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In the field of software development, full-stack development is one of the key areas that has been in demand lately. Full Stack development is a broad term that supports different stages of software development like front-end, and back-end technologies, project management, database management system, and quality assurance. It is all about mixing two different branches of web development – Frontend and Backend of web development.

Experts in Full-stack development are always in high demand across various areas and domains, ranging from the development of financial, banking, and healthcare to the development of entertainment and gaming software. Companies look for Full-stack developers because they have a wide knowledge and experience to look after the complete development of a web project.

Trends in Full-stack development are constantly changing due to the recent development of technology, tools, and growing demand for full-stack development by enterprises and end-users. From media to healthcare, from education to fashion, almost every industry is now putting efforts to keep on with emerging full-stack development trends.

Unlike before, it is no longer confined to the field of CSS/HTML, and JavaScript; new trends give us many opportunities to explore and expand the business along with the challenges.

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Here are some emerging trends to follow in Full Stack Development in 2024.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no more just a buzzword in the world of information technology, instead, it has become inevitable. Modern-day businesses are incomplete without artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence gives machines and software the power to think and make decisions just like the human mind.

Artificial Intelligence

Today, AI has given machines the power of automation due to which machines can do every task that a human can accomplish. Many businesses have woken up to the worth of Artificial Intelligence in their processes, systems, and products.

Businessmen from different industries like healthcare, automobile, retail, eCommerce, transportation & logistics are implementing Artificial Intelligence to flourish and expand their businesses.

Successful AI application needs mastery over big data, UI design, and software engineering.

Here is a list of what an AI full-stack developer must be equipped with:

  • Database– MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Oracle, Cassandra, or HBase.
  • Framework Knowledge– Django, Flask, Laravel, Hibernate, Hadoop, or Spark.
  • Programming Skills– Python, Go, PHP, Java, and Scala.
  • Other– Microservices, RESTful APIs, multithreading, ORM.


Blockchain is a leading technology that works well with security, distribution, speed, transparency, and immutability. Industries like healthcare, finance, banking, fintech, entertainment companies, ERP, are likely to have immense scope to excel in their operations with this emerging technology trend. Blockchain is a technology that has decentralized mechanisms to encourage advanced encryption of confidential data.

Blockchain development is increasingly gaining importance and study says that in coming years, the blockchain technology market will grow immensely. Blockchain Full stack developers will thus have to keep themselves updated with all-around knowledge and experience with cryptocurrencies, Etherium, and Bitcoin.

Following skills are required to excel in Blockchain development

  • Database– MySQL and RDBMS knowledge.
  • Other– Single page apps, MVC framework, test-driven development.
  • Framework– AngularJS or BackboneJS, and Rest API.
  • Web Technologies– HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Java.

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing has now become the new normal in the digital world. Due to the recent pandemic, the work-from-home practice has witnessed a sudden rise and is now very much favored by IT employees. IT outsourcing is now being accepted by most of the big companies worldwide.

IT Outsourcing.

Low-Code Development

Low-code development is about writing minimal lines of code in developing any application. It contains more “drag and drop” features than typing codes. This is considered one of the finest developments in the Information Technology sector.

Low-code development saves time, expenses, and the complexities involved in developing an app or website. Low-code development is also beneficial to entrepreneurs as with the help of low-code development they can easily explain their projects to their clients.

However, low-code development is yet to make its presence valuable in the development of layered and complicated products and solutions. The study has foreseen a tremendous rise in the implementation of low-code development practices in the coming years.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is a new tech trend. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) make up mixed reality. It connects human perception with computers, machines, and neighboring environments. These are technologies that modify our realities.

Knowledge of the following things is important for Mixed Reality Full Stack Development:

  • iOS– ARKit
  • Android– ARCore

The Internet Of Things

Today, the world we live in has become a network of interconnected devices, all thanks to the Internet of Things. According to a study, every second, 127 new devices are getting connected to the internet. As per another study, in the next 5 years, approximately 75 billion devices will get connected to each other.

We have become part of one interconnected network and the Internet of Things has reduced the size of our globe by interconnecting digital devices and making our life automated and easy.

Due to IoT, we are consistently moving towards a data-driven world where tons and tons of information and insights are gathered from our devices. To make good utilization of this information in the growth and development of business, entrepreneurs need specialists full-stack developers with knowledge of hardware peripherals like sensors, and embedded systems who could help them in UX, functionalities, frontend, and backend.

The Internet Of Things

Thus, the following things are important for an IoT full-stack developer, to learn and stay updated:

  • Containers– Docker/ Kubernetes, Maven, Gradle, JUnit, Sonar, MVC, and Rest APIs.
  • Design– Typescript, HTML, D3/React, nodeJS, CSS.
  • Database– NoSQL, SQL Queries, Data Modeling, JDBC, and Cloud.
  • Programming LanguagesJava/ J2EE, Angular framework.
  • Other– Rest API, Microservices Architecture.

If you are a Full Stack Developer and want to know how to be in demand always, then considering the following suggestions will solve your purpose:

  • Learn version-control.
  • Try experimenting with Interactivity.
  • Have a deeper understanding of how the web works?
  • Always keep practicing SEO.

To Conclude

Full-stack development can help businesses grow and expand. You do not need to hire individuals as front-end and back-end developers, separately. Hiring full-stack developers will serve the purpose as they are skilled personas who are adaptive. The versatility of a full stack developer lies in the fact that they can handle multiple kinds of projects and tasks simultaneously.

So, to succeed in full-stack development and always be in demand for entrepreneurs, you need to stay updated about new tools and languages, best frameworks and practices, tech concepts, and their applications. Be more updated in order to be irreplaceable because every business wants to hire the best-dedicated developer (Besides Us) to build their apps and websites.

Thus, always be open to learning new technologies and tools. The trends that are mentioned above are here to stay for a long and updating yourself with them is very important. This is the time, to buckle up and stay informed about all the latest trends that are happening in the world of Full-stack development.

Harikrishna Kundariya is a guest author about full stack development for Matchbox Design Group.

Author Name:– Harikrishna Kundariya 

Biography:- Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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