Horner Shifrin

Design Case Study


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Horner Shifrin is a technology forward engineering company that offers a full range of services including design, feasibility, planning, development, and construction administration. Take a look at this design case study.


Horner Shifrin’s has a long history of hard work and excellence, but their site looked dated, was heavy with all black backgrounds, and didn’t give them the content flexibility they needed. We wanted to create a site that was sleek, modern and emphasized the details of their projects to potential clients.

Our goals were to develop a site that was an interconnected, easy to use resource for their business representatives, as well as visually emphasizing Horner Shifrin’s focus on technology and long-standing history.


We chose the font Raleway for Horner Shifrin’s new site, using both it’s thin and black versions to create high contrast and a modern edge.

Their brand colors are black and red, which we continued throughout the new design, but we confined the black to big header text and utilize clean, white backgrounds to create a sense of openness on the site.

To add visual interest, we developed a red gradient and overlays to appear over photographs and in a big call to action (CTA) topping the footer.

Early on, we determined that Horner Shifrin would need modules to help break up content and make it easy to read, especially in the layouts for individual projects. An overlapping 50/50 format dominated these modules, creating a unique featured project and news sections that had depth. We also created a two column content module and grids for icons, team members, or projects.

One of the most complex parts of the design process was thinking about content flow. In conjunction with the dev team, we worked to connect team members, projects, and services in a way that was meaningful and clear. We also created a drop-down feature on the homepage that returns filter project results so potential clients coming to the site can see projects that relate to their needs.