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If you are running an eCommerce business there are certain things that you have to implement in order to optimize the site. For implementing these things, you do not necessarily have to be a technical person. You can easily implement them in order to get more sales. Here we shall discuss a few of the tips in order to optimize your eCommerce business.

Your Homepage

The homepage of your website is the first introduction of your product to the visitor. It must be impressively designed so that visitors are impressed. It is a matter of seconds before visitors decide whether to buy from this store or not by looking at the site. So design a homepage that grabs the attention of the visitor. It is recommended to add all the features that any website should have. It is good to have two home pages so that if one does not work, you can readily put it next in line. This way, you can alter the homepage based on the audience’s preference.

Your homepage for eCommerce.

Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is very crucial to any site. In the eCommerce business, you should work on on-page SEO. On-page SEO is just a one-time effort. On all the other pages of the website, you will repeat the features that you did in the first place. You have to perform the following tasks while doing on-page SEO.

  • It is recommended to add a URL.
  • You have to add keywords, meta descriptions, and titles in accordance with Google’s guidelines as your website will be accessed through Google.
  • As you are designing an eCommerce site, it is recommended to add the features of the product, product specifications, tables displaying characteristics, and images on the pages where products have been displayed.

Practice this on-page SEO strategy for each page of your site. It will definitely optimize your site.

Thank You Page

Research suggests that a thank you page plays a crucial role in increasing the traffic of the website. People usually like the thank you page and they feel connected to the site. It is recommended to design the thank you page because this page has the potential to convert your visitor into a customer and existing customer into a repeat customer.


Research suggests that promising eCommerce businesses have their own blogs posted on their site. These blogs contain announcements, answers to queries, and news about the latest trends of the respective eCommerce business. These blog posts are most read by visitors of the site and if they like the content, there is more probability that they will share the blog on different forums. In this digital age, many eCommerce businesses are recognized because of their content. It can be said that content creates brand recognition.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is equally important as on-page SEO. Through on-page SEO, you will probably get a higher rank on the search engines but effective results can only be obtained if you have invested in off-page SEO. Off-page SEO usually deals with marketing tactics. There are different types of marketing that come under the umbrella of off-page SEO. In order to optimize your eCommerce business, it is recommended to invest in every potential marketing strategy including influencer marketing, paid marketing, etc.


Failure is a testimony to the fact that you have tried. So do not be afraid if your strategy does not work out. The real failure is not trying. Work on different strategies and keep working on them until it becomes successful. While setting a strategy, keep the time and budget in your mind and plan a campaign. If one campaign does not work out, start working on the next campaign. eCommerce businesses work like that. You have to keep working and practicing unless you become successful in anyone’s approach.

Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment rate.

It is been observed that many people leave the website and abandon their shopping because of the lengthy and time-consuming process of form filling for transaction purposes and also due to the slow loading of the page. It is recommended to work on the loading speed of your website and make the transaction process easy by putting fewer and to-the-point fields in the form.

Purchasing process must be one step so that customer enjoys the process and conveniently shop for the product from your site. It is also recommended to not always make people sign in to your site for making a purchase because most people do not find it comfortable to sign in just for buying a certain product. So make the process simple, easy, and convenient. In this way, more people will reach out to your business.


Design an interesting exit page that intrigue the customers. You may add promotional offers, and discounts that visitors can get before exiting from your site. In this way, visitors will take more interest in your eCommerce site.


It is been observed that people use to read reviews about the product, service, or site before making any purchase. In this digital age, people get every piece of information in one click. It is recommended to add reviews on the product page. Add the reviews of your customers who have bought from your store in front of the product about which the review is been written. There are many eCommerce businesses that have incorporated the section of reviews on their sites and they are benefitting from it tremendously. Suppose a customer has bought eyelash tweezers from your store, ask them to write a review after using your product.


It is not a smart approach to stick to your website only. You should use omnichannel marketing and spread your products across different platforms that have a high conversion rate. Use social media as it is a great marketing tool. Display your product on different channels where you think your audience is taking an interest. In this way, you can engage your customers on different platforms.


Do not look vague or indecisive about the prices of your products on the site. There should be a price tag for each product so that visitor does not need to separately ask for the price. Also, display the actual price. Otherwise, you are giving the people the opportunity to leave your site.

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