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Having a well-optimized website will bring in lots of traffic. Many potential clients will come to the website and check out what you have to offer. However, without a proper conversion strategy, your interaction with most of these people will end with just visits to the website. You need to convert most of the visitors into actual clients and only then will you reap the fruits of your online marketing campaigns. Whether you sell online or have a physical store, your website needs to be designed in such a way that it encourages visitors to buy your products and/or services. How to design a website that converts?

1. Focus On Your Brand

When a client lands on your website they want to understand what your brand is all about. A visitor should understand what your brand is all about immediately after he or she gets to the home page. Have clear logos and slogans on each page of the website. On the homepage, explain the mission of your business briefly and use positive words to describe your products or services. Your website is the perfect platform to develop your brand so use it to your advantage.

Colleagues Handing Branding Plan Strategy to each other.

When branding a website, have a consistent color scheme, fonts, and styles in all parts of the website. The colors and other personable attributes on the website should be the same as those of the business in offline marketing platforms. This creates familiarity with prospective customers across all marketing platforms.

2. Simplify Pages And Navigation

You may have so much to offer that you attempt to put too much information on a single web page. This is bad practice and will lead to fewer conversions. Too much information at once will overwhelm a visitor and make them want to leave. On your homepage, avoid having too much information. Give briefs with explanations on clickable pages elsewhere on the website. A good practice is to ensure that there is plenty of white space. This makes a webpage look well-organized, easy to read, and scan through the content.

Navigation refers to moving from one part of the website to the other. Make it easy for someone to walk through the website and get to where they want with as few clicks as possible. Most clients want simplicity. To simplify navigation, even more, add a search button that can be used to find products or content in a single click. According to Noria, voice search is a trend-worthy addition to online marketing. This allows users to use voice commands to easily search for what they need.

3. Ensure The WebPages Load Fast

Among the leading SEO approaches are creating fast loading WebPages. Clients want to click and get feedback instantly. The longer they need to wait, the higher the chances of leaving the website altogether. To ensure that your website loads fast make it simple and choose a good web hosting service with dedicated servers.

4. Say It With Pictures

Online website builders will tell you that images are a must-have in website design. Look for high quality and professional images that pass information to visitors. It is important not to overdo it with images because too many will slow down the loading speed of a page. Compressing images is a good way to get the best of both. You get to add images to your website without affecting the loading speeds.

5. Create An Emphasis On Call-To-Action Messages

Woman using call-to-action button on website.

A visitor will not buy a product if you do not tell them to and there will be subscriptions to your newsletter if you do not invite them. Have a clear call to action messages in several places on a web page. A good CTA message is simple, clear, and self-explanatory.

Some call-to-action messages may be “download”, “add to cart”, “sign up” etc. No matter what it is, the CTA should be in a different color from the rest of the content so it attracts attention and visitors understand that this is what they are needed to do.


Working with professional web design agencies will help you come up with an optimized website that is easy to find and converts visitors to clients. The top tips your web designer needs to apply are emphasizing branding, making the website simple and easy to navigate, using images in moderation, ensuring the web pages load fast, and having clear CTA messages.

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