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At Matchbox, we pride ourselves on being a high-quality WordPress web design company. We specialize in building custom web solutions for our clients using WordPress. Whether you need a marketing website for your small business or a robust eCommerce website that can process thousands of orders a week, WordPress website development provides a solid foundation for our team to build your custom solution. As St. Louis WordPress web design experts your website will be light and fast.

The WordPress Platform

WordPress was originally introduced in May of 2003 as a blogging platform and has since grown into the most widely used CMS on the internet. Ranging from startups to Fortune 500 businesses, more than 26% of the internet is powered by WordPress. This paired with its flexibility, scalability and the community surrounding it makes WordPress our primary CMS.

The Matchbox Design Group Approach

There are countless ways to build a website using WordPress. One of the most common approaches is to download a free theme or purchase a theme from a company like ThemeForest. While these themes look great, they need to fit every possible scenario for their customers leaves them bloated and inefficient. Additionally, using a purchased theme can be harmful to your brand as you are trying to fit content into the theme as opposed to having your content drive the layout and components of the site.

We design and build our themes in-house.

Our approach is to build a custom theme to meet your specific needs. We do this by being the best St. Louis WordPress web design agency because we were trained directly by WordPress.

WordPress Framework

We had a unique opportunity to be trained by Automattic, the makers of WordPress. When working with their VIP platform, we had to go through a line-by-line code review of our theme with the VIP team to make sure our theme was in top working order. We have taken that experience and developed an internal framework that we use as the starter for all of our WordPress sites. This framework provides several helper classes and custom functions that provide coding efficiencies and give our clients a more enjoyable experience using WordPress.

WordPress Security

As a WordPress web design company, one of our primary focuses when building any website is security. As phishing scams, clickjacking, and code injection become more and more prevalent, it is imperative to make sure that you keep a heavy focus on security. We have four primary focus areas when working with WordPress.

  1. Ensure best coding practices are in place within the framework/theme to mitigate code injection.
  2. Minimize the use of plugins
  3. Keep WordPress and WordPress plugins updated
  4. Use a trustworthy host that cares about security the way we do. For us, that’s WP Engine.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins help WordPress in every way possible, they are essential for an exceptional WordPress Website Development

Taken From Here

Plugins are a vital component of the WordPress framework, but can quickly get out of hand. As we mentioned above, we try to minimize the use of plugins wherever possible. This is something we learned from the VIP team as their recommendation was

Wherever possible, build the feature into your theme

We live by this.

Since we’ve been working with WordPress, every major security vulnerability, performance issue or “new bug” that we’ve experienced was introduced through the use of a plugin. With that said, we still use plugins, but we’re very picky about what we will install on a site. In addition to custom helper plugins that we have built internally, below is a list of our favorite plugins.

  1. Gravity Forms
  2. Advanced Custom Fields
  3. Migrate DB Pro
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. WooCommerce

We Can Help Create Your WordPress Website

Though we are typically building custom solutions from the ground up, we love porting sites from other frameworks like Drupal or Joomla and helping people that have had a bad WordPress experience. Far too often we see bloated WordPress sites that are difficult to manage and full of outdated plugins causing more problems than they solve. 

If you have a site that is difficult to manage, our WordPress web design company is here to help! 

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