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Local search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective strategy that allows you to improve your company’s rankings in local search results and increase organic traffic to your website. Since a vast majority of tenants use the internet to find homes for rent today, local optimization can be quite beneficial in accelerating the success of your rental property business. To that end, here are some efficient tactics that will allow you to stand out in a crowded real estate market and help you constantly generate qualified leads:

Perform A Thorough Website Audit

When it comes to local optimization, it’s best to start with your existing digital presence and the content that’s already posted. The best way to do this is by performing a thorough SEO audit. Whether you entrust this process to a professional or use one of the many free tools available online, an audit will allow you to identify any problems you may be experiencing, from technical SEO to user experience issues. Once you’ve identified the problems and made the necessary changes, it will be easier to comply with SEO conditions and boost overall performance. An audit might also give you some ideas on how to modify your strategy moving forward.

Ensure Your Information Is Consistent

Although it might seem like a small and insignificant detail at first, even information such as your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) can have a large impact on SEO. This data needs to be correct, up-to-date, and consistent across all digital platforms, from your website to social media pages and online directories. Ensuring your NAP is presented in the same format on all platforms can be beneficial as well. Search engines tend to view consistent and accurate NAP as reliable information, making it an important local SEO ranking factor. So, make sure to audit this data and update any online listings accordingly.

Do Extensive Keyword Research

While the combination of your company name and the city you operate in might work for your real estate firm, local SEO is rarely as simple as just placing a location in your keyword. You need to perform keyword research using specialized tools in order to find the exact words and phrases users are searching for when looking for a business or service like yours. For example, terms such as “near me” are continuing to grow in popularity and may be quite beneficial for your company. Or, you might find that specific property types like condos and townhouses are favored in your area. Regardless of the outcome, leverage your keyword research to attract audiences and improve your SEO performance.

Don’t Overlook The Precise Location

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If your business operates in an urban area or covers several neighborhoods, try to include those locations in your keywords as well. For instance, many users are searching for apartment rentals in Seattle and can easily find excellent properties online with a simple search. However, others want more specific solutions, such as condos in Capitol Hill, Montlake, or other local neighborhoods. Consider your keyword research and see whether a more specific location would benefit your SEO efforts. If you provide more detailed and focused listings, especially in large cities, it may be easier to attract clients who are looking for the specific types of properties your firm offers.

Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve found the most effective keywords for your company, you will need to place them in your online content strategically. This includes your social media bios and descriptions, website headings and metadata, etc. However, the most important aspect might be content marketing; targeted content made to inform, educate, entertain, or simply appeal to your target audience. Research your target market and develop a content strategy that will attract more traffic to your website and social media pages. This could mean writing a blog post with advice for first-time renters, creating an infographic on the latest real estate trends, or even filming videos to showcase the properties you offer.

Update Your Business Directories

Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is a key part of local SEO and building authority. Claim your listing here, complete it with the necessary information, upload pertinent images, and take advantage of headlines and tags for implementing local keywords. This can be of great help in attracting a local audience and improving brand recognition in your area. Aim to do the same with other business directories and get as many listings as possible, but make sure those websites are reputable and relevant to the real estate industry to achieve the best results.

Optimize All Aspects Of SEO

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Along with targeted content and listings, many aspects of local optimization can help you improve your overall performance. On-page SEO elements such as headings, title tags, and meta descriptions need to be updated on your website to better serve the search engine algorithm. High-quality backlinks from trusted industry sources can boost your authority and attract users, while an internal linking strategy might aid in retention. Similarly, optimizing your website for mobile devices such as phones and tablets can improve conversion and engagement rates, thus increasing your performance. An all-encompassing SEO strategy is necessary for enhancing your local rankings.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Although often overlooked, the reviews you receive from your clients can be quite important for your optimization strategy. No keyword will help your business if you haven’t managed to build your brand as a trustworthy and respected rental property firm. Search engines tend to take testimonials into account, giving reliable companies priority over their unreputable counterparts. Apart from following good business practices, aim to manage your online reputation by providing value and authority to your audience. Pay attention to reviews, respond to each one, and aim to resolve any issues quickly and effectively. This will improve your local SEO while establishing you as a reputable real estate company in your area.

Local SEO is a necessary aspect of success, whether you’re just starting your own rental business or attempting to improve your current online presence. By leveraging the optimization strategies mentioned above, you can attract the right audience and increase the chances of your properties being leased out.

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