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Conversion is a hot topic in the marketing world. The amount of people who view your website isn’t the main thing; it’s how many people are moved to take the action that you want them to take. How do you increase the conversion results of your website?

How that breaks down in terms of conversion rate is the ratio of website visitors who take the desired action, or convert, to overall visitors. And website conversion rates tend to hover on the low side, averaging around 3% of overall visitors.

How can you increase your conversion rate? Are there any ways to get real results?

Of course!

There are a multitude of methods to up your conversion results, but here are five of the most effective tactics.

Check Out These Outside The Box Marketing ideas

Optimize Your Visual Web Design

When marketers and website designers talk about optimizing for the web, they often are discussing loading speed, use of SEO keywords, and the like. And those are important aspects of a truly optimized site.

However, there’s even more to it than that: the overall aesthetic appeal of your website, including logo and other brand visuals, can make a huge difference to whether a casual visitor converts into a purposeful buyer.

Simply put, if a visitor is immediately turned off by the colors, illegible font choice, poor quality or just poorly chosen graphics, or other questionable visuals, the odds are that they’re going to back right out of there, rather than spend time to see if your site design gets any better on another page.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact aesthetic that works for you, but generally speaking, visitors are drawn to simplicity. If it’s easy to read, comprehend, and use, then it’s more pleasant to invest time in. Balanced use of color and negative space; and avoid a cluttered, information-overload feel, goes a long way to boost your conversion rate as it leads to good user experience.

Include Reviews And Testimonials

Include Reviews And testimonials are needed to increase conversions.

As social beings, we seek social approval for the decisions we make. Even when it comes to buying online, we typically read reviews and look at what others are saying about a product before we take the plunge ourselves.

This tendency means that you as a web designer or website owner can leverage reviews and testimonials to great effect.

  • Use text-based reviews as features on the main page of the site.
  • Include a separate page specifically to highlight video testimonials.
  • Write up successful case studies.
  • Feature your clients or consumers.
  • Use pictures or videos of satisfied customers.

Along with individual cases, consider including social proof, such as sharing links to your social media profiles which show likes, follows, favorites, retweets, and so on.

Some experts suggest that the use of testimonials and reviews boost trust to such a degree that your conversion may improve up to 400%!

Make Your Visitors An Offer They Can’t Refuse

How far are you willing to go in order to gain customers? How much are you willing to invest in new clients?

Figure the answers to those two questions out — and then advertise the answers on your landing page or main page in a reward-based CTA.

Many new customers are drawn in by an offer which seems almost too good to be true — but they won’t follow through unless you make it clear that it really is true, despite what they might cynically assume.

Whether this is half off their first order or a money-back guarantee if they don’t love your service, or the chance to earn money with referrals, anything that cuts down on their initial investment and allows them the chance to see immediate benefits from your service or product will draw them in that much faster.

Cut Down On Navigation Options

Earlier we mentioned the “simplicity” tactic of designing your site with fewer features and less information to make the important things stand out and readily available. Along the same lines, consider streamlining your navigation — or, in some circumstances, removing it completely.

The steps from the initial viewing to conversion are led by the design of your website. In order to maximize the potential for conversion, cut out as many steps as possible. Navigating your website should be extremely simple and straightforward, and there should not be a lot of pages and spaces for them to get lost in or distracted from the end goal: conversion.

Track And Adjust Your Content Based On User Behavior

Track and adjust your content based on user behavior leading to a good user experience.

A final vital component of increasing the conversion results for your site is making sure that you are keeping accurate records of how visitors to your site behave. Do most show up on your landing page and leave without entering the site properly? Does a large percentage make it all the way to the purchase page and then not complete the purchase?

Keeping track of where your visitors go, and at what point you lose them, is hugely important for adjusting your site to maximize conversion. If you sense a weak spot, act to redesign and streamline the process. Then test it again.

Doing your research and tracking results is a fundamental part of increasing success, growth, and overall conversion. You can’t afford to neglect this aspect.

With this tracking, and implementing the other tactics included here in this article, you may very well see significant changes to your conversion rates!

Author Bio:

Andreas Alanis works as a freelance blogger with a deep understanding of graphic design and brand identity design. He’s keen on educating his readers with information on marketing brands, promotional techniques, and digital advertising.


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