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With the rise and the convenience of the freelance economy, it’s no wonder companies of all sizes are choosing to delegate their tasks to a remote team more and more each day. Only alluding to college graduates and university merits to hire in-house employees and delegate tasks to them only is beginning to be a thing of the past.

Along with the new wave of remote team members of a given company comes the need to ensure that they are getting the most out of the remote teams they choose to hire. How exactly can this be done? A number of guidelines and best practices can be applied to a remote team for the greatest results.

Let’s look at each one in more detail and here is a great resource on how to successfully manage a remote team.

1) Accurate Contractor Screening For A Remote Team
Accurate Contractor Screening

Ensuring you hire the best people possible to make up your remote team is only the beginning to ensure project success. This is especially true if your company strategy is to think long-term and you aim to build lasting solid relationships with each individual member of the team.

Besides ensuring they have the skills to overtake a given set of projects, being ethical and responsible should also make part of that screening, though, understandably, it’s hard to quantify. Companies like SAMSHA, which provide employer drug testing, can be a great resource for a company to accurately audit their remote hires and move on to the next phase of ensuring an accurate hiring process.

2) Using a Content Organizer

Online project organizers are a great way to avoid time-consuming confusion and can clarify the pace and direction of a given project. An online platform to organize all your projects is a great gathering place for remote team members to be kept up to date and reminded of deadlines.

Besides ensuring greater organization, content organizers also allow each team member to perform at the best of their ability and constantly deliver on each assignment.

3) Implement Clear Contracts

always make sure you implement correct contracts

Contracts are crucial to avoid legal trouble in the process of putting together a remote team. To ensure success with each team member, taking the time to outline clear expectations, responsibilities, guidelines, and deadlines set the basis for better focus and higher productivity for both the remote team and the company.

With online contract creation software and services, it’s easier than ever to include binding contracts that can then be signed virtually. It’s important to remember that a core ingredient in the hiring process is trust, and contracts strengthen that trust and reliability.

4) Make use of Online Meet-ups

While your team can be remote, this doesn’t mean there can’t be face-to-face human interaction. With more group meet-up video platforms than you can count, calling an important meeting or ensuring that your team is more integrated for better team performance can be as easy as hosting regular video chat conferences.

This way, the human element isn’t lost, there is plenty of cohesive interaction that doesn’t only happen through emails and text, and there is still space to build a sense of community.

With a rise in the popularity of remote teams for businesses and a low barrier to entry for the tools and the human capital to make a successful remote team a reality, it’s no wonder the trend is growing exponentially. It is estimated that by 2020, about half of the American workforce will be freelancers of some sort. But to accurately adapt the usage of new trends, it’s always safe to ensure best practices and guidelines for a seamless process.

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