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If you are thinking of starting an eCommerce company, then your online marketing is essential. You need to be meeting customers where they are and making them feel like they have found a company that meets their needs time-after-time. Consider these tips on how to optimize for eCommerce sites and other eCommerce marketing tips.

Create A Winning Content Marketing Strategy

While it is easier to do if you are a new business, even old ones can benefit from creating a content marketing strategy. Think about where your customers are hanging out on the internet and see how you can connect with them there. Be sure to use Google Analytics and other programs to make sure that you are connecting with your target audience.

Use Personalized Email Campaigns

E-Mail service should be personalized to help your eCommerce stores.

Increase your opening rate on your email campaigns by creating segmented lists. Then, send out emails that those on your list will find useful. Write catchy headlines showcasing what customers will receive from opening your email. Ensure that each email is personalized.

Consider Your Social Media Platforms

While almost all eCommerce businesses should have an active presence on Facebook, consider what other platforms your customers are using so that your company appears there. Create content for each platform based on the strengths of that platform. For example, Pinterest is great for showing customers how to use your product uniquely, while Instagram is an excellent platform to connect with users through influencers.

Create Original Content

Try creating original content. You will avoid any penalties for duplicate content from Google, and your audience will look forward to your posts. Creating outstanding original content also encourages others to share your content. Make that process easier by including share buttons to the big social media platforms on your content.

Give Returning Customers A Break

Returning customers spend more and will return more often as long as they are getting a good quality product and outstanding customer service. Reward those customers for their faithfulness by creating customer loyalty programs. Think about what your customers would like to receive and make it easy for them to earn rewards towards those items.

Plan Your Social Media Marketing

Set aside a block of time to create your social media posts for each platform. Then, schedule them to appear when your customers are most likely to be on that platform. You can easily schedule a month of posts at one time, but be sure to monitor comments frequently.

Identify Your Target Audience’s Location

Identify your target audience by location and geo-target them with advertising.

It may be essential to your success to sell to people around the world by identifying your target audience. If so, then make sure that you are using language that they will understand. For example, consumers in the U.S. call the covering for a baby’s bottom a diaper while it is a nappy in England. Additionally, make sure that your content is culturally relevant. For example, red means danger in the U.S. while in China, red means luck and joy.

Streamline Your Checkout Process

Customers should easily be able to move through the checkout process with very few clicks. Collect only the information that you need. Use A/B testing to see which design of your checkout page customers respond to best.

Prioritize Mobile-First

Google crawls mobile sites first, so be sure to put your emphasis there. You should make sure that your website loads correctly on any device. You should also make sure that it loads quickly.

Use The Right Length Of Content

You should use the right length of content for every piece that you create. If you can cover a topic in 200 words, then do it. Likewise, if it takes you 2,500 words or more to cover a topic well, then you need to do that too. If time to create longer content is hard to find, then hire a talented native content writer.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Create your personal brand that customers will learn to recognize. Each page of your website should be organized in the same way and have your company logo on it. You should use the same style of photos across your entire site. Think about colors that will resonate with your audience and use those colors in your marketing across the internet.

Put A Face Behind Your Business

Put a face behind your business to help sell more products on your eCommerce store.

Customers trust other people, but they have an ingrained mistrust of corporations. Therefore, you need to put a face behind your eCommerce website. A great way to personalize your site is to create an about us page and share something about yourself with a headshot. Choose a headshot that will connect with your target audience.

Make Customers Feel Like They Are The Center Of Your Universe

There are ways that you can make customers feel like they are the center of your company’s universe. Look at your delivery options to make sure you are providing the best value and fastest speed possible. Send out special gifts on birthdays and anniversaries.

Provide Different Types of Content

Not all types of content will connect with all your potential customers, so be sure that you offer a variety of different types. You will want to use written, video, and audio content. Think about how you are leading different customers through the sales funnel so that you lose as few as possible.

Use High-Quality Photos

You should use crisp photos throughout your eCommerce site. Try to use pictures that look like your target audience. Choose images that have people in them because they will connect better with your audience.

Create Content For People

Do not get overwhelmed, trying to figure out what search engines want because it changes frequently. Instead, focus on creating content that resonates with your target audience. The result will usually be that you end up pleasing both.

Up-sell Products

Once you have the customer hooked on buying one product, then try to upsell them. You may want to create different options ranging from very basic to luxurious. You may also want to bundle products together by taking a little less profit on each item. This is one of the most important eCommerce marketing tips.

Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Use these marketing tips to combat shopping cart abandonment

Offer customers multiple ways to complete their purchase, such as PayPal, Google Pay, and debit cards. Ensure that your site’s security certificates are up to date. Include a checkout indicator so that customers know how many more steps they need to complete to make their purchase. Use thumbnail pictures of purchases throughout the checkout process.

Provide Customers With Multiple Ways To Contact Your Company

Provide customers with chat, email, phone, and other ways to contact your company. Each customer service agent should be empowered to act on your customer’s behalf. Limit wait times as much as possible.

Study Your Analytics

You need an easy-to-navigate system on your website. Use Google Analytics or another program to see how customers are moving through your website. Then, see if you can eliminate any unneeded steps. Identify the reasons that customers are leaving from particular pages and get those issues fixed.

Mastering these eCommerce marketing tips will have you well on your way to being successful. Choose the areas that are causing your company the most significant issues and start working on them now.


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