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Not a few years ago, NAP consistency across the web was enough to rank your website pretty high in the local SERPs, simply because Google was able to verify that you were running a legitimate business in the local market. Nowadays, though, the local SEO game is infinitely more nuanced and complex, much like global SEO.

In order to stand out in the local marketplace, you not only need to implement an amazing website design into your online presence, but you also need to create a diverse range of content that will improve your website’s authority in the online realm. Here are the best content tactics that will grant you the top spot in the local SERPs.

It All Starts With Niched Blog Content

There is no denying that blog content reigns supreme in the online world. Whether you’re aiming at the top spot in the global rankings or your neighborhood, blog posts can help you get there. Provided that they’re tailored to the cause and boast adequate SEO integration, that is. If you’re looking to improve your standing in your area, though, you will need to specialize in local blog content.

The stories you write need to be relevant to the local audience, but also to anyone who might be searching for relevant insights about the area from around the world. Luckily, there are numerous topics you can cover on your blog page that tie into your brand’s identity and mission, ranging from how-to guides to local product announcements, all the way to engaging interviews with prominent influencers in your area. Blog posts such as these will improve the relevance of your brand in your community.

Create A Handy “Best Of” Guide

Creating a best of guide will help with your local SEO

People love guides. From the locals looking to discover something new and engaging to the global travelers searching for the area’s top picks regarding a number of topics, you have the opportunity here to rank higher than everyone else by showing the world that you have the information they need to know.

However, don’t make the common mistake of centering the guide on your products or services. People won’t respond to that. Instead, focus on delivering quality information that will educate people and provide true value. Remember, providing knowledge is the best way to raise brand awareness and authority, especially when you’re trying to rank in your local market as you will immediately position your brand as the go-to source of quality information in the field.

Optimize For City-Specific Searches

Ranking high in your local market without a location-specific landing page is a difficult and resource-consuming task. This is why you need to consider individual location pages with your website design. When you do manage to position your website high enough, it will still not be as high as you could have gotten if you simply made a landing page for every store outlet or every office in its local area. Take a highly-competitive, expansive market such as Australia, for example.

In the land down under, SEO experts emphasize the creation of location-based landing pages because specializing in SEO in Canberra rather than trying to rank a landing page for the entire country will not only boost navigation and UX but also tell Google that the specific page is relevant to the local community. This mindset and method are applied to all cities in the country to allow businesses to rank each individual office or store higher in the local marketplace. It takes work, but local landing pages pay off big time.

Harness The Power Of Online Reviews

Testimonials, reviews, word-of-mouth. This is the trio that overshadows the best promotions and PPC campaigns. Simply put, the modern consumer will always try to verify your claims and the credibility of your brand as a whole by finding out what others have to say about you. And they will have no problem finding relevant testimonials, as Google puts a high emphasis on word-of-mouth.

One of your priorities should be, therefore, to gather as many positive reviews as possible through stellar service and meticulous branding. While this is not a type of content you can generate yourself, it is content you can encourage your customers to make. Inspiring people to leave positive reviews and testimonials on relevant platforms such as social media networks and Google, for example, can help your brand gain the authority in the local market that it deserves.

Answer All Frequently Asked Questions

Another content tactic that can help you position yourself as the leader in the industry, and more importantly, your local marketplace is answering frequently asked questions. Or rather, creating FAQ pages that will directly satisfy the needs of a growing voice-search demographic.

When people ask Siri or Google a question, the built-in AI will quickly scour the internet for the phrase. It will try to find the most relevant answers, and you want your content to come out as the top solution for their problem. Research the frequently asked questions for your niche and local marketplace, and simply create a FAQ page where people will find in-depth, credible answers.

Become An Authority On Social Media

Last but not least, social media has a major role to play in your local SEO endeavors. This is your chance to deliver quality and location-specific content to your community, and beyond, thus ranking higher and improving your brand’s authority across the web. Choose the ideal SM networks by finding out where your audience resides, and then proceed to integrate local keywords into your social profiles. Be sure to stay consistent with your NAP information, emphasize user-generated content, and don’t be afraid to use location-specific, branded hashtags for local events and important topics.

In Conclusion

In an overly-competitive global marketplace, it pays off to go local. Dominating the local SERPs means higher visibility for your individual outlets and thus better brand awareness in the local community. Use these tactics to improve your standing in the local SERPs and propel your brand forward as a whole.

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