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Digital marketing is considered the most effective way to connect with customers while promising the best ROI. As consumer behaviors continue to evolve and the internet reshapes how our world interacts, it’s no surprise that large and small brands are dedicated to creating digital marketing strategies. 2023 promised to be an exceptional year for SEO, social media, email marketing, and PPC. Here are some upcoming digital marketing trends expected to catch on and continue growing in 2023. 

The Rise Of First-Party Data In PPC

Google made waves when it announced the phase-out plan for third-party cookies on Chrome browsers. Of course, this was announced in 2020 when many business owners had other priorities. Now that the pandemic chaos has settled, businesses that once relied on third-party cookies to power PPC have to re-evaluate their strategy.

For example, a dermatologist using medical PPC to retarget visitors to their website won’t have the same access to data once the phase-out occurs. Yet, first-party cookies aren’t valuable for collecting consumer information. 

Brands will have to pivot to capture first-party data they can use to optimize marketing materials. First-party data refers to information voluntarily submitted by customers via forms, surveys, and sign-ups. Nourishing customer relationships to capture more data will become invaluable as 2023 progresses.

3D Modeling And AR In eCommerce

One of the most innovative recent developments in digital marketing is the use of 3D modeling and augmented reality (AR). While this developing technology has primarily been restricted to global brands with large budgets, it’s becoming more accessible as time goes on. 

Big brands like IKEA and Sephora are already using this technology to optimize the online shopping experience. These features help offset the intangibility of online shopping — an issue many companies struggled to overcome during the pandemic.

Shopify is a huge advocate for small businesses using 3D modeling and AR to connect with customers. It’s expected that more small brands will use these tools to create an immersive customer experience through digital marketing channels. 

AR and 3D modeling are still cost-prohibitive for small businesses, but as with any new technology, this is expected to change over time. 2023 could be a make-or-break year for widespread AR adoption in the digital marketing space.

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Expansion Into Podcast Advertising

Podcast listeners are used to hearing the same few advertisements on repeat, as many brands have yet to capitalize on this up-and-coming digital marketing trend.

Podcast advertising combines traditional radio advertising with affiliate marketing, for the ultimate marriage between conventional and modern marketing efforts. 

Experts estimate that digital audio advertisements offer a 60% higher ROI over traditional digital marketing channels. This approach combines many foundational advertising styles — celebrity endorsements and testimonials, for example — with a modern twist. 

As small brands continue to implement influencer and affiliate marketing into their overall digital marketing strategies, it’s expected that podcast advertising will become more accessible as well. This is an excellent opportunity to target niche markets based on shared interests, addressing consumers at all stages of the funnel.

Pivot Back To Email Marketing

Things aren’t going well in the Metaverse, with two notable glitches in Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp in 2022. This downtime caused eCommerce businesses significant costs in lost revenue and highlighted a concerning vulnerability.

In 2023, it’s expected that many small brands will pivot back to email marketing efforts or start investing in this channel as an alternative. Turmoil on the social media front has created instability for many small business owners who rely on these platforms to connect with customers.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most cost-effective and easily outsourced or automated digital marketing practices. While social media marketing has dominated the digital space in recent years, an email will make a bold comeback in 2023.

Leveraging The Experts

The looming recession has many business leaders cutting expenses and rethinking their expenses. One might surmise that financial turmoil would lead to less outsourcing. While that’s true in many areas, key stakeholders understand the value of marketing as it relates to the financial longevity of the business. As such, more companies are expected to invest in professional digital marketing services in 2023

Leveraging the experts allows businesses to do digital marketing right the first time. This is crucial during a period in which algorithms and privacy concerns are changing and evolving. Taking a DIY approach is no longer an option when competing for a consumer’s disposable income while inflation is at an all-time high.

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Increased Focus On International SEO

Local SEO has been a focal point in recent years, with businesses investing to rank over nearby competitors. In 2023, those efforts will expand to international SEO and localization for other markets.

This trend in digital marketing is another area where companies will leverage experts to assess international brand awareness, keyword rankings, and optimization opportunities. Plan for a full SEO audit and international strategy session for 2023. 

Nano And Micro-Influencer Marketing

Large followings were once the be-all-end-all of influencer marketing. Now, brands are recognizing the value of having a highly engaged, smaller following when trying to sell a product.

In 2023, the shift toward nano (under 10,000 followers) and micro (10,000-100,000 followers) influencers will continue to unfold. More small brands are using influencer marketing as their primary marketing strategy, leveraging small, engaged audiences to connect and sell products.

This approach to influencer marketing is an easy way to make a foothold with limited resources. Developing a referral or affiliate program and using user-generated content (UGC) creates opportunities for new brands in an over-saturated market. 

Video Marketing Continues To Evolve

Video marketing has conquered the digital marketing world in recent years, and that’s not expected to change. However, the formatting and algorithms are changing, forcing creators and marketers to adapt.

In 2023, videos will continue to get shorter, with YouTube Shorts making a play for viewership. Accessibility via closed captioning and translations will also become a higher priority, letting businesses reach broader global markets.

2023 will be a pivotal year for digital marketing, building on existing trends and creating new complexity for brands to overcome. Fortunately, these shifts also present new opportunities to connect with customers and conquer the competition.

We hope that these 8 Digital Marketing Trends Expected To Catch On In 2023 help you with your marketing strategies in 2023.

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