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Matchbox Design Group has been around for 10 years, almost 11 now. You can trust that we don’t just take your order and give you results oriented web design and online marketers. Our web designers are the best of the best, they take their time getting to know your brand. They also do research on the market you are in, this is something every agency should do because your website is most people’s first impression of your business. Once we get to know you it’s time to start creating, and that’s exactly what we do. Matchbox develops an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy for your business. Here is a peek behind the curtain of our website design and web development process.

A Peek Into The Matchbox Website Design and Web Development Process


Our goal is to give you an original website that tells your brand’s story. So if you are just beginning in your web development career, remember that your ideas are just that ideas. If the client has another direction, you have to create a strategy that meets their needs. Or you can carefully attempt to meet them in the middle. We always combine our marketing strategies and branding strategies. But, there has to be a certain amount of logic or “street smarts” that goes into the process. Remember you are working for your customer, and we always do our best to make our clients happy.


The designers that Matchbox hires are oozing creativity. This includes building websites, but all types of other cool things in their downtime. Including, but not limited to building creative “things”, painting things, being in local plays and all around impressive creativity that shows itself with each finished product. We provide a good mix of new technologies, creativity, and innovation combined with important factors that include functionality and a great user experience.


As you know websites are always changing, evolving and here at Matchbox, we strive to stay ahead of the curve. If you are planning to build websites for a living, remember that you will always be learning new technologies. We are admittedly nerds who are researching new innovations, exploring new techniques and using these as ways to develop your website in ways that other companies aren’t capable of. This part falls into our strategy of making sure that your site will speak to your target market.

Pro Tips: Always strategize, continue to find inspiration and never stop learning new technologies

Just when you thought I was done using cliche words to describe our process I had to go and write the next couple of paragraphs. Sorry, I’m trying to show you our process and teach you a few things about website design at the same time. Without further ado, 4 words that describe our agency, our designers and hopefully all inspiring website developers who are coming up.


This stems from the fact that Matchbox Design Group is not afraid to take creative risks, in fact, we love to take those risks. A lot of the risks we take never make it to a finished site, but we learn something new each time. It’s all about putting yourself out there because nothing new and inventive has ever been created by being boring or playing it safe. We like to push our designs to the limit and if you plan to make it as a web dev person remember it’s OK to take risks. To reiterate, we have been doing this for 10 years and our agency is thriving even with many other website development agencies just in our St. Louis market. Why? Because we listen to our clients and make sure they are happy. Again this is why a lot of the times our courageous ideas don’t make it to the final site, but when they do it’s worth the effort.


We are a full-service digital marketing agency, but we started out as a web dev agency. Over the 10 years that we have been in business, we have grown and added new services that make your website a site that will ensure your future success. Why? Because we have always had a vision and stay ahead of the trends by questioning them and not wanting to just be like everyone else. We want to push the limit and set trends making your new website one that will give you the best ROI and at the same time, it will be something you will want to show off to everyone. Bottom line, we want your site to make an impact that matters to you.


Here at Matchbox, we stand by our websites, our strategy, our SEO, we stand by everything we do, because our work is our pride. Our entire team will touch your site, including the 2 owners, our strategists, designers, and coders. Once the site is done, we spend hours testing it before we turn it over to our clients to test. Again if you are planning to have a career developing websites or being a part of that process, never rush it and make sure you get it right every single time. Cutting corners will only hurt you in the end.


Matchbox Design Group is a family away from our real family. We come to work and it doesn’t feel like work because we all love what we do and include everyone in the scope of every project. We embrace new ideas and enthusiasm, even if sometimes they are a little “out there”. This helps the entire team grow because when you combine innovation and collaboration you get success. If you are reading this as a young enthusiastic designer, just remember success is what you want, so never be afraid to ask for help or to offer help to your team.

Pro Tip: Respect Great Leadership, Learn New Technologies, Make Your Clients Happy

Matchbox Design Group is an award-winning full-service marketing agency founded on the above words: Courage, Vision, Quality and Inclusion. We have grown, because of great leadership (business smarts), our drive to remain creative, stay on the cutting edge of technology and last but not least our client loyalty. We have clients return years after we built their first site to have another one built because they trust our team. We are an extension of our client’s team, so if you are an up and coming programmer, designer or digital strategist remember that your main goal is to make your client happy without sacrificing your creative juices. The goal is to expand our client’s brand by creating amazing websites through design and development mixed with innovation and strategies for continuous marketing such as SEO or PPC. We are based in St. Louis, MO, but we are always aware of digital marketing on a global level.

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