6 Secrets Of Content Promotion That You Will Not Find In Books

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Creating and publishing content under your brand name is a given no matter the industry or scale at which your business operates. However, differentiating your content to an extent where potential leads and recurring customers will consider buying additional products/services from you and advocate for your brand is another matter altogether. That’s why you need… Read More

The Impact Of Blockchain On WordPress Development

The Impact Of Blockchain On WordPress Development

Ever since its inception, it was clear that blockchain has the potential to disrupt many industries. We can see the impact of Blockchain will be vast. Although it’s primarily associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this advanced technology has found widespread use in many other industries, including healthcare, critical infrastructure, education, cloud storage, to name… Read More

How To Decrease Decision Fatigue And Increase Conversions

How to Decrease Decision Fatigue and Increase Conversions

Have you ever heard of decision fatigue? What about paralysis by choice? Two similar terms that essentially mean the same thing – we become overwhelmed with choices. We all want to increase conversions and decision fatigue can inhibit that. We make choices all the time, in every aspect of our lives. You buy a certain… Read More

The Power Of User-Generated Content As A Marketing Strategy For Non-Profits

The Power Of User-Generated Content As A Marketing Strategy For Non-Profits

I remember the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, an annual event for years. Throughout the hours and hours of fundraising, children and parents told their stories, and always the monetary goal was met. This is an example of the power of user-generated content. This was a prime example of user-generated content for non-profits, and it… Read More

How To Host An Amazing, Audience-Engaging Webinar

How to host an amazing, audience-engaging webinar

In this modern age, the new solution to a board-room meeting or speech is a ‘webinar’, where people will tune in and out depending on whether you can interest them for long enough. While webinars are an excellent way to inform people about your business, or to help them with engaging, highly-requested topics, they have… Read More

What Is The Importance Of Online Reviews For Your Business?

Leaving a review showing the importance of online reviews for your business.

The current business landscape is very competitive, and therefore, every business takes special care to mark their online presence and build an online reputation. A good online reputation can help a business show its credibility and attract new customers. That’s why we see the importance of online reviews. With so many options available in the… Read More

7 Reasons Why You Need More User-Generated Content

7 Reasons Why You Need More User-Generated Content

Which product would you prefer to buy: one advertised by a marketer or one advertised by a customer who really tried and loved it? Of course, you’d go with the second option because you’d be more confident that the product is good. This is why User-Generated Content or UGC is so important. The reason for… Read More

What Are Online Ideas To Grow Your Business

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Scaling your business is the ultimate goal. When you choose to expand, one tool that you should not neglect is the Internet. The Web has taken over the world and almost everyone right now is connected to the Internet one way or another. This makes for a great medium for advertising, raising Brand Awareness, and… Read More

Killer Content Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

Woman realizing she needs a killer content strategy for affiliate marketing

Affiliate opportunities are everywhere, but a great content strategy requires more than simply signing up and adding links to your site or blog. Almost every successful affiliate marketer will tell you that their numbers increased dramatically when they started to use informative, entertaining content to capture and keep visitors’ attention. Here are a few proven… Read More

5 Great Tips To Grow Your eCommerce Store With Content Marketing

Learn how to grow you eCommerce store using content marketing.

When eCommerce business leaders think about effective ways to boost sales and get their brand noticed in a sea of similar online stores, content marketing tends to be one of the last solutions they bring to the table. Why? Partly because of the lack of information pertaining to the benefits of content marketing for the… Read More