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Email marketing is still the most fruitful marketing technique out there. However, you should have a solid plan and strategy to get success with it but it is worth the effort invested. Well-known market research and studies have shown that sending email to a subscriber increases revenue in the long run. Be it offline business or online, email marketing helps you build a loyal customer base and increase sales. Let’s learn how to elevate your email marketing campaign.

Entrepreneurs always want to spend the least and get the most. The more you save, the more you get profit. This is why they are using various digital marketing strategies to achieve optimum ROI. And the fascinating thing about email marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Yes, email marketing does not cost you much because there are plenty of readymade tools available that actually make an impact on the customers and increase your sales with a bit of investment.

Elevate Your Email Marketing Campaign With These Tools

Nearly 73% of B2B professionals prefer communication with clients via mail. Businesses also invest thousands of bucks in email marketing, hiring experienced digital marketing agencies to promote their products and services and ensure the highest ROIs.

In this digital era, the most powerful and cost-effective way of reaching your customers is email marketing. All you should have is a powerful email list. Further, there are nearly 1.5 billion active Gmail users globally, which means sending them impressive mail can increase your conversion rate and sales.

List Of Best Email Marketing Tools

There are numerous email marketing tools available on the Internet; all of them offer different features, payment plans, and templates. Hence, you need to choose fantastic email marketing software that offers all premium features at a cost-effective price and comes with unlimited customization options.

According to data from Constant Contact, a leading source of marketing statistics, over 4.2 billion people worldwide were active email users in 2022, representing more than half of the global population. This figure is projected to exceed 4.7 billion by the end of 2026, indicating a continued upward trend in email usage and highlighting its significance as a primary communication channel for individuals across the globe.

Earlier, only eCommerce brands preferred email marketing but now retailers, automotive, and even the restaurant industry are also using email marketing. Restaurateurs also show interest in digitization and want to develop an app for food delivery to gather important information about customers and send them personalized emails to build strong relationships with diners.

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of email marketing tools, but you need to choose one that provides you automation features, attractive templates, customer segmentation options, add email contacts in bull and offer data security at a cost-effective rate.

Now that you know what you need to look for in your email marketing tool let’s have a quick look at some of the amazing tools that make your email marketing job easy and breezy.


List Of Best Email Marketing Tools

Pricing: Free plans available; paid plans start at $50 per month
Best for: Startups and tech bloggers

HubSpot is quite popular among marketers that offers all the exclusive marketing tools to promote your products and services. From CRM to social media tools and email marketing tools, HubSpot is the most popular and used by digital marketing executives to grow their email subscriber list and send them personalized emails to generate sales opportunities.

HubSpot, an email marketing tool, contains sales, inbound marketing, and CRM systems. With this tool, you can implement a personalized approach towards your potential customers; you can also customize emails as per your without writing a single line of code. Some premium features of HubSpot includes:

  • Contact database
  • Email scheduling
  • Lead generation
  • Email testing
  • And track email performance

With the HubSpot email marketing tool, you can build personalized templates and track performance based on the open and response rate. Further, you can also add links, upload videos to your emails; it will entice customers to open your email and keep them hooked with brands.


Sendinblue email tool.

Pricing: Free plan, paid plans start at $25 per month
Best for: eCommerce, publishers, and B2B

SendInBlue is another best email marketing software that lets you promote your products through SMS marketing also. This is the most used email marketing platform that lets you build your HTML template through easy editing features. It also offers endless customization and design options that will display your content and products in an impressive way.

Apart from email marketing, SendInBlue also sends you personalized SMS and builds attractive landing pages to engage with your audience and increase lead generation, respectively.

If you want to use SenInBlue, then you should have little technical knowledge to unlock its full potential; once you get started, this platform could be a powerful asset for your online business.


MailChimp email tool.

Pricing: Free up to 2000 subscribers; paid plan starts at $10 per month
Best for: Small business owners and bloggers

MailChimp does not require any introduction as it is one of the first automatic email marketing tools that offer a completely free plan with exclusive features. Further, MailChimp is software that never ceases to evolve; once you get started with it, you will continually see new features that ensure the highest ROI on your email marketing campaign.

You can even add your social media profiles and customize templates as it comes with minimalist designs. Moreover, MailChimp also offers you some advanced features such as contact segmentation, autoresponse, time zone-based sending, A/B tests, and more.

Also, you can integrate MailChimp with popular software and applications, from WordPress to Shopify to Magento; it is effortless to manage and integrate within your existing environment.


MailerLite email tool.

Pricing: Free plan let you send 1000 emails
Best for: Startups, small and mid-size enterprises, eCommerce business

MailerLite is a new tool but has gained huge popularity in the last two years. It is one of the best and simplest tools that offers exclusive features such as track performance, best templates, unlimited customization, etc. Further, this tool is available in more than one language, and service is available worldwide.

It is easy to use; freshers can easily get started with this tool because the interface is user-friendly and enables you to create mail quickly. Modern layout templates also make it easy for marketers to edit the design and other features as per their requirements. If you are a small business owner and looking for a simple email marketing tool, your quest ends here.


ActiveCampaign email tool.

Pricing: 14-days trial, paid plans starts at $9 per month
Best for: eCommerce, SaaS, Influencers

ActiveCampaign is one of the advanced and all-in-one email marketing platforms that offer an extensive range of features to achieve your marketing objectives. Their slogan is to send fewer emails to achieve better outcomes. You can get started with this tool as it streamlines your email marketing task and offers you underneath features such as

  • User segmentation
  • You can send SMS to your contacts
  • Using SMS integration, you can stay in touch with users on the go

The plus point of this platform is that you will get a detailed guide that will show the right way to use the tool. It also offers dedicated customer support to resolve your doubts. Along with email, you can also create a mobile-friendly sign-up form that can be added to your website.

Above mentioned email marketing tools are popular and used by the majority of marketers to get in touch with their audience. Even though email marketing is one of the popular forms of communicating with customers, it keeps evolving with time and technology. Get started with any of the above tools and nurture your email marketing campaign.

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