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The digital era has made some career options even more popular than before. One of these is marketing. It has become a common field that most young professionals switch to due to increased customer data and the need for companies to go fully digital. Can a master’s in marketing boost your career?

However, students often get confused about whether they should learn the right skills through tutorials and workshops or opt for a Master of Arts in Marketing degree. Added knowledge and knowing how marketing is affected by business and human psychology can help an individual flourish in the marketing niche.

The best part is that an online master’s in Marketing allows students to complete the degree affordably and from the comfort of their homes. If you are interested in the marketing niche, below, we’ll examine whether a degree can help you establish a successful career. 

What Is A Master Of Arts In Marketing Degree?

The Master of Arts in Marketing (MAM) program is a thorough insight into marketing theories, best practices, new technologies, and the latest strategies. Students often opt for the program as soon as they get their undergraduate degree. It is also important to note that although slight preference may be given to students with undergraduate marketing degrees, these are not necessary for admission.

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Students enrolling in the MAM program could have a humanities, economics, or even social sciences background. MAM degree holders are often hired in various industries, including luxury goods, retail, eCommerce, finance, analytics consulting, and insurance. Some universities or colleges may even ask for GMAT/GRE scores and prior work experience. Others offer online programs, too, that can be completed from home.

Benefits Of Opting For A MAM Degree

Makes You An Expert

A MAM degree helps individuals specialize in marketing. You will gain in-depth knowledge about marketing strategies and techniques that you would otherwise be unable to learn through an MBA Or Master in Management program.

Most Masters of Arts in Marketing programs are divided into three main modules. These include analytical tools, division frameworks, and marketing insights. Statistical programs, marketing research, metrics, and other relevant data are used to teach students the latest marketing trends. This way, they can create research surveys, design, analyze and collect live data, and create future marketing strategies.

Since a marketing degree imparts more knowledge than an undergraduate degree, those that successfully pass the entire program land better jobs than those with undergraduate degrees. Other benefits include:

  • Students gain expertise in leveraging the web and social insights.
  • Gain the ability to optimize marketing activities.
  • Patterns of how people shop, absorb information, and socialize are easy to derive.
  • The ability to create social media marketing plans to increase engagement, retention, and user participation is encouraged.

Adds A Digital Touch

Marketing today is very different from what it used to be in the past. Digital tools and modern technology call for a digital marketing approach. Students need to opt for the MAM degree to learn how marketing can be digitized.

Understanding data and how it affects consumer behavior through digital media and platforms is essential. The MAM programs consist of Internet marketing, branding strategies, Big Data Consumer Analytics, and other courses. Some specialized courses, such as those based on country and region, may offer students insight into how marketing will be applied to boost sales in their region/country.

Make sure to opt for a renowned university when you choose to opt for a marketing degree. A popular school will have faculty, including professors with advanced degrees, CEOs, practitioners, and entrepreneurs.

Added Job Opportunities

The marketing field is surely growing, but there is an increase in competition too. A MAM degree means you are one of the best in the field, which means even more job opportunities.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted an increase of 13% in marketing job vacancies by 2022. It has also been estimated that nearly 1.2 million jobs will pop up in the upcoming years, so job growth for marketing experts will shoot up by 17% from 2012 to 2022. Not only this, marketing degree holders can land one of the following roles:

  • Director of Membership
  • Marketing communications manager
  • Marketing program manager
  • Program director
  • Project manager
  • Chief marketing officer
  • Director of Marketing
  • Social marketing supervisor
  • Communications Specialist
  • Sales director
  • Senior manager
  • Corporate communications
  • Senior strategist
  • Advertising manager
  • Agency account executive
  • Brand manager
  • Digital media manager

The average salary of a marketing manager ranges between $99,345 and $129,980. This is greater than the pay of most other fields and can increase with years of expertise, skill, and knowledge.

MAM degree holders may also get hired as Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). This position is c-suite, and the average salary is approximately $175,764!

Employee with more job opportunities after receiving their masters.


There are several benefits to obtaining a MAM degree. The best part is that you do not need an undergraduate degree in marketing beforehand, and you can even complete your program online. With the rapidly growing digital age, there is no doubt that marketing experts will soon be the highest wage earners in the coming years.

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