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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is extremely important in eCommerce. That’s why today we are talking about eCommerce conversion hacks that can help your call to action.

And if you have the finest services or products, they will be useless unless your eCommerce store is optimized for conversions. The number of CRO techniques available is almost limitless, demonstrating the importance of CRO.

Is that what there is to it, though? Maybe not. In this article, we’ll show you some “workarounds” and “hacks” that will help you dramatically double your conversion rates.

You should use these hacks in conjunction with other CRO tactics to improve your eCommerce store conversion rate.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

15 Conversion Hacks To Double Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Incentivize Your Visitors

Incentivize Your Visitors

Aside from window buyers, the eCommerce store will still have a small number of “ready but reluctant” customers.

They want to buy but aren’t quite ready yet. What would you do to convert them into sales? An incentive program is one way to convert those visitors into customers.

Yes, you should give them a monetary reward to convert. This may range from a coupon to free giveaways or purchase points. Users will reclaim their points at a later date. Such rewards will increase conversion rates while still gamifying the user interface, as we’ll see later.

1. Send Personalized Emails

If people leave your website without buying a product, you can especially craft personalized emails for them based on their interests. It is a very smart eCommerce conversion strategy that many famous eCommerce brands are using to capture the interest of their potential buyers.

You can also use this trick to attract more customers to your site. When visitors browse a specific product page and leave without purchasing, you can send them targeted emails to show the related products and exclusive deals. Fortunately, there are many advanced AI-based tools that can help you create personalized emails for your target audience.

2. Attract Your Customers With Discount Popups

A sign that says "special deal"

It is one of the best eCommerce conversion strategies that will give you the desired results. Online shoppers are easily attracted to a product if there is a special deal or discount available. You can make the most of customer psychology and show them discount popups to promote your products and inform them about your latest offers.

A relevant and timely discount popup that informs your visitors about your deals can brighten your chances of driving more leads and sales. There are many discount popup plugins that will help you create and customize discount popups that will capture your visitors’ attention and convince them to convert.

3. Mobile Optimization Is Must

Okay, it is a very important eCommerce conversion hack that you should include in your optimization plan. As more and more people are using smartphones for online shopping and researching products and services, you have to follow some important steps to improve your mobile conversion rate.

Make sure your mobile site loads fast as mobile users are very impatient, they will not wait for more than 3 seconds and will abandon the site. So, you have to carefully check how long it takes your mobile site to load. Mobile sites that load fast have greater chances of engagement and give you more chances to improve your conversion rate. You can use Google checker to check the speed of your mobile site and install a caching plugin to show content quickly.

Once you speed up your site, it’s time to optimize your site for Google mobile-first indexing. Optimize landing page titles and descriptions by incorporating search terms mobile visitors will most likely use. You can’t ignore the importance of mobile user experience, as it has a significant impact on search rankings. Implementing voice search technology is a worthwhile idea to improve the user experience and make your mobile site SEO-friendly.

4. Improve Your Shopping Cart Abonnement Rate

Believe it or not, the shopping cart abandonment rate can have a negative impact on your eCommerce revenue. So, it is important to implement some tried and test strategies for reducing shopping cart abandonment to make your online store super successful. You can minimize the rate by taking important steps, for instance, you can include multiple payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, to make it easier for your customers to complete the purchase process.

Similarly, you can show a visible cart throughout their shopping so that they can see the number of products in the cart. You can take advantage of exit-intent technology and show a popup with an exclusive offer to capture the attention of your customers. Furthermore, you can offer them a coupon code to convince them to complete their purchase.

5. Optimize Your Product Pages

One of the most important components of your eCommerce website is your product pages. If your product pages are well-designed and convincing enough, chances are you will attract more customers and make it easier for the visitors to find the products they are looking for.

In St. Louis we will help you here at Matchbox Design Group, or you can hire companies that will help you create better product pages for your eCommerce site. The product page content should be unique, and useful as it can significantly increase your chances of getting higher on the results page of customer search queries.

Optimize Your Product Pages

You can break the product description into easily digestible and useful sections that highlight product pricing, size, benefits, and other important details. It will help your customers to easily scan the information and find out the information they want to know before making a purchase decision.

Product images also play a very important role in improving your e-commerce conversion rate because shoppers will see what they are purchasing. So, make sure to include images that truly depict different aspects of your product. You can add a video to show what your product looks like and how it works.

To make your product pages more user-friendly, it is advised to show the ratings, reviews, videos, and images to provide your potential customers with social proof of your products. This way, you can easily create a highly converting product page that will definitely boost your conversions and sales.

6. Enabling Purchase Alerts

Enabling purchasing alerts on your shop is another valuable method for building urgency. You may use those reminders to display how many people bought from your shop.

It also contributes to an increase in the store’s conversion rates. Consider it similar to a breaking news segment appearing on the website.

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The primary advantage of this is that it creates urgency for your brand. It allows people to avoid FOMO (the acronym for Fear Of Missing Out) when making a purchase. By so many consumers ordering from your shop, it convinces buyers of your store’s authenticity.

These types of notification systems are integrated into almost every top eCommerce platform available in the market.

7. Displaying Products On Full-Screen

Displaying Products On Full-Screen

If you really want all your popular products to get the attention they deserve, we suggest you use a full-screen welcome banner product display.

