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Mobile phones have become the devices that we’ve grown to love. They’re there when we wake up, there to keep us occupied during lunch breaks, and also to keep us connected. So it’s no wonder that we’ve decided to take advantage of them even more and make them an essential part of our online shopping experience.

According to statistics, 80% of shoppers in the US use their phones to make purchases. Mobile commerce is more than convenient, but what are the additional reasons why online shoppers opt for it. Let’s go into more detail.

Phones Are Safe

The best example of a secure method of payment is Apple Pay, which is the most popular mobile payment and digital wallet service. It allows the encryption of customers’ data so that only the customer can make payments. In the case of phone theft, the owner can freeze the account.

Android owners can use Google Pay. Google Pay is another service available to both Android and iOS users, and it offers contactless payment. Upon creating an account, add your card or payment account, and you’re ready to go.

Phones Are Great For Coupons

Mobile phones and tablets are great for coupons.

The days of clipping coupons from the newspaper are long gone. Today, mobile users store and stack their digital coupons on their phones. The best apps for couponing are:

  • Yowza: more than 70,000 national retailers are offering coupons on this app.
  • Coupon Sherpa: allows you to find the specific coupon before purchasing, and show it at the checkout.
  • Target: this app sends out coupons once a month. An additional saving option is the Target Cartwheel app, which can be combined with the coupons.
  • Walgreens: you can search for a store or product, then clip the coupons and download them on your phone.

Customer Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

People will always opt for things that make their lives easier. Since mobile phones do exactly that, it’s no wonder that eCommerce stores that offer mobile purchases attract more customers. It’s especially important to relieve the stress of holiday shopping. An excellent mobile payment system can do just that.

Some Applications Of Mobile Commerce

Some applications of mobile commerce
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Information

Financial institutions, such as banks or brokerage companies, offer their online services via apps. That way, they are always accessible to their customers.

As we’ve mentioned before, retail and mobile commerce go hand in hand. Amazon, eBay, Target, and many others have launched their apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Mobile phones enable users to find the information they need. From the weather forecast to the news on traffic, you are just one click away from the latest updates.

Final Notes

Mobile commerce, as a big part of eCommerce, is here to make everything easier. Today, consumers are short of time and are looking for the easiest way to shop for a variety of services and products. Easy-to-use apps and the speed of the shopping journey encourage consumers to switch to mobile phones. In some countries, mobile commerce and so-called “smart stores” allow people to buy products by scanning the Shopcodes of the products, and pay for them later using the mobile app.

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