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There has been an explosion of mobile applications in recent times, coinciding with the expansion and developments in the digital marketplace. As a result, companies of all sizes, in all industries, and in every country have begun to appreciate how mobile applications can increase engagement with their customers. The efforts of app developers allow them to market their products in a way that relates to the modern consumer.

The total number of mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play store exceeds around 5 million. What is surprising is that this number continues to grow. The revenues of developers show a positive sign as well. Somehow, none of us expects any significant change to this in the years to come. There are many mobile App ideas to check out.

Coming up with fresh concepts for a mobile app is not an easy task (as it seems to some) in the ever-growing and competitive field of mobile apps. Even if people have the needed budget and experience, it is still a tough job. New ideas yet, are crucial if people want to create a startup, launch a new business, a mobile app development company, or further develop an existing one.

It has been already written, about ways in choosing technologies to create apps as well as organizing the entire app development process step by step. Many have considered many other important aspects relating to app development. These issues can start building the pressure later on, but it all begins with an idea.

Here, we have collected some mobile app ideas. They became prominent this year and hopefully will also become prominent in the years to come. This selection has helped many make their desired apps and will hopefully give you an idea of your app development processes too.

Mobile app ideas

1. A virtual Interior Design App

AR technology has been developed quite ahead of its inception. It is now robust enough to be used as a basis for products for various areas (ranging from gaming to retail and the like). An example would be an app developed for the purpose of trying different electronic and furniture items in the room as well as multiple interior design elements, changing the wall paint, changing wallpapers, experimenting with shades and hues of light, curtains, furniture, etc.

This is a great idea from a mobile startup to monetize this by partnering with retail chains, repair services, designers, and other related businesses.

2. Book Reviews And Recommendations

Those who like reading books will value such apps for sure. Imagine an app where users can take snaps of their favorite books and those that interest them in a store and instantly read the feedback on it. They can also read recommendations for similar books. Data on them can be retrieved from Goodreads, Amazon, and other related platforms.

3. Trying On Virtual Jewelry

This is another way to use augmented reality-based technology on an even improved level. Users can try appealing jewelry by either uploading their pictures in the app or by trying it on live in the app. Based on the visualization, they can then make their buying decision.

4. Mobile Applications For Senior Citizens

Everyone needs additional care & attention when they grow old with time. Without any doubt and surprise, elderly people are becoming a large category of app users. Imagine an idea for an app that can make their lives easier by helping them plan their daily activities, reminding them about medications, utility bills, simplifying the food order and delivery process, and vice versa. That will literally be helpful.

Apps for senior citizens

5. A Barter Exchange App

Merchandise exchange is an ages-old practice and it can never lose relevance. Developing an app in the form of a platform designed to facilitate exchange processes among users wishing to barter items like clothes, gadgets, toys, electronics, tools, etc.

A lot of us now own stuff that we once purchased and used but are now lying in disuse in storage. We can exchange them for something meaningful and something worth the buck.

6. A Garage Sale App

A garage sale app can be based on the aforementioned app, but it will not be an exchange app. It is something of a clearance sale for selling unwanted items and unused ones too.

7. An Interactive Contact List App

Everyone has a profile on various social networks and apps as well as numerous messengers at the same time. On the basis of such, a simple but interesting idea for a mobile app can be formulated – an interactive contact list that will contain links to every relevant page pertaining to a certain someone on various social networks, email addresses, and messengers.

8. A Wish Store App

A lot of online stores have a dedicated button designed to add merchandise to a wish list or a list of favorites. Those wishing to develop such an app can think differently about it to make a platform allowing users to post pictures or goods description they need. On the basis of such data, different sellers could offer goods or customized manufacturing services at competitive charges.

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