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A business is far more extensive than the product or service it sells. In the modern economy, companies are all about the brand they create. Shaky digital brand identities may discourage buying, while a strong digital brand identity can convince you to buy the same thing.

With 5.03 billion people using the internet, everything from socializing to working has turned digital. For the business world, this means existing in two spaces to cater to consumer demands: the physical and digital spaces. Building a digital brand is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign.

Your digital brand identity is the outlook your business cultivates online. You’ll lose your prospects to competitors if it is not solid enough. Here is how you can have a robust digital identity:

How To Create A Digital Identity For Your Business

Branding yourself is more challenging than it looks. Consider the vision, ethos, and mission of your brand. Focus on the values encapsulating your brand, and build your brand identity around them. You can also hire the services of a creative ad agency to ensure you have a cohesive outlook.

Scrabble letters spelling digital brand identity words.

Times now are dominated by social networks. Building a digital brand identity also requires having social media accounts on all major platforms. Make sure you have decent  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. 

Post quality content regularly on your social media and ensure your posts are true to your brand’s tone and message. For example, if your values include accessibility, post about the measures taken at your business to improve accessibility. Use ads to promote your posts to reach out to a broader audience.

You should also have an active website and a blog where you regularly post articles relevant to your niche. Make sure your website is welcoming and user-friendly. You should ideally also have a Google My Business account. If you are a local business be sure that your posts and blogs talk about the city you are located in. For example, we talk about St. Louis website design since we are a website design agency in St. Louis.

The Power Of A Solid Digital Identity

Customers don’t directly jump to your shop and buy your product. Approximately 85% of customers research your business before deciding to buy. Having a solid brand identity can play a part in convincing them to make the purchase. A solid digital identity has these benefits:

1. It Markets Your Brand

Your digital identity helps your customer base to recognize you. It makes you stand out from your competitors, and a strong brand message can persuade potential new customers to give your business a chance. Your social media posts and website are essential components of your marketing strategy. Through an effective social media advertising campaign, they can bring in many new customers to the net.

2. Showcasing Your Products And Services

Displaying your products to your potential customers has never been this easy. Take pictures of your product that are of sound visual quality and upload them on your website and social media accounts. Social media allows greater flexibility in this regard as you can showcase customer experiences with your products if they have provided you with pictures. For example, if you run a clothing line, photographs from customers will convey your apparel’s likability better than the professional models on your website.

Businessman using fingerprint to represent a digital identity.

3. Increases Customer Engagement

You can engage your customers easily if you have an effective social media identity. Gone are the days of having a physical shop to answer your customers’ queries. Your customers can now simply leave you a message on your social media page, and you can get back to them whenever you have time. Your digital presence will also let you get mass feedback quickly through interactive features on social media platforms such as polls. 

In Conclusion

A solid digital presence offers your business the ideal platform to communicate and engage with your customers and prospects. It is also an opportunity to sell your brand to a larger group of customers and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Creating a digital presence isn’t easy, so consider hiring some experts to help you curate your website and social media accounts.

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