heights, so will your working relationship. Remember: trust is essential for any relationship and business to grow. 

Author’s Bio:

Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about SEO, social media, and digital marketing. He’s frequently invited to company training and seminars to give talks about cultivating one’s digital marketing strategies.

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