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Marketing as an industry has been steadily developing for a long time. However, the growth of eCommerce and digital technologies have only reinforced interest in marketing and advertising. Today we are talking about essential tools for marketing majors.

Companies strive to ensure they are getting noticed, hiring more and more people who majored in Marketing. They look for those who can update their web pages, advance SEO, create online ads, streamline email marketing campaigns, and so on. Digital and technological component is now in everything that marketing teams are doing now.

Therefore, being a good marketer and doing a good job is only possible if a marketer knows the right tools for the job. In this article, together with the experts from, we will try to list the best instruments every marketer should know about.


It is really important to know how to work with one of the best email marketing tools ever known. No other software has been that successful in raising conversion through email marketing campaigns.

The tool serves not only to automate sending emails but to provide detailed analytics on how email marketing improves the business. Needless to say, this marketing tool has lots of images, fonts, gifs, and other visual elements to make your email exciting.

MailChimp email marketing platform.


Should you be interested in digital marketing, your knowledge of Traackr is essential. Influencer marketing is one of the cornerstones that holds the success of digital marketing. This tool will help you find the most effective influencer for your product.

Traackr works like a platform that helps brands find the right people based on their efficacy and influencer trends. It also assists in establishing long-term and reliable connections between the companies and influencers.


Unbounce helps digital marketers see how well landing pages promote brands. Also, they can track whether websurfers see what they expect to see when they click your page. Unbounce not only provides analytics on the existing pages but also has lots of in-built tools to create more aesthetically pleasing landing pages.

The best thing about this tool is that you do not need to know how to code to work with landing pages. The process gets entirely automated that you only need to understand how to use the tool.


HootSuite is one of the best social media marketing tools that exist right now. It allows you to manage a stream of posts, creating and scheduling them as per your needs. Also, it integrates with a variety of social networks, so you can use centralized planning for all your social media presence.

This social media marketing tool can also assist you in coordinating the activity of your fellow employees. It can help assign them to particular tasks and monitor social media plan completion.

HootSuite social media marketing.


Nanigans is a powerful advertising instrument that focuses on Facebook marketing. It offers retargeting tools to customers, helping them potentially sell more to the right people. The tool is also effective for Twitter and Instagram. It helps marketers gather relevant data about user behavior on the platforms.

Nanigans is used to make Facebook ads targeted to the right categories of users who might be interested in purchasing the offered products. Without this targeting and remarketing, consumer trends would not be reflected in online advertising.

Ion Interactive

Well-written content is no longer enough. Today, people expect companies and bloggers to impress them with something unique and entertaining. Thus, as a marketer, you need to know tools like Ion Interactive.

It helps create interactive content using templates. By using infographics, images, and gifs more, you can make posts more interesting to the readership. Moreover, the app can provide you with analytics suggesting how to offer better experiences for users.

Adobe Spark

Adobe products are essential tools for marketing majors.

Adobe Spark is another app that helps both marketers, students alike with content creation. It offers tools to create amazing webpages, videos, and eye-catching graphics while keeping the process of creation very simple.

Adobe Spark has three apps such as Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. You should choose the one that matches your task the best and proceed with creation. In just a few steps you get written or visual content that looks remarkable.


This analytical tool serves eCommerce businesses in need to sort out small issues that they face sometimes. For example, cart abandonment. Thanks to its algorithms, Woopra analyzes overall client experience for any website and notices incidents that stand out.

Thanks to this program, marketing analysts can interpret this data, making valuable suggestions to the management team. Moreover, it helps better understand client experience and what exactly prevents website visitors from buying more goods.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the king among analytical tools for marketers. It encompasses and analyses various aspects of digital marketing activities, providing objective data. Marketers should be able to interpret it to come up with conclusions on how to improve marketing performance.

Apart from that, Google Analytics collects valuable data on clients helping in decision making and strategy planning. For example, specialists can determine what types of messages resonate with the audience and convert more clients.


IFTTT is just an example of a marketing automation tool. It can help you create chains of commands that will automatically apply should the condition be achieved. It really helps marketers work with massive amounts of data and posts, saving their time, and making their work more effective.

Marketing automation tools are extremely helpful for marketers working with multiple companies or for big eCommerce businesses. This is the only way how several people in a marketing team can handle ever-increasing marketing challenges.

Final Words

Every marketing graduate should mention a few tools in their resume to be considered for an entry-level position. Companies look for young people who are quick to learn but also have some basic knowledge of the most essential marketing tools.

Therefore, while in college, make sure you try several of these essential tools for marketing majors and learn how to use them. Ideally, you can practice working with them by taking some freelance projects. It will definitely create a competitive advantage for you when you will be searching for a position.

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