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Every business must have a website and that website needs to be engaging in order to attract visitors and keep them on your site. Here are some tips on how you can create a unique design for your website.

#1 Establish Your Website Design Plan Of Action 

It would be a stupid mistake to start designing your website without having established a plan of action. In order to make your design as unique as possible, you need to know what you want as your end product. Otherwise, it might turn out to be an inconsistent mess.

Think of your target audience and what they value. Then, consider your brand and how you formed the image of your brand. Keeping all of these points in mind, build your plan, and think through every detail of your website. You want to be sure that what you set out to do turns out just as you imagined it to be.

#2 Focus On Website Navigation

User navigating a website

Many business owners tend to forget about one of the most important aspects of their website: navigation. If your site visitors can’t figure out how to find the information they need on your website, then there is no point in having a website. Your potential customers need to be able to get the information they want. We call this having a good user experience.

Create separate pages with all the basic information about your business. Make sure there is a menu that has links to these pages. Within the content you publish, always link to other relevant content and resources on your website.

#3 Remove Unnecessary Elements From Your Website Design

While there are many important things you need to include, there are also some elements that you need to remove from your website. They simply don’t have much significance and will simply distract your site visitors from crucial stuff.

Consider the kind of message you want to be sending and the goals you are pursuing. If they don’t require flashy animations here and there on your website, get rid of them. Images that look like they have just been taken from stock aren’t a good choice either, so consider finding something more original and relevant. Also, review the language you use.

#4 Think About The Bigger Picture

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It is important to get your priorities straight. If you want to remain a small local business, then thinking about the bigger picture might not be something for you. But if you want to go global, it is probably time you start thinking of how you can expand to foreign markets.

One way to do this is by translating your website into the languages spoken in the regions you want to target. You can do this with the help of a translation service like The Word Point. Simply make a list of countries you would like to find customers from and make a list of languages you want your site content to be translated into.

#5 Provide Opportunities For Engagement

One of the main aims of a unique website design is to get your audience engaged. You want them to be leaving comments, providing feedback, and sharing your content with others to give you additional exposure. This is why you need to provide them with opportunities for engagement.

Firstly, make sure you have social media sharing buttons. Secondly, enable the comment section. Thirdly, set up Google Alerts to notify you when someone mentions your brand online. This way, you will be able to track all the reviews of your products or services and react to them in time.

#6 Be Unique And Continue Experimenting

Man looking at papers used for experimenting on new web designs

Even once you find the secret formula of being original, you need to continue experimenting and testing other variations of the elements on your website. You want to be evolving and developing rather than staying in one place and eventually being lost in the crowd.

Think of the ways you could improve each aspect of your website. That could even be changing a drab theme to the ThemeForest theme. Collect customers’ feedback about their experiences with your website and analyze it. In other words, be active in your search for uniqueness and authenticity.

#7 Remember About Mobile Optimization

Last but not least, remember about mobile optimization. You want to be sure that your website is mobile-friendly and that your site visitors both on desktop and mobile devices enjoy using your website.

Regularly seek out various bugs that will definitely appear along the way. Install relevant plugins to help you manage the look and functionality of your website. And don’t shy away from getting expert advice! It can be a good idea to get a professional to test your website and give you their honest opinion.

Final Thoughts

All in all, creating a website design that looks fresh and unique is definitely possible even with so many sites already existing on the World Wide Web. You simply need to find your own approach to the matter and move from there on toward your most important aim. We hope these tips for creating a unique website design help in the future.

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