8760 Engineering

Customer Friendly Website

8760 is an engineering firm based in St. Louis that strives to, through their work, save energy every hour in the year – all 8,760 of them. They are nationally recognized leaders in infrastructure systems, energy analysis, sustainable design and building commissioning. Our job was to provide them a way to show their progressive approach toward engineering in a navigable, customer friendly website.

Customer Friendly Website

Customer Friendly Website Design

Our process started by taking their green color, which is central to their brand, and riffing on it to create a friendly yet monochromatic color palette. The green symbolizes the efficiency they look to achieve with each project, so making it stand out but not be overbearing was very important to the look and feel of the site. The development team helped make this WordPress website just as practical and functional as 8760’s work by creating silos of content that were reused in multiple sections of the site saving time on content entry.

Now that 8760 had a unified home for all of their content, their blogroll now serves as a place to keep current and prospective clients up to date. This includes white papers, firm news and even integrates their Twitter feed directly into the roll.