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As of 2021, the online retail landscape boasts over 12 million stores, a number expected to rise further, making attracting visitors to your site increasingly challenging. 

One key factor driving this growth is platforms like Shopify, which streamline the process of launching an online store.

Consequently, there’s been a surge in new sellers, intensifying competition and resulting in many stores struggling to attract sufficient traffic. 

Low traffic translates to low sales. So, how can you address the twin challenges of heightened competition and scanty traffic?

Below are some effective Shopify content marketing strategies for generating cost-effective and straightforward solutions to boost traffic.

Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Online Store

The primary sources of traffic to online stores vary, but pinpointing specific sources can help boost visitor numbers. 

Traffic to websites originates from various corners of the internet, but some sources tend to dominate, depending on the website category.

Here are the main sources of traffic for most websites:

Search: Paid and Organic

Many shoppers start their product search directly on search engines like Google. Your products can appear either through paid ads or organically through the search engine’s SEO algorithms.


Referral traffic refers to clicks leading to your website from other sites, excluding search engines. Typically, this occurs when a third party directly links to your site.


This traffic stems from your email marketing efforts. It’s a good gauge of your email campaigns’ effectiveness, indicating that recipients have followed your link from their inbox.


These clicks result from brand buzz on social media platforms, direct referrals from social media posts, or shared content.


Direct traffic signifies that someone already knew your URL and typed it into their browser directly. This often occurs when users revisit your site and their browser remembers the URL.

5 Content Marketing To Boost Traffic On Your Shopify Store 

Boosting traffic for your Shopify store though content marketing involves strategic thinking and a bit of experimentation to find what works best for your business. Here’s a breakdown of actionable strategies to drive clicks:

Enhance Your On-Page SEO

A laptop with Google open

On-Page SEO refers to the strategies employed to improve the visibility and ranking of individual web pages in search engine results, like those from Google. 

It’s a vital component in driving organic traffic to your Shopify store.

To achieve this, start by conducting keyword research to identify the specific terms and phrases your target audience is using in their searches. Incorporate these keywords into various elements of your website such as product descriptions, titles, and Collection names. 

Additionally, ensure these keywords are included in your meta tags, comprising the page title and meta description, which play a significant role in how your page appears in search engine listings. 

This process, known as meta tag optimization, involves integrating target keywords and crafting concise, enticing descriptions of your page content.

Furthermore, focus on optimizing your content for discoverability online. 

This involves creating high-quality, informative, and user-friendly content throughout your store, including product descriptions, blog posts, headers (H1, H2, H3), alt text for images, and strategically placing keywords within your content.

Add Content That Sells And Has Value 

How many times have you found yourself searching the internet for how to solve a problem, and suddenly you find an expert or a product that fits exactly what you are looking for. 

What hooked you was surely the credibility of the solution they offered you. 

Well, that’s the idea of ​​creating content marketing: positioning yourself as an expert, or positioning your product as the solution to a certain problem.

You should understand this strategy as a way to position yourself that will not necessarily have immediate results. 

Credibility and trust are qualities that develop over time, by cultivating a loyal and supportive audience and customer base, but it is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to make your site easier to find on the internet.

So when you think about creating content, think about your end user and the problems they are looking to solve. AI content idea generators can be helpful with the brainstorming process.

This post you are reading is a good example: as a new Shopify store owner, you might be struggling with traffic, so we share a few tricks on how to solve this problem. 

What can you share with your potential clients as a solution to their problems?

Product guides, how-to articles, and event photography are great examples of what you can do to create content marketing. 

This skill is honed with practice, but you’ll find many apps that will help you make this strategy a much simpler habit. 

Here you can find some apps that will help you making your content marketing creation a simple task, and if you find that you don’t know how to configure them, remember that we can do it for you.

Of Course You Need Social Media 

A phone with instagram open

Alright, let’s talk social media savvy! Knowing where your potential clients hang out is key, and these days, it’s all about social networks.

But it’s not just about being there you’ve got to know how to grab their attention and lead them to your website. That’s the tricky part, especially without a solid social media strategy for 2024.

Different social networks call for different approaches. TikTok and Instagram thrive on short videos and trending sounds, while Facebook marches to its own beat. Posting randomly won’t cut it. It’s worth consulting a social media expert to map out a basic strategy.

Thinking of relying solely on paid ads? Think again. Without understanding audience segmentation, you might as well be tossing money into the wind. A targeted approach is key to getting noticed amidst the social media noise.

Sure, investing in an expert might seem like a splurge, but consider it an investment in your business’s success. After all, a barren store won’t attract customers. 

So, if you’re serious about making waves in the social media sea, it’s wise to bring in the experts from the get-go, including professionals experienced in social media app development.

Email Still Makes A Difference 

Ai in email marketing

Let’s talk email marketing – the online version of building relationships. Sure, there might be a few folks who fall head over heels for your products right away, but for most, it takes time and nurturing.

That’s where a solid email marketing strategy comes into play, right from the get-go.

Here’s the lowdown if you’re new to the email game:

First off, you’ve got to grow your subscriber list. Offer up something sweet, like a special discount or a cool freebie, to tempt people into handing over their email.

Once you’ve got those emails, it’s time to start educating your potential. 

Send out a series of emails that introduce them to your biz, highlight the perks of your products or services, and generally show them why you’re awesome.

Do this consistently and correctly, and watch as those potentials slowly but surely morph into loyal customers.

Driving Traffic To Your Shopify Store Through Content Marketing

So, wrapping things up, and diving into the world of online retail can feel like stepping into a crowded marketplace with everyone shouting for attention. 

But fear not! With the right moves, you can stand out with these Shopify content marketing strategies.

Start by getting cozy with SEO to make sure your store pops up when people search. 

Then, create killer content that speaks directly to your audience’s needs and problems. Don’t forget to hit up social media, you gotta be where your peeps are hanging out. 

And last but not least, nurture those email relationships like they’re your prized plants.

Sure, it’s not gonna happen overnight, but with some grit and smarts, you’ll carve out your spot in the online retail jungle. 

Keep hustling, keep innovating, and who knows? You might just become the next big thing. Cheers to your success!

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