Market Research Tips To Perfect Your Marketing Strategy

Market Research Tips To Perfect Your Marketing Strategy

Even when a business feels like it’s on top of the world, there’s always room for improvement. Finding places to boost your marketing strategy can sometimes leave you feeling lost. That’s why market research can help any business new or old, successful or struggling, in redefining its priorities and finding a better path to prosperity…. Read More

11 Analytic Online Tools For Digital Marketers

Analytic online tools for digital marketers.

The success of every digital marketing strategy lies in optimization. Every approach could benefit from optimizing, which is where analytic tools come into play. These apps allow measuring and analyzing data, which will reveal how to optimize your strategy and make it more successful. We are going to show you some analytic online tools to… Read More

Top Google Analytics Strategies To Measure Your SEO

Top Google Analytics Strategies To Measure Your SEO.

You know they say if you can’t measure something, you won’t be able to understand it let alone improve it—in short, you’ll be signing up for a recipe for disaster! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no different. Let’s talk about some of the top Google analytics strategies to help measure your SEO. Do you know… Read More

What Metrics You Should Be Focused Toward When Analyzing LinkedIn Analytics

What Metrics You Should Be Focused Toward When Analyzing LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that has revolutionized how professionals network and interact with one another. Let’s talk more about what to focus on when analyzing LinkedIn analytics. LinkedIn is a complex social media platform with loads of things that you need to take into consideration when developing a LinkedIn strategy. The sheer number… Read More

Tips For Getting Off The Ground With Machine Learning

Machine learning and how to get started in the industry.

Across the last decade, people in industries of all types and varieties have discovered the amazing power and potential of data. Data is commonly referred to as the new oil, a powerful resource that is only now being tapped into for immense results. All sorts of different things have become possible through data, things that… Read More

Voice Of The Customer: How Sales Call Analytics Creates A Better Customer Experience

Better customer experience of user experience often comes from the very voice of the customer

In today’s digital age, marketing data remains one of the dominant tools in learning about your customers. But the best companies know that marketing data alone isn’t enough to create a complete customer image. Strive to provide a better customer experience. Rather, the companies that combine marketing data with sales call analytics will not only… Read More

The Best KPIs To Track Internal Communications Success

Best KPIs To Track Internal Communications

It is no secret that internal communication is incredibly important for your business. It is not only effective at ensuring that everyone knows what is happening, but it also helps to improve employee morale, how teams work together and the entire culture of your business as a whole. Do you know the best KPIs to… Read More

How to Pinpoint The Reason Your Customers Are Leaving Your Website

Learn how to pinpoint the reason your customers are leaving your website

You just don’t understand it: you’ve gone through a comprehensive website refresh and are now proudly sporting a brand-new design backed up by compelling copy. You’ve handpicked a selection of products your customers will love and are busy promoting them through email, targeted ads, and social media. Your SEO efforts are starting to pay off, and… Read More

Smart Content Strategy to Drive Great User Experience

Learning about a smart content strategy that will lead to a great user experience.

The first rule of UX: put content where users are most likely to look for it, this is part of a smart content strategy. And this is the rule most often broken by many organizations when designing their digital product (website, app or other). When structuring content and information architecture, most organizations make one of two… Read More