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There are tens of thousands of searches conducted on Google daily. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical thing to your marketing strategy and it is always changing. Due to the frequent evolution of search algorithms, it can be hard to keep up with the latest practices if you have other marketing channels to maintain.

However, you can lose potential customers if you do not rank for the keywords in the search engine. Below are five hacks you can consider to improve your search engine traffic.

Use WordPress SEO plugins

The SEO plugins are designed to support your WordPress website by making it more SEO-friendly. You can download the plugins and integrate them into your website to boost your website performance. There are multiple free and paid plugins available on the official website and each is designed to work on a particular SEO aspect.

Use WordPress SEO plugins

You can use some SEO plugins to embed videos from other people on your website and you can still maintain the subscribe button to your channel. One of the most effective ways of installing an SEO plugin on your website is to use the admin panel and click “add new” on the plugin part. Follow the guidelines to install, activate it and you will have it available o your WordPress menu.

According to an IT paper writing service, the plugins let webmasters optimize some elements of a code from the website and make it searchable. The meta description and page title appears on the web page to produce the search results. If your web page generates meta elements automatically, the elements are not well optimized.

A leading developer for assignment help in the UK says that SEO plugins support social media sharing for your business using an open graph. The open graph acts as a translator by giving the sites the optimized content for people to read and interact with your business.

Build A Brand To Impress Google

Increasing brand value can help to boost SEO. Google tends to rank websites that have strong brand queries more than those without them. To get the queries, ensure that people keep visiting your website. When people type your website or company name into the URL bar or Google, you will rank higher.

A freelance web design consultant for thesis writing services mentions that to boost your ranking, you can capture email addresses using specialized software or a form on the website. Chatbot subscriptions are also powerful to boost the ranking. Use the lists and your favorite social media channels to promote your web content. Inform people that you develop great content regularly so that they can have a reason to come back.

The process of content promotion may take time but, in addition to building your brand, it can help to boost the overall performance of your business. If you create and implement relevant words on your websites, they will show up in the search results.

Focus on creating high-quality links to your website. Search engines use links to access new web pages and establish whether the web page ranks well in their results. You can also use optimized keywords for your brand to drive traffic to your site. One of the most effective ways of finding keywords is by analyzing and researching your competitors and industry.

Focus On User Experience

The objective of Google’s search engine is to get the best possible results upon a user’s query. If users fail to find answers to their queries, they may not use the search engine again. Think about how users can have a strong desire to search your site when it is SEO optimized.

If your website looks outdated untrustworthy or too outdated, users can bounce back and click on another result. You will lose a user and a potential customer and the bounce rate is going to increase. Google gives sites that have lower bounce rates better rankings.

If a user takes more time on one website, the chances are that they have found that site useful. Google wants to deliver the best results to users and for that reason, it will push the good performing sites to top search engine rank pages.

It is worth mentioning that people cannot keep visiting your website if it is not well-designed. The Matchbox Design Group can help you to design your website to make your visitors interested in your content and make them stay longer. The agency will also ensure that the web visitors convert to customers because this is what matters most.

Matchbox Design Group understands why websites fail. If you already have a website, the experienced team at the agency can advise you accordingly and help you re-design your website to create an amazing user experience.

Use YouTube SEO And Divert Traffic To Your Website

Use YouTube SEO And Divert Traffic To Your Website

YouTube is a popular website and the second largest search engine after Google. Video marketing may not be suitable for all businesses but because most people have access to smartphones, it is important to take advantage of video marketing.

Create a top-notch video and ensure that it is SEO-friendly. The title, file name, and content description affect the search results rankings. Craft a compelling video title that is clickable and SEO-friendly to improve the search rate. To increase shares and likes, include power words and keywords the same way you would do with blog posts.

YouTube’s algorithms rely on the written description to interpret content. Instead of throwing keywords, look at your description as a brief blog post that describes your desired video content in more detail. Tell your readers and Google what your video is all about. This may give you an upper hand because your competitors may not be doing this.

The ranking factor of most search engines is the click-through rate. If many people search for terms by clicking your results, you may be offering a valuable thing. Consider using a thumbnail to optimize your video. A good thumbnail should define the video content to the users. Create custom and compelling thumbnails with title cards.

Measure SEO Performance To Boost SEO Further

To improve your marketing strategies, focus on reporting and analytics. Effective reporting requires you to identify the content that is most appealing to your customers and whether some parts of the websites have issues. It also calls for identifying the page that was most or least visited and why.

It is difficult to understand the website performance without monitoring and reporting the results. If you are interested in integrating online data with offline data to understand the overall content and marketing performance, take advantage of data studio. Data studio aggregates data such as traffic, rankings, and conversion data into a single interface to evaluate site performance.

You can also use a Wayback machine to find old redirect opportunities, research older links, and analyze website modifications. Wayback machine enables marketers to access petabytes of web pages that have been archived. The Wayback’s extensive database can let you track your competitor’s web presence and brand as you note any changes in UX design.


Marketers and business owners should adapt to SEO requirements and give their website an edge over their competitors. Spend time to understand what the customers are interested in while searching web results and create appealing content. Be aware of the emerging technology trends and incorporate them on your website. Seek professional help for all your website needs because the frequency of web visits largely depends on how well the website is designed.

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