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Thanks to many DIY templatized services available online, just about anyone, even those who know little to nothing about designing websites, can create one these days. That’s why shopping for a web design company can be difficult.

Still, your best option to have one that’s thoroughly professional in look, feel, and function remains getting it done by an experienced web designer, preferably one from a reliable and reputable web design company.

However, many website design companies are far from being reliable and reputable. You need to steer clear of them at all costs. Here are tips on what to avoid when shopping for a web design company.

Companies Asking For Full, Upfront Payment

Companies asking for full, Upfront Payment

Some web design companies actually have the gall to ask to be paid in full long before they do any work on your website. If the company you’re talking to is legitimate, then all they would ask for is a deposit, nothing more. You and the company will then work out a payment plan that will be agreeable to both sides until the completion of the project.

Web Designers That Offer Bargain-Basement Rates

Intense competition has driven the prices of most services down these days, but when web designers offer very low rates, be wary. There’s a good chance that that cheap rate will only get you the most basic web design, then they will charge more money if you want certain features and functions added.

Do your own research, or ask friends or family members in the know to find out the fair, going rates for web design today.

Companies That Offer Only Web Design

Gone is the time when a website requires a web designer to make it look good, and a web developer to make sure it works. Today, a web designer is also expected to make a website function well. So if you run into a company that offers web design but not web development, then go look for a full-service marketing company.

Web Designers Who Bury You In Tech-Speak

Know the difference between fact and fiction. Don't get bogged down in tech-talk.

The fact that you’re looking for a professional web designer means you’re looking for someone way more technically proficient to build your website.

However, if the web designer insists on discussing the project with you in tech-speak despite your requests for them to speak English, then find somebody else. You wouldn’t want to be agreeing to things you barely understand and end up paying for features and functions in your website you don’t really need.


Your website must have a CMS or content management system from the get-go. Without a CMS, you will be hard-pressed to make changes to your website’s content. You will be forced to contact the company that designed your site and has them edit your content, at a price, of course.

So before you enter into a deal with a web design company, make sure that they will incorporate a decent CMS platform like WordPress, SharePoint, or Magento for eCommerce websites.

Not Responsive Designers

Never choose a web design company that does not offer responsive design services. You need a responsive design for your website to display well on mobile devices, which are being used by more people than ever before.

If a web design company does not do responsive design, you will have to look for other web designers, which would take up more of your time.

These are just some of the many things you have to avoid when you’re on the lookout for a company to design your website. For a website that will look great and function well, you have to find a web design company that does the opposite of the things listed above.

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