When a customer visits your website, they are welcomed with a full-screen view of your products or services. Your customers have a full-screen view of your popular products/services with everything else dimmed out of the background.

This approach not only helps to improve conversion rates but also eliminates clutter within the content.

8. Adding Product Images

Product images are capable of making or breaking your business. When you use the right product images on your eCommerce store, you will significantly increase your conversion rates.

When it comes to image quantity, the more the merrier.

The more convincing it is, the better the quality. As a result, many customers will be surprised by your professionalism and will consider converting to your shop. Again, this increases conversions for your shop and legitimizes your branding activities.

9. Gamifying Store Content

Gamifying Store Content

Even though we have discussed this above, in this one, we’ll go through it again.

Converting the eCommerce experience into a game will greatly improve your conversion rates. It’s quite similar to adding rewards and points to your eCommerce store. You can gamify to improve the user experience on your online store even more by offering discounts, free coupons, points rewards, points, giveaways, and shipping, to name a few.

Another fun way to gamify your store is to use a wheel of fortune. This allows the users to turn the wheel to see what they could get.

It’s a potent engagement tool that can do wonders for your business.

10. Conversion Traffic

Conversion Traffic

The more precise your targeting, the more granular the consumer who visits your store. It is a directly proportional function.

When you enter a wider niche, you broaden your marketplace while simultaneously reaching out to others who may not be interested in buying from your store. Even if it increases flow, this may have a significant impact on conversion rates.

To minimize bounce rates and increase conversion rates, you must correctly aim your offers.
This allows you to derive more money from your marketing plans, increase your company’s bottom line, and attract more customers.

11. Countdown Timer

Creating urgency among your customers for your offers, such as Black Friday deals, is a perfect way to boost conversions for your eCommerce store. It works just as well for an eCommerce shop.

A countdown timer on your website is a smart way to build urgency for your offers. The advantage of having such a timer is that it allows you to set a date before your items run out or the sale ends.

There are several options for including a countdown timer on WordPress and other websites.
As we believe customers are more likely to buy the goods if you provide a sense of urgency.

12. Adding Social Proof

Adding Social Proof

Using product reviews and social proof on the website has many advantages. The first and most obvious advantage is that they perform. They will get you the conversions that count by statistically increasing conversion rates by 270 percent.

According to statistics, they will increase conversion rates by 270 percent. But wait, how do you capitalize on such a phenomenon?

The simplest way to do this will be to have a product review on each page of your eCommerce store. Avoid spamming, but it should be prominently displayed on your website.

This improves the eCommerce store’s authenticity, market recognition, and conversion rates. They should preferably be located in a position where more eyes can be drawn to them.

13. Simplifying The Checkout Process

One of the reasons behind shopping cart abandonment is the complex and long checkout process. Around 21% abandon their shopping carts because they find the checkout process unnecessarily long and difficult.

Consider that for a moment. These individuals tried to buy things but decided not to because the purchasing process was daunting.

Any additional step added to the checkout process decreases the likelihood of driving conversions. So, if the checkout process consists of 8 steps, the shopper gets 8 chances to change their decision.

Simplify your checkout process by only adding the necessary steps to collect the information that you really need to process the order. Avoid asking for anything non-essential such as their blood type, favorite color, etc.

On a typical eCommerce store, the navigation takes priority over the search box. More often than not there are multiple categories added to the site’s navigation to better categorize products.

This can be problematic for a number of reasons but we feel the most important reason is that it stops your potential customer finding what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Sure, those categories will help the site from an SEO point of view but if your customers cannot find what they are looking for, then no matter how much traffic you get, it’s going to seriously dent your conversion rates.

A quick way to address this is to make your search box/bar a prominent feature of your website. That will help customers find what they are looking for quickly.

Look at how the big companies apply this. After all, they spend millions of dollars to improve their conversion rates so if it is working for them then there’s nothing to stop you from doing the same!

Take Amazon For Example:

Improve your search box for better eCommerce engagement. Take Amazon for example.

The search bar is a prominent feature in the header which is one the most used features of their site.

Macy’s does the exact same but they take it further by excluding a full navigation bar and only include the main categories of their site:

Use a prominent search bar to help increase your eCommerce conversions

15. Provide Multiple Payment Options

Use different payment options to cater to different types of customers.

If you’re selling a high-value item then not every customer will want to enter in their card details in case things go wrong or worse still, if they still don’t trust you!

Adding in additional payment options can provide additional reassurance and security for potential customers. PayPal is often the most popular option and preferred choice when it comes to customers feeling safe and making a purchase.

PayPal isn’t the only option though. The digital world moves fast and so does the payments industry.

eCommerce stores should offer multiple payment options so they never miss a conversion

Klarna is a relatively new provider in the market but its highly popular with store owners and customers with some excellent payment options.

It gives the eCommerce store security that they will get a payment for shipped items and also offers options for customers to shop now and make payments later without you the store owner losing out. A win-win situation for all.


We understand that CRO is difficult. The definition has many complexities and layers that can only be mastered over time. Yes, it may be difficult at first, but finding things out is never straightforward. However, once you’ve mastered the technique, life will be much easier.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the playful side of CRO. I hope you found this article helpful!

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