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Affiliate opportunities are everywhere, but a great content strategy requires more than simply signing up and adding links to your site or blog. Almost every successful affiliate marketer will tell you that their numbers increased dramatically when they started to use informative, entertaining content to capture and keep visitors’ attention. Here are a few proven strategies to implement now. These are killer content strategies for affiliate marketing.

You need to use proven content strategies.

1. Find Your Niche And Stick With It

Totally Goldens is a very successful affiliate website that caters to people who love Golden Retrievers. Check it out even if you aren’t into dogs because it’s an awesome example of solid affiliate marketing practices at work. Because everything is relevant, and because every bit of content meets readers’ needs, visitors not only find the site easily, they become loyal readers and they make purchases that translate to solid affiliate marketing income for the owner.

Don’t pull on the leash. Your dog isn’t a fish you need to reel in.”

Even though the author is talking about leash training a dog here, there’s an affiliate marketing tip hidden in the message: Pulling too hard by trying to be everything to everyone can backfire. Finding a natural way to serve a niche market pays off, big time.

2. Choose Outstanding Affiliates For Your Niche

Think carefully about the products and companies you choose to promote. Using Totally Goldens as an example again, you can see that they’re partnered with top sites like Chewy and PetSmart along with quite a few others with trusted reputations. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick only with the tried and true, though: Visitors may find new options intriguing so long as they are relevant.

3. Look At Successful Affiliate Marketing Sites And See What They’re Doing

Copy what successful affiliate marketing sites are doing.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Check out Kids Wild Ride to see how the site’s creators use detailed reviews to help parents find great stuff for their kids. Just like the previous example, this site caters to a specific niche market. They don’t care what non-parents think; instead, they focus solely on a select audience. Their content is informative, entertaining, and full of the kind of useful advice that keeps people coming back for more. These features build trust and encourage visitors to learn more by clicking affiliate links.

That’s not all. Here’s another important affiliate marketing tip you can see in action if you visit: Kids Wild Ride does an amazing job of integrating keywords in a way that’s readable instead of awkward, and that boosts their reviews to the top of search engine results.

A peek at the “Best Trampoline for Kids” review will provide you with some insight into this affiliate marketing strategy. This quote is a great example:

“Skywalker Trampolines built a quality trampoline that is both durable and built to last for many years.”

It contains a couple of different keywords that fit naturally, along with some other words that search engines use to help parents looking for trampolines find their way to Kids Wild Ride. Can you see the keywords and related terms in the sentence? Taking a closer look can help you determine how to use keywords in affiliate marketing campaigns of your own.

  • Skywalker Trampolines – Since the words “Review” and “Reviews” are sprinkled liberally throughout the site, using this keyword brings in traffic from people who are looking for “Skywalker Trampoline Reviews.”
  • Quality Trampoline – This is a standalone keyword, but it also helps drive traffic when people ask questions like “Are Skywalker Trampolines good quality?”
  • Durable – This word stands alone, but it’s in the same sentence with the others, so people searching for a “Durable trampoline” or asking “Are Skywalker Trampolines durable?” have a good chance of spotting the review in their results.

Taking a closer look at these reviews and other quality examples can help you learn how to use keywords in affiliate marketing articles without concerns over problems associated with stuffing. It’s a great example of a long-term SEO strategy that uses content strategies for affiliate marketing to increase affiliate sales.   

4. Be Honest

Our Ethics, Business Moral Principles lead us to being honest.

Sleeping Culture has been around for years. It is one of the best mattress review sites available, and it’s worth checking out as an example of how to take an honest approach to create great reviews, videos, articles, and blogs that come together to inform consumers while creating a steady affiliate marketing income for the site’s owner.

Here’s a quote that illustrates a solid strategy for weaving transparency into your own affiliate marketing campaign:

“A big part of what we do is product reviews. Some of the products that appear on our site may pay us a referral or advertising fee when a reader purchases the item. For example, when you click on one of our links to a product and then purchase that product within 24 hours, we’ll earn a commission for referring you. That is how we are able to provide our service free of charge.”

By putting honesty at the forefront, Sleeping Culture eliminates the risk of breaking disclosure rules. When you imitate this strategy, you’ll find that consumers appreciate your transparency and are more likely to make purchases using your affiliate links.

5. Don’t Feel Like You Have To Go It Alone

If you’re brand new to the world of affiliate marketing, you’ll find that a little bit of hand-holding goes a long way. If you can, invest in some help from an expert. With analytics and other helpful tools, you can fine-tune your affiliate marketing strategy, attract more visitors, and increase sales exponentially. It’s a small investment that pays off big time.

You know affiliate marketing works: In one success story after another, content creators and influencers talk about how they’ve managed to grow income to the point of sustainability and beyond, quitting their hated day jobs and spending their time pursuing their passions. By following these tried and true content strategies for affiliate marketing, you have a better chance at creating a success story of your own.

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