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Today we will be discussing the “St. Louis Sports Commission Website Rebuild case study”.

Using The Power Of Sports For Good

The St. Louis Sports Commission is an independent, privately funded nonprofit organization that makes St. Louis a better place to live, visit, work and play through sports. Its efforts focus on attracting, creating, and managing major sporting events for the St. Louis region. The organization uses the power of sports to enhance the area’s quality of life and to create economic and social benefits for the community. Our team built a website for the St. Louis Sports Commission back in 2013 with the help of a partner agency, UPBrand. This website served the organization well for over 10 years, but it was time for an update.

For the St. Louis Sports Commission’s website revamp, our team focused on modern design, intuitive navigation, and a user-friendly CMS. We implemented a clean and engaging design to attract today’s users, simplified the site’s structure for easy information access, and introduced an advanced CMS that enables the commission’s team to update content effortlessly. This approach ensured a more efficient, accessible, and maintainable website, directly addressing the commission’s needs for a streamlined online presence.

Dynamic. Bold. Visual.

By adopting a contemporary aesthetic, we ensured the site’s visual appeal would resonate with today’s audience, emphasizing clean lines, a vibrant color scheme, and interactive elements to engage visitors. We leveraged the bold brand colors and energetic patterns to compliment the truly amazing photography that showcases the joy and passion of athletes. This new direction will help set the tone for visual communication for the organization.

Events Are Everything

Events are a fundamental part of the St. Louis Sports Commission. Providing timely updates about events is crucial for engaging their audience and ensuring participation. An intuitive website structure, with straightforward navigation and a clear hierarchy, enhances the user experience by making information easily accessible. Including dates and call-to-action buttons further aids in guiding visitors effectively, encouraging prompt responses and community involvement.

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