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Sometimes you never know how things are going to end up working out or should I say starting out. For example earlier this year, I was told that I should apply to be on the board of the Social Media Club in St. Louis. You might know the club by #smcstl or just #smc. With that said I was like what the heck, most likely I won’t be picked for the board anyway. But if I am… THAT WOULD BE REALLY FREAKING AWESOME. I proceeded to do a tiny dance and celebrate just the fact that I was asked! Hey, we all like to be noticed one way or the other and this made my day. Of course, there was still the process of filling out a long application, submitting it (of course) and then waiting for their vote. In the end, I was not voted onto the board. Just joking, I was voted onto the board and it’s all still very new to me.

You see I am very good at strategy (I love brainstorming), analytics and other behind the scene things. I wouldn’t say public speaking is one of my favorite things in the world, however meeting new people drives me. So I am happy to be a member of the Social Media Club board and I am ready to be taken out of my natural element. Right now we are currently planning for the annual Social Summit and we were lucky enough to have Matchbox Design Group design the logo for the event. Of course, I work for Matchbox, so I don’t think there is any disclosure needed about that.

The Social Summit Logo Design Process

Once given the go-ahead for us to design the logo, I asked what the details were or what specifics we needed. The details were pretty easy to follow. We were told what the logo from last year looked like and we were informed we should present 2 versions of a logo to be chosen from. So our design team got to work because we love things like this. Not to mention, we recently got a new member added to our design team and we had a summer intern at the time.

I showed them the Social Media Summit emails from last year, which had the old logo on them and other information from last year and they got to work. Again, a project like this is where creativity can flow. We had a crazy number of designs ready and we needed to weed them down to just 2. In the end, we couldn’t decide on just 2, so we sent over 5 total designs and even then that was after many revisions, version 2.0, version 2.1 or 3.0 for some of the designs. We overachieved on the number of logos, but there was pretty much a winner immediately once we sent the designs over. However, everyone thought that every single design was good and usable. And who knows, maybe some of the logos/designs might be used for something else one day after a little bit of tweaking.

What Did All Of The Logos Look Like

It has to be killing you to know what these other logo designs looked like. So why wait? I will show you the top 5. (These were picked in no particular order).

The Thought Bubble Design

This is the first design, which has a fun and colorful take on the idea of social media. The strong point and main reason we all liked it here at Matchbox is the thought bubble holding the information “STL 2017” and the C being the carrier of the information about the details of the event.

This is one of the designs considered for the Social Summit Logo for the Social Media Club in 2017This design was liked by everyone, however it was felt that some of the other designs were a little bit stronger.

I don’t want to drag this out as the other designs we sent over do not follow a theme and they can stand on their own individual merit, much as the logo above can as well. This was really our main purpose as we wanted to present different ideas that might not always be considered.

The 3d Social Summit Design:

This design reminded some of us of a 3d looking design. Because, of that, it’s why we liked it, but also didn’t like it at the same time. It made it a little bit hard to read. Other than that the idea is great, but maybe hard to pull off in a situation like this. We thought that some people who were not familiar with the Summit might find it hard to read and that could be too big of a negative. With that said, we decided to include it so the Social Media Club could choose.

Check out this 3d inspired social summit logo for the STL 2017 version.

The Flower or Bubble Design

This design was a favorite because it incorporated a lot of different colors while at the same time using what appear to be thought bubbles. But, the more some of us looked at it, the more we didn’t really understand how it fits into a summit or how the colors/style fit into the Social Media Club.

This is The Flower or Bubble Design we submitted to the St. Louis Social Media Club for the social summit in 2017

Social Summit STL2017 Thought Bubble S’

Everyone really liked this design, but the longer we looked at it, the more we started to see sixes and nines and all types of other interesting things, instead of more than one S. A lot of us simply thought there was too much going on at the beginning, but we decided it was worth the Social Media Club checking out and making their own decision.

The Winning Design – The Thought Bubble Redesigned For A Summit

Everyone here at Matchbox really liked this design, especially, because it incorporates the colors of the Social Media Club. The colors being a part of the logo wasn’t something we were asked to do, however, it was an added benefit for this design.

Here is the design chosen by the St. Louis social media club to be used at their social summit for 2017

This is my take on the designs that we decided on here are Matchbox Design Group that were sent over. Hopefully, you see one that you like and hopefully, it’s the one that was ultimately picked.

Be sure to check out the 2017 Social Media Summit, You can buy your early bird tickets Here!

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