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The competition among your SaaS business is fierce. Today, most SaaS marketers find it hard to stand out from the noise and market to willing customers.

That’s why you need to know what will set your business apart to experience constant growth.

That’s where social media marketing comes in. It helps you resonate with your customers, especially now that most of your target audience is on social media these days.

In this post, we are going to explore how to build an effective social media strategy for your business.

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Set A Goal

Set a goal for your SaaS business and your Social Media Marketing strategy.

First and foremost, you need to set a goal. If you are just randomly posting content without a definite goal, how would you hit your target?

Even if you have accidentally hit your target, you still need to know what your target is, then line up your social media content, so you should be able to take the right direction.

Here Are The Most Common Goals In Social Media:

  • Attract new leads.
  • Engage with your target audience.
  • Boost brand awareness.
  • Convert leads into customers.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Drive traffic to your site.
  • Build a community.

Know which goals are important. You could have more than one goal, but when first starting a strategy, start with no more than three. That will give you more time to perfect your strategy.

Choose The Right Social Media Channels

A lot of marketers think that they should build an online presence on every social media platform available. They hear about the trendiest social media channel and rush to make a business account there.

But think about it: Your SaaS company is unique. Thus, it is best to focus on just one or two social media channels first rather than spreading yourself too thin.

Master a particular social media network first from the inside out before you zero in on another platform.

Perform A Competitive Analysis

Chances are, most of your competitors are already on social media. Meaning, you could already learn a lot about what they are doing.

Doing a competitive analysis allows you to understand who your competition is, as well as what they are doing great (and not so great). That way, you will have a better idea of what is expected of you in the industry you are in, which will help you create social media targets of your own.

For instance, one of your tightest competitors on Facebook has been making a lot of extra effort lately on Instagram or Twitter. You might want to focus on a channel where most of your target audience is underserved, rather than trying to win fans over a dominant player.

Attract Attention Using Visual Content

Attract Attention Using Visual Content

In a recent study by Hubspot, it is revealed that social media users prefer visuals more.

Visual content is great for SaaS companies because it lets them break down complex information with the use of images and videos, allowing their audience to understand their marketing message easily.

Here Are Some Best Practices When Using Visual Content For SaaS:

  • Leverage other forms of media (eBooks, videos, and so on.) This gives your social media campaign more dimension.
  • Craft infographics that break down your value proposition. For instance, you can use a case-scenario infographic.
  • Utilize tools like Canva to come up with high-quality visuals on social media channels.

Invest In Paid Marketing

These days, it is so hard to reach your target market organically, especially on platforms like Facebook. This stirred a lot of frustration among marketers.

An alternative is investing in paid marketing. Use some of your funds for social media promotion. Facebook offers one of the best audience targeting options out there with relatively low costs.

For B2B companies, LinkedIn can be an excellent option, but its cost-per-click can be costly.

Offer Great Social Customer Support

Most customers dread having prolonged customer support. Fortunately, social media offers a direct line of communication for both consumers and brands.

Here Are Some Of The Best Practices If You Are Going Social With Your Customer Support:

  • Delegate your social media account (such as having virtual assistants) to ensure that you have a timely communication.
  • Utilize chatbots that are AI-powered for standard customer support.
  • Make social groups where users can ask questions and post their queries so that the community could quickly resolve these problems.

Establish Trust With User-Generated Content

If you want to gain the trust of your prospects, recommendations from other people can be an effective form of social proof. Also, social media is a great platform to showcase these in the form of user-generated content.

Here, you could share customer stories, reviews, and testimonials via social media. The idea here is to use social media to establish trust among prospects who are searching for your brand.

Also, sharing customer stories and reviews makes your previous customers feel valued. This helps improve customer retention as well.

Work With Relevant Influencers

Influencer marketing is working with key leaders in your industry to help promote your brand.

You are tapping into someone else’s audience to grow your own by having the influencer share your content with their followers and make an outright recommendation to your business.

So, if you do not have a large audience yet, you could target influencers that have an audience that is similar (or has similarities) to your target audience.

Assess The Results

Assess the results with your coworkers for your SaaS business.

Without constantly analyzing your efforts, you will never know if one campaign did particularly well over the other. Gaining insight into your social media activity helps you put things into perspective.

Meaning, you know what your top-performing content is and how you can fine-tune your efforts.

Regularly monitoring the metrics of your campaigns allows you to make tweaks on your social media strategy in the long run.

Over To You

There you have it. Those are the most effective social media strategies that would help your business grow.

While many of these strategies can be utilized in gaining leads, there are a couple that will also help you retain most of your existing customers.

It is crucial because the more users you have managed to retain, the stronger and more successful your SaaS business will be.

About the Guest Author:

Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a SaaS Marketing Agency based in New York. He helps people promote their SaaS business by creating digital marketing, demand and lead generation, content, and web design and strategies.


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