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Off-page SEO is all about activities outside your website. Basically, anything beyond your ad on your website comes under off-page SEO.  

Simply put, off-page SEO intends to maintain your online reputation. You can also consider this as a promotional strategy. 

By leveraging off-page activities, you tell people that your website is trustworthy and credible. 

You attract backlinks, get mentions, improve branding, and increase visibility.

Regardless of what people say, off-page SEO works still matter.   The logic is quite simple. Every blogger, business owner, and webmaster needs a recommendation.  When you have a solid off-page strategy in place, you will stay top-of-mind of your audience.  Though it has amazing benefits, why do so many people stumble upon it here? 

They lack execution. 

In this article, I will share the proven strategies that work wonderfully. So, here you go. 

1. Guest Posting Is The Way To Go

Do you know that 60% of the bloggers write 1-5 guest posts monthly? 

Guest posting is the organic link-building strategy that you are looking for. It involves writing for fellow sites and getting a link back to your site. This inbound link is called a backlink. The more backlinks you get, the more Google considers you as a popular entity. 

However, always remember that not all backlinks hold the same importance. 

Choose The Right Sites  

When seeking guest posting chances, it’s crucial to be selective. Opt for websites that match your audience, maintaining relevance. Furthermore, assess the site’s domain authority and backlinks before making contact.

Engaging with online communities can also aid in discovering collaborative guest posting options. You may want to explore a guest post finder tool to simplify your search process.

Draft A Convincing First Outreach Email  

Crafting an effective outreach email holds equal significance to composing your initial guest post. Dedicate ample time to construct a compelling pitch that persuades the site’s editor of your suitability.

Conduct comprehensive research on the target guest posting site. 

It’s vital to demonstrate to the blog site owner that you are well-acquainted with their platform and genuinely aspire to contribute. Familiarizing yourself with the principles of natural link-building can also be beneficial.

Choose The Post Topics Carefully

While impressing the blogger is a great start, your guest post’s acceptance hinges on selecting the right topics. It’s essential to pick a guest post topic that aligns with your expertise and the guest blog site’s niche.

Moreover, don’t overlook the value of going above and beyond. Suggest multiple topics and invite the blog site to choose from them. 

Consider using resources like Google Trends to generate additional guest post topic ideas. Or, draw inspiration from the guest blog’s previously published articles.

Follow The Guidelines  

You are trying to create backlinks for your website through guest posting, but you should also promote your products in the guest post if possible. You should review its guidelines before selecting a site to write a guest post.

If you are okay with the rules, then only reach out to them. Also, follow these rules thoroughly when composing a guest post to get a better chance of getting accepted.

Share Your Guest Post On Social Media   

After your guest post goes live, sharing the link across your social media platforms and promoting the article extensively is crucial. This effort boosts traffic, enhances site authority, and strengthens relationships with fellow bloggers.

Cultivating connections within your niche and industry is a valuable long-term strategy, paving the way for future opportunities and collaborations. To stay on track with guest posting, consider these helpful tips.

Don’t Abuse Anchor Text

Avoid using exact match keywords as anchor text when acquiring guest post links. Although anchor text influences rankings, maintain a diverse, natural profile for external links.

Utilize tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to assess your anchor text profile. Strive for a balanced ratio of branded and commercial anchor text.

Don’t Keyword Stuff, And Keep Your Audience In Mind

Prioritize your audience over keyword stuffing. Provide genuinely valuable information for readers to avoid appearing unnatural to Google.

Don’t Mass Produce And Repurpose Content With Caution  

Exercise caution when repurposing content; Google’s warning targets large-scale article campaigns and article spinning. Instead, focus on creating original, audience-centric guest blog content for sustainable results.

For me, gusting is the number one link building strategy. I recommend you follow a holistic approach where guest posting is the center of attraction.

Several marketing and SEO people discussing and showcasing on-page SEO

Apart from guest posting, you can also add the following: 

2. Forum Posting 

Platforms like Quora, Reddit, eHow, etc. can help you promote your site. Let’s be honest. Forum links can not pass authority. However, they play an important role in boosting your overall online presence. 

While capitalizing on these forums, focus on solving real-life problems. Address niche-relevant questions with quality content. This helps you in building trust and improves your chance to attract links.

3. Social Media Sharing 

Nowadays, blogs are part of a wider ecosystem. Social signals play a crucial role in achieving SEO results.

So, it will be optimum if your audience shares your content on social. It sends a positive signal to your audience. This portrays you as an authority to search engines. 


Suggested prioritizing guest posting, then supporting with other strategies. I hope you will follow the same. 

Always remember that off-page is kind of ‘digital PR’ off your site. Make sure that you avoid anything that intends to manipulate search engines

That’s all in this article. If you have any doubts, feel free to reach out to me. 

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