Graphic Design And Marketing: How Do Graphics Impact Your Campaigns?

Graphic Design And Marketing

Graphic design and marketing go hand-in-hand when it comes to creating successful campaigns. Here’s why you need an expert graphic designer on your team. Have you heard of the picture superiority effect? The phenomenon refers to the idea that humans are capable of remembering pictures and images far better than they can remember words. Marketing campaigns… Read More

Tips On Designing Creative Websites That Will Wow Your Clients

Tips on Designing Creative Websites That Will Wow Your Clients

Just a few years ago web design was all about designing creative websites using the various new hip features that HTML and CSS provided. However, as the programming section of a typical web presentation improved, the focus shifted on creativity. Now, the best websites are the ones that are both functional and innovative in design…. Read More

The Cross Between Psychology And Typography And Why It Is Important

The Cross Between Psychology And Typography And Why It Is Important.

There has been a lot of talk about the psychology behind website designs. It’s not new information that using certain psychological methods and principles helps you reach your target audience and conveys your message better. From using the right shade of a color to choosing the perfect image for your company logo, it’s all been… Read More

7 Tips for a Sound Approach to Inclusive Design

7 Tips for a Sound Approach to Inclusive Design

Many web design trends are entering the scene in 2019, and one of the phrases being mentioned is “ïnclusive design.” No, it’s not just another term for “accessibility.” It’s far more than that. Kat Holmes, Director of UX Design at Google, explains: “Accessibility is an attribute, while the inclusive design is a method.” So What… Read More

Design Trends Clothing eCommerce Websites Should Look Out For

Here are 5 design trends clothing eCommerce websites should look out for

Fashion has always been a hotbed for the most innovative changes. It’s one of the largest industries in the world and competition is always strong. When it comes to e-commerce, fashion websites have to be a step ahead of everyone else. If you run such a website, here are some things you need to watch… Read More

Meet Nick Waldinger

Matchbox Design Group hired Nick as a Design Intern. See if you can be an intern too.

Meet Nick, Design Intern Nick is going to tell us about himself and his time as a design intern at Matchbox Design Group. Describe yourself in three words. “Handsome, Genius, Humble.” Where did you grow up? “A tiny farm town in Illinois called Bradford. Population: 700” What are you doing during your internship at Matchbox… Read More

Matchbox Design Group Recognized on’s Press Release As Number 1 Web Design Company In St. Louis

Clutch.CO has named Matchbox Design Group as the number 1 Web Design Company In St. Louis for 2018

There are so many stellar technology companies here in St. Louis. Matchbox Design Group is proud to call St. Louis home and happy to say that we’ve helped businesses and organizations both in the area and all over the country with their digital marketing needs. Working with new and old clients, we always keep our efforts… Read More

Finding The Visual Identity You Need

When your business is starting off or rebranding, finding your visual identity is of utmost importance.

Starting a business usually includes starting a brand as well. With great brands come great logos that are instantly recognizable and leave a lasting imprint in our minds. Achieving a result like that is difficult and the road towards it is treacherous and packed with potential pitfalls. Whether it is via gut feeling or thorough… Read More

Psychology Driven Mobile UX Trends

St. Louis Website Design company Matchbox Design Group is excited to talk about Psychology Driven Mobile UX Trends For 2018

As you are probably already aware of as a web designer, the era that we live in now is dominated by mobile users, and UX and design have never been as important as they are today. If we take a look back at the years before us, we can conclude that a lot of change… Read More

My SMCSTL Start And The Matchbox Design Group Design For The 2017 Social Media Summit

Design For The 2017 Social Media Summit

Sometimes you never know how things are going to end up working out or should I say starting out. For example earlier this year, I was told that I should apply to be on the board of the Social Media Club in St. Louis. You might know the club by #smcstl or just #smc. With… Read